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Shamanic Dreamtime


  • Meditation Level: Intermediate/Advanced
  • Deep Trance-like journey into Underworld
  • Transcendent shifting of energy body
  • Use for shamanic journeying sessions
  • Great for movement and dance

Shamanic Dreamtime is a deep earthy grounding journey into the Underworld energy for transformation and empowerment of your darker aspects. Shamanic drumming and digeredoo add a powerful energy that stimulates dance and movement in a trance state.

Shamanic Dreamtime

by ShapeshifterDNA | (2 Minute Sample)

To Begin your Journey ~ Start with our YouTube Channel

YouTube - Temple of the Divine MUSE

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NEXT STEP: After you have explored for a while and feel ready to dive in deeper,
it is imporant to work with Full-Fidelity Sound Files

Hi-Quality Sound System and/or Headphones ~ Ideally Both
Sound Beds are Great

5hZ to 35kHz Frequency Response (get as close as you can to these specs)


INCLUDES: Shamanic Dreamtime
12 minutes runtime ~ .wav audio format


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