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Our healing music is ideal for any personal or therapeutic setting where creating an atmosphere of peace, tranquility and safety is important to the success of your treatment. Many healers of all types are using this music in their practices to facilitate a deeper transformational process and awaken their clients natural healing abilities.

The ability to use Sound as a way to connect more deeply with the body’s various systems is a powerful way to learn how to heal yourself from a wide variety of symptoms and maladies of the physical body. 


What is Sound Healing?

Sound Healing is the art of using sound as a way to connect vibrationally and energetically to your Soul Essence, which is pure vibration. Resonance through sounds enhance your ability to connect with these higher dimensional realms. (excerpt from DNAvatar Program | Course: Introduction to DNAvatar | Evolutionary Word, Terms and Concepts)

All of our music assists you in the Healing process, but to get started we recommend you listen to more of our Beginner Level soundscapes. These are meant to be more gentle to get started. It is important to build up your Light Quotient initially before diving into the deeper and potentiall darker areas of your bi0-energetic field. We recommend you start with Touch of Angels, then Healing and then Sanctuary

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