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Temple of the Divine MUSE

Temple of the Divine MUSE

Updated June 2021

The visions for the Temple of the Divine MUSE (TDM) project have evolved since early 2000.  These ideas will continue to expand and unfold as our information, skill sets and knowledge grow. We always intend to move forward in alignment with the awakening codes within us and within the greater human collective. There are no timelines to follow as the unfolding journey will be revealed while engaging in the process. This is the Evolutionary Creative Muse in process.




Music Unifies Spiritual Energy

This project is guided by on and off world evolutionary creatives that support the transformational journey of assisting humanity in shapeshifting from a 3rd dimensional/3D solid carbon based form into a 5th dimensional/5D body of a more refined form – Light filled. We see this as an ascension process that is gradually being activated through the Divine Human species – an emergence into the 5th World Realms of Light and Higher Vibration. There are significant acceleration points that emerge to support tangible actions, which we align with and act on with clear intention.

We seek to embody these greater aspects within the current paradigms of resonant life systems through a consistent increase of frequency spectrums and the expansion of freedom and abundance accessible through one’s conscious connection with their DNA codex. The groundwork of our DNA Activation series (1989-2021) is the foundational work for this manifestation, of which the more advanced works will be built upon.

There are many clues to this process happening as you view our current world situations from a much Higher Perspective. You must lift up and out of that dominant mental chatter spectrum in order to SEE what is occurring. As you do, you will see that the old world systems are crumbling bit by bit on many levels. Yes, this expresses itself in very negative scenarios and unfortunately at this level of reality (3D), this is how it works. Now if you are able to look above that to what is emerging to replace it, you will SEE the Light that is shining through equally in as many areas of our society (5D). You must be vigilant to maintain your connection to these higher realms in order to be able to move through this timeline with as much ease as possible. We are here to assist you in that quest with our various projects and it is up to you to find your resonance points of contact.

Original Vision for the Temple of the Divine MUSE

The original vision was to build a sacred pyramid or other geometric structure that supports the surrounding community as well as to serve as an outreach to all humanity on Planet Earth. This structure would be one of the premiere sound ascension temples on the planet, featuring state of the art sound system design and any additional technology that would be available at the time of its construction. While this is a very large project to manifest, we are beginning with the initial steps leading towards this potential. We have no attachment to who brings this into form or when it happens. These beginning steps of the journey are what are most important to us, as we have to walk the path in alignment with our own personal unfolding journeys and adventures.

This environment will offer teachings and explorations in advanced meditation, sound healing, shamanic explorations, transformational dance and movement and various ascension dynamics. It will also serve as an educational facility aligned with support for evolutionary creatives. There will be information and services for self-healing, rejuvenation, anti-aging, conscious ascension or dying based on preferences, transmutation of physical body to more refined light bodies along with many other high level evolutionary Soul abilities available to awakening Souls. Access to all these aspects are in alignment with one’s ability and choice to access their higher creative potentials.


Conscious Evolution vs. Transhumanism

It might be important to understand the difference here as both aspects are moving forward on the planet and these beliefs have some similarities but also very strong differences that should be understood.

We believe that it is possible for humans to evolve via directed consciousness – Intent. The DNA Activation body of work has been the foundation for developing these abilities and beliefs.


There are several steps that we see needing to occur first before an actual physical structure would be built. Some of these ideas may or may not manifest. As of now, in June 2021, we feel that a virtual temple can be started in the Metaverse (virtual world). This really takes us as a step closer to the 5th World reality matrix. Some of the very same ideas for a physical temple can be translated easily into this environment and we are currently working towards these visions. This requires getting land in a metaverse world, building a virtual temple, designing rooms  and event spaces to share our content. This involves some understanding of the metaverse, crypto world, blockchain technology and the NFT marketplace, plus more……..


Our previous step, prior to this virtual plan was to build physical art installations (sacred geometry) that would travel to all the various transformational festivals, such as Burning Man and similar.  We still see this as a great option for outreach in the 3D world. This would be a sound temple that could be easily assembled and disassembled and moved from one location to another. The sound system would be built into the structure along with video panels to show the various psychedelic videos during these events. Places would be created to FEEL the sound using transducers in panels for heightened sensations.


The Vision

The physical temple will be built in alignment with higher information received regarding building a state of the art sound temple using sacred geometry and advanced architectural designs. The location, land and surrounding area will be determined by appropriate alignments with the greater mission and purpose of the center. This may include dowsing, assessing ley lines and incorporating feng shui and vaastu principles. This can also occur in the virtual world, somewhere in the Metaverse. This information is emerging on the planet as an alternative to a physical structure.

If a physical space, the main facility will support 3-500+ people in a comfortable lying and sitting down position. The flooring will have transducers in place to further amplify the sound/frequency vibrations. There will also be special areas where healing tables/beds/mats will be placed for advanced healing during the sound events and during non-event times.

