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Density Breakout

Density Breakout | ShapeshifterDNA

  • Meditation Level: Beginner to Advanced
  • Stimulates movement on deep levels for change
  • Good beginner piece for starting shamanic explorations
  • Aligns you with aspects of Self that are starting to emerge
  • Great for some trance like movement work

Density Breakout was the Invocation for the DNA.L2 series. We always begin a series with a calling out to the Other to connect with our intentions to bring forth the next series of soundscapes. This piece became a deeper calling for inner change and a willingness to breakout of the old out-moded patterns that were keeping us locked in limitation.

Upcoming for this Single: Video, Digital Art, Trips & NFT Art

Density Breakout

by ShapeshifterDNA | (2 Minute Sample)

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