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We have many different soundscapes available to assist you in whatever your intentions are for working with our multidimensional music. Eventually engaging with them all provides you with a wide spectrum of unique journeys into the magical realms of Light & Sound. If you want to dive deeper into our QSET soundscapes, we recommend that you start with our DNAvatar Program to learn more. There are 2 FREE Intro Courses to get you started.

Select albums below to learn more about each one and to listen/watch videos. You can listen FREE to albums with Ads, then when you are ready to work deeply with these soundscapes, we recommend you join our Gold Membership on YouTube and listen without any Ads, Promos or Titling. YouTube Membership channel.

All Albums below – 20 – 80 minutes runtime

Check out our  Singles section for shorter tracks (5-18 minutes runtime)

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Where to Start

To help you get started on your selection, we have categorized the soundscapes in the sections above. Even if you have done similar work in related areas of exploration, we strongly suggest you start with our beginner soundscapes. They build the necessary foundations for you that will pick up nuances and energetic pieces of frequency patterns that may have been missed or glossed over in your previous explorations. In other words, it doesn’t hurt or slow your progression at all to start with our beginning soundscapes. Initial integration for each soundscape can take from 1-2 weeks to several months and sometimes longer depending on your focus and directed intentions. You will learn how to pace your progress by how you feel energetically. Your current life situations is the primary factor in determining this. Seeking balance in all areas of your life is the key.

If you are new to this work, we suggest you start with our 2 FREE courses in the DNAvatar Program (see below).

About QSET

This term we use to describe this music, QSET, is a very powerful description offered to help you embrace the concepts presented within our soundscapes in a short concise phrase. Gary Chambers is the originator of this musical style and has spent his entire lifetime perfecting the techniques he uses to create his library of multidimensional sounds. Gary is a master sound designer; using computers, sound modules, synths and raw organic sound samples to create his music. His process of composing is to connect directly to the Quantum realm/Source Vibration/ALL — directing his intentions towards his intended desires. He captures the data he receives as sonic information (non-linear language/frequencies) within the sounds he creates and then translates that into the melodies, rhythms, patterns, harmonics and modulations. Taking this sonic data and turning it into something musical is the magical process we call Quantum Sonic Empowerment Transmissions / QSET. This is a process he continues to refine with each new soundscape he creates. He has the ability to simply bring through the music in a real time setting and he also enjoys the composing process where he lays down various sound layers and tracks to build a moving, living multidimensional landscape of sound.

To help you understand QSET from a broader perspective, we will break it down for you this way:

Quantum = the most minute form of measurement to capture the vibrational essence of ALL that exists in form and not in form. The Quantum state is non-visible, yet permeates throughout everything that exists in this and all dimensional realms. It can be equated to what is called Source Vibration, which can also be synonymous with the most expansive concepts of God/Source/Allah/Yahweh/Jehovah/Elohim/Allah, etc.

{Dictionary: a discrete quantity of energy proportional in magnitude to the frequency of the radiation it represents}

Sonic = Sound is the fundamental aspect of our existence. It is the glue so to speak that keeps us all focused in our 3rd dimensional realm. Sound is Vibration…Vibration is Energy in Motion…Everything Vibrates…Consciously created Sound resonates through and beyond our deepest levels of desires, thereby assisting us in all our manifestation processes.

{Dictionary: relating or using sound waves}

Empowerment = To move forward in your life, you need to embrace the personal empowerment within you. We infuse all our soundscapes with that energy so that you can connect deeply with those aspects of Self.

{Dictionary: make stronger and more confident}

Transmissions = This sonic information is received via direct downloads from Source Vibration (a collective represenation of all sources that have the positive upliftment of humanity at the core of their message). The combined talents, tools and skills Gary uses to bring through these soundscapes makes this connection to the intended signals – a blending/merging of hardware, software and wet-ware (Gary’s neural field, mind and Consciousness; bio-energetic matrix).

{Dictionary: a program or signal that is broadcasted out}

*QSET is trademarked by Gary & JoAnn Chambers/Visionary Music, Inc. and is a proprietary formula

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What can I Use this Music For?

The potentials are really endless. As you start to listen, something will awaken within you and you will start to navigate to those things that you have already been in resonance with, either in this lifetime or in your many other lives. We offer some ideas here to get you started. We offer many teachings in our DNAvatar Program for you to explore.



Healing & Self-Healing

Lucid Dreaming



Psychedelic Research | Plant Medicines

Psychic Development


Shamanic Journeying


Yoga / Tai Chi


DNAvatar Program

Our DNAvatar Program is the best place to begin as it provides you with a great deal of information that will help you understand more about this work as you get started.  The program is just getting going and will be worked on steadily to increase the available Courses. These Courses are being developed based on our last 33 years of teaching and sharing this work with many thousands of seekers. There are several FREE Courses available to get you started.

In addition, there will be classes avaialble in our MUSE Temple in ASVR/Metaverse. Be sure to visit the temple and check out the schedule.

How to Purchase Music

Our music is available on our YouTube channel. You can listen to all the albums free with ads, promos and title information. Once you decide that you want to work with this music on deeper levels, we suggest you join our Gold Membership program to access all the albums and music AD/Promo FREE.

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Starting in April 2022, music will be available as NFTs.  This will include download formats (wav, flac, m4a, mp3), music videos and digital art depending on the individual NFT. Additional components will be added depending on the focus of the NFT.  This is a great way to support our projects and for you to have stake in our work. This work is currently in process, subscribe to our email list, YouTube channel and follow our OpenSea account for updates.

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