The sound system will utilize the latest components available in the area of speakers and strategic placement of the sound for the greatest effect. The central area of the King’s Chamber (if in pyramid shape) will support a permanent music set up for the planet’s most gifted musicians to be able to play their music and come together and create transcendent musical journeys for groups. A stage on the floor level will also be available for speakers, performers and presentations. A full multimedia presentation setup will be incorporated into the design. Sound systems will be in place for recording audio & video as well. There will be webcams placed throughout the center to show 24/7 the activities in the center live to the Global community through social networking channels. At the time of creation, whatever appropriate leading edge technology is available will be incorporated and upgraded as necessary.

As possible additions to the main concept, we envision various transformational meditation and musical performances. There may be a holistic foods restaurant built on-site. This will feature high quality plant-based, vegetarian, vegan and raw meals with as much organic produce as available. Some type of juice bar with smoothies and power drinks will be available.

The entire facility will also be a teaching center with classes ranging from meditation, yoga, creativity enhancement, sound healing and transformational work, vegetarianism, cooking healthy foods and many additional classes in support of the greater mission work of the center.

There may be additional space where healing services would be offered like massage, reiki, sound healing, spiritual guidance and support sessions to help the community in their evolutionary journeys.

An expanded idea would be to also add places where people can stay overnight as well as for extended retreats.

Take a look at our Pinterest Boards so you can get some ideas on the potentials.

The Steps Involved

Potential Timeline Ideas:

Currently in Motion or Completed:
2015 Streaming Player – Ambient ChillOut Lounge (completed – shifted to YouTube)
2010-2017 Local Events (completed – no event currently being scheduled)
2018 YouTube Channel – Virtual Temple of the Divine MUSE

To Come:
2021 Virtual Temple, NFTs, Metaverse Explorations
2022 Foundation Development – Support for Evolutionary Creatives
2025-2030 Travelling Art Installations
2030 Temple Building

 As a way to move the energy forward on this project, we can envision several actionable steps. The above is merely a place to begin. We initially started implementation with just a streaming player of music called our Ambient ChillOut Lounge (2015). This was in place for many years and allowed people to listen to and experience our music. This is no longer available. The next step (Feb 2018) began with a Temple of the Divine MUSE YouTube channel. We started by adding our prior catalog of soundscapes to the channel in their entirety. We are now adding new videos each month featuring trippy music videos, guided journeys, shamanic adventures and TranceMissions featuring content from a higher perspective. 

Launching in 2020, we started creating psychedelic trippy videos to increase one’s abilities to awaken higher frequencies within the body temple. Combining non-linear imagery with the soundscapes is another step one can take to move more easily into the multidimensional realms of Light. The psychedelic realms are a gateway that can be used to activate 3rd Eye openings and deepen one’s connection to Source Vibration. This also includes having a 24/7 streaming music video to our YouTube channel along with Memberships that offer ad free viewing. 

Before building a permanent structure, we envision a traveling art installation (see Pinterest board above for ideas we are viewing) that can be placed at all the various transformational festivals around the planet, including Burning Man and similar. Dance music as well as chill and yoga music will be played in this structure throughout the event as well as a DJ front person who can share our music on the larger stages and venues. All this will weave the message of this vision throughout all the media used. The installation will be an amazing multimedia show featuring the music and art that are all supportive of the higher potentials and possibilities. We are seeking collaborators for this venture, so let us know if this resonates with your higher visions.


Current Team

Gary & JoAnn Chambers – Visionary Music & Multimedia
We are envisioning that at some stage, this work will be fully supported financially by those who understand its greater energetic purpose on the planet during this time of profound evolutionary transition. This support will come from individuals, groups or enlightened corporations that see the mission from a perspective beyond that of commerce. We see this as a 5th World Company, which will be a part of its development process. There are many different ways funding can be accomplished which we will continue to explore as opportunities emerge.

We are focused on our personal evolution at this time, which means we want to be quiet, focused and continue to work in our sacred space. We are not that engaged in community life nor do we keep busy schedules. The Great Work of transforming the human condition is an immense task and one that we feel we are here to engage from very deep levels within the collective matrix. The gifts we share through our soundscapes will assist you in finding your way through the various stages of the evolutionary journey, just as they have done for us.

While the above appears, on the surface, to be a lot to take on – we don’t envision that it will be us doing all the work to manifest these visions. Others (like YOU) may find that your personal mission is aligned with ours and you may choose to step up into your role as a steward of an aspect of this greater project. We look forward to meeting you when it is time for this to occur.

Large Donations/Financial Angels/Philanthropists/Conscious Entrepreneurs – please contact JoAnn

Foundation to Support Creatives

We have always intended to create a non-profit foundation to support up and coming creatives focused on grounding the higher realms via art, music and creative collaborations. Once funding becomes available, this will be initiated.

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