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Sound Healing Room 

Odyssey Sound & Light Healing Temple

Odyssey Sound & Light Healing TempleVisionary Music has been involved in the concept, design, implementation and usage of Sound Healing Rooms or Energy Enhancement Environments (EEEs) since 1989. The original concepts were received during a series of visions and dreams, reawakening dormant knowledge from Atlantean, Shamanistic and Other realms of multi-dimensional sources of energy and information. This information combined with today’s technological advancements in consciousness research are what make these environments truly unique and powerful. Gary and JoAnn have been working with these theories and designs in alignment with the current evolutionary waves of enlightened consciousness now accelerating on the planet. Many individuals have experienced the profound healing work that is available to those who are ready to embrace the ancient knowledge and wisdom available from the healing temples of Atlantis. Sound Healing is a modality that is currently experiencing a resurgence of interest and will continue to increase in popularity as more people are able to understand the power of transformation within consciously created sounds.

Sound Healing Rooms can be used for:


— Meditation Enhancement —

— Increasing Vitality and Overall Well-Being —

— Self-Healing —

— Accelerated Learning —

— Mind/Brain Expansion —

— Balancing Body/Mind/Spirit —

— Connecting/grounding with Earth Energies —

— Raising Vibrational Levels to assist in Clearing Addiction Patterns —

– Psychedelic Research –

— Activating Dream Awareness/Lucid Dreaming —

— Exploring Higher Consciousness —

— Initiating potentials for OBEs & Remote Viewing —

— Stimulating Creativity on all levels —

— Invoking profound physical transformation/rejuvenation —
and integration with the Spiritual Essence to the
DNA & Quantum Levels and beyond

— Initiating Evolutionary Potentials —
(clair-voyant, audient, sentient abilities; telepathy, ESP,
manifestation, healing abilities, transfiguration,
teleportation, ascension, immortality, etc.)

The Possibilities are endless and up to each individual to manifest that which is in alignment with their ultimate higher path & purpose.

What is the Odyssey Sound Temple?

The Odyssey Sound & Light Temple is an Energy Enhancement Environment (EEE)created to be an open-ended environment designed to explore frontiers on the leading edge of consciousness research. It is a playground of high energy for those who walk a path of conscious evolution. This advanced meditation room was created to be a magical place, a space where you can get in touch with the unlimited energy of your Soul Essence (Who Am I?) — to reconnect you to the sense of wonder and aliveness you experienced as a child. It can take you to worlds of magic and freedom where all things are possible. These multi-dimensional realities are within each one of us and just await our sincere intent to experience and learn from them.

The human body, on one level, can be considered to be a series network of interacting crystalline structures. The skeletal system can be thought of as a crystal structure with piezoelectric properties that generates electromagnetic field (EMF’s). The bones with their extracellular matrix are the solid crystalline structure of the body, while systems such as muscle, nerve tissue, lymphatic fluids, blood and down to the cellular level are considered to be liquid crystalline structures that store information and generate EMF’s. At the very core of these systems, is the DNA blueprint that makes you unique and different from everyone else. The Odyssey Sound Healing Room is specifically designed to unlock the keys to what is being called “junk” or dormant DNA, as well as activating the multi-strands present in our etheric bodies and beyond.

Whether you are an experienced meditator, skilled in shamanic journeying or just beginning to awaken, these multidimensional meditation rooms can enhance your living space to allow for greater self healing and deepening your connection to inner peace and harmony in your life.

In The Odyssey Sound Healing Room you will experience powerful vibrational waves of sound and light enhanced by crystal patterns, geometric structures, and other modalities that will activate through sympathetic resonance the life energy enhancing EMF’s and higher potential encoded within the quantum essence, the DNA, of your crystalline biology.

Components in the Room
The first Phase of The Odyssey Sound & Light Temple started in early 1989. The following items are in our private Sound Healing Room.

  • Sound Table with a specially designed internal speaker array to transmit musical vibrations throughout the energetic structures of the various bodies that make up the multidimensional self (causal, spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, cellular, molecular/DNA, atomic, sub-atomic and the level of pure quantum information and beyond) — Worlds within worlds within worlds. A set of custom designed foot speakers provides direct sound therapy to the many reflex points in the bottom of the feet, stimulating the nervous system to enhance and complete the overall vibration effects of sound throughout the body.
  • Surround Sound Stereo an external state of the art surround sound system that supports our QSET Music completes the effect of sonic holography and vibrational matrix enhancement. Through alignment of the life force energy, resonance is created activating the inner informational light-code within the DNA blueprint.
  • Bio-Magnetic Energizer table pad which is composed of silk, cotton, fiberglass and wool, a copper grid with hundreds of precise angles connected by crystals and a special configuration of strontium ferrite magnets. This pad moves energy into a 3 dimensional hologram in resonance with the DNA molecule, thereby realigning the body with its true magnetic polarity and that of the Earth. The varied benefits of this pad are improved rest, adjusts body metabolism, greater connection with source, mental focus, reduces physical stresses and tensions, opens and aligns chakra system and improves regenerative qualities.
  • Morpheus Color Lighting – spreads an array of millions of colors into the room to assist in color healing and light therapy. The body is naturally drawn to connect with the colors that the physical and etheric bodies need to balance, healing and rejuvenate. We feel that exposure to the full spectrum of light frequencies is the most balanced and holistic method of activating the energy centers/chakras. This assists in aligning the light bodies with the physical being creating greater harmony, awareness and freedom within the body. The universe is a multi-dimensional network of vibrational frequencies extending into infinity — Light and Color are a higher octave of sound. The room through sympathetic resonance attunes the individual to this cosmic dance of energy.
  • Grandfather Crystal – This is a Lightbrary Cathedral Crystal (see tab below) and they are very rare. This crystal is the core element of the Odyssey EEE, our CPU, if you will. It receives, catalogs and transmits information constantly as we evolve our work.
  • Causal Vortex – created by It directly connects to the series of Colorado vortexes and the earth grid system created by Metaforms. It assists in helping one align with their spiritual growth. It allows you to reconnect with the Source of all being.
  • Copper Pyramid – When one meditates in the Pyramid it aligns the reality of Earth, the energy of the vibration of Earth in all of its sacredness, its merit, its goodness, its place with God, with Masters of Wisdom and Saints, who have incarnated and evolved. When you meditate, just like in a great Temple, it is slowly bringing out that geometric proportion, bringing out the Earth’s good karma and makes it more receptive for your psychic energy to tap into those things. Bridges Heaven and Earth.
  • Amethyst Cluster under Pyramid – A very spiritual crystal to keep close to third eye and crown chakra. It helps to bring calmness and clarity. Amethyst helps you get in touch with your intuition, your feelings, or your deeper spiritual values. Amethyst helps one learn of all things spiritual, mystic and psychic.
  • Atlantean-styled Chakra Tuning Forks – this unique set of 12 tuning forks are used like etheric surgical tools to make adjustments in the bio-energetic field. They have a copper tube attached to the tuning fork with potent high end quartz crystals at the bottom. When the tuning forks are pinged, the vibrations goes down the copper tube into the crystal point and acts like a fine laser. JoAnn has been working with these laser chakra tools for over 20 years and has seen many powerful healings using them.
  • Longhouse Healing Arts Center, St. Petersburg, FL

  • Crystal Layout under Sound Bed –This energy configuration was designed by JoAnn to amplify and enhance all the other components to further balance the field and assist in out of body expansion