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Sanctuary | ShapeshifterDNA

  • Meditation Level: Beginner/Intermediate
  • Excellent bridge for beginning Sound Healing work
  • Ideal for background healing sessions
  • Aligns one with the Elemental Kingdoms
  • Connects you easily and quickly with Soul Essence

This music of Sanctuary will connect you through a Rainbow Bridge with the profound assistance now available from the Shining Ones – the Elementals, Devics, Sidhe, Fae, Leprechaun and Elven realms. This communion will transform your reality in a new, different, more profound and multi-faceted way than you have ever experienced. These vast and wise energies are actively and energetically participating with us in the creation of this music through the gifting of these harmonic and melodic invocations. Allowing oneself to deeply commune with these energies through these sonic gateways will bring the empowering essence of that magic into the greatest life affirming tangible transformation, abundance and manifestation into all aspects of your lives.

A place we all call Home — a Sanctuary where we can retreat to when we need to go within to our private inner space. This soundscape is an evolution from our Healing CD, one that is loving, gentle, soothing, calming and deeply powerful in its essence. We are adding this to our Abundance Series because we feel in order to truly appreciate the many levels of Abundance in our lives, we need to retreat often to our home sanctuary to renew, regenerate and ReJuvenate.

It is recommended to work with this soundscape anytime you want to just move into a peaceful, loving state. It will be good to listen to in between working with some of the more challenging soundscapes in our catalog — a respite, a breath of fresh air to sooth the soul before you dive back in for more transformational work.


The Sanctuary CD is Ooooooooooo Soooooooo Beautifull !!!! I am enjoying it with All my Heart !! It is both relaxing and reviving.  Heart energy in action !!
– IVR, Belguim

I listened to it for the first last evening and while I was listening I had a fabulous experience. I saw them (the Elementals that is)and again this morning upon awaking as I looked out at the trees in my yard. The wind was making the leaves dance I saw their faces again, this time reflected eveywhere in the leaves. Thanks for helping me establish a closer connection to these beings. I’ve been consciously working to establish a connection with them through CRT meditations and I could “feel” their presence but this is the first time I’ve had a visual experience of them. They are so “charming”.

After being pummeled through the mercurial rapids of the DNA activation series, Sanctuary spills the listener into a shimmering pool of active stillness, vibrations rising gently from a deep, deep serenity birthed from the rapids.
– B, Hong Kong

I just wanted to say thank you for producing the Sanctuary CD. I purchased it from you some time ago and have been listening to it a bit lately. It is such a beautiful beautiful CD. It really does evoke certain feelings (not sure how to describe them) but at times very profound. I love this music. Exceptional!!
– Sandy

This music captures the essence of all that I enjoy when I am being in alignment with our Creator, Infinite Intelligence, God, and I like to call Him my Heavenly Father because I identify with Him that way.When I listen to this music, I find myself with Him, like a son with his father, holding his hand, looking into each other’s eyes, communicating love and just walking, enjoying all that comes my way, knowing by faith, that all that I am walking into, I have within me all that I need to fully handle everything that comes my way and this music—sanctuary–speaks just that, peace within and confidence—the boldness of a lion , because He is with me and goes before me to bring about those events that are necessary to ever evolve into the full essence of my being…
– Michael P.

GO HOME, HOME BABY, GO HOME — Here we have an album inspired to guide you to the reality of my favorites subject: THE PARADISE WITHIN. These are musical compositions centered on keyboard stylings, but synthesizer-based in sensibility and texture. What we have here is an hour of extreme inner planes paradise done in the signature style of an artist who apparently has been doing this sort of thing for a number of lifetimes. i hear so much Lemuria in this that it brings a fond tear to my eye. it is amazing in this day and age that we have reached the point of reconnecting so far back! and yes there is Atlantean influence also. of course, we find more modern idioms, but i’m really talking about the feel of the album. it comfortably compares to the ambient works of David and Steve Gordon; i’m thinking primarily of “Oneness,” “Sanctuary,” and the “Garden Of Serenity” albums. comparison to Michael Hammer naturally comes to mind, but Shapeshifter is much more narrative and story-telling. yes, i think there is a narrative here but i am still exploring. i think it is about how to bring the inner paradise to the outside world, but still testing at this point… while i am an avid collector of all of Shapeshifter’s work, the recent “Shamballa,” “Rejuva” albums, plus this new one, “Sanctuary,” establish this artist as a primary source for Paradise vibrations and certainly as essential picks for any ambient room i would consider doing. we can file this one in new age or healing music, but i think it fair to call it true Visionary music, as the company’s name implies.
– Darv Krizton Sanctuary/VisionaryMusic, 2008, ShapeshifterDNA
Note from Shapeshifter: Darv has many pages with many great links to music that you will enjoy if you enjoy ours. Take a look. Darv’s linkfest for synthesists specializing in sounds inducing alternate states of awareness. Brainwave Pulses, Harmonic Resonance, Special Tunings. The reason these are called “sound arts” and not “music” is that much of it is not melodic, but instead organized sound which is designed to induce mind states via the entrainment principle of physics.

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NEXT STEP: After you have explored for a while and feel ready to dive in deeper,
it is imporant to work with Full-Fidelity Sound Files

Hi-Quality Sound System and/or Headphones ~ Ideally Both
Sound Beds are Great

5hZ to 35kHz Frequency Response (get as close as you can to these specs)


INCLUDES: Sanctuary soundscape  plus original album inserts/PDF
60 minutes runtime ~ .wav audio format


By purchasing our soundscapes, you will be supporting our on-going projects that provide light-based sonic sustenance to an awakening humanity.

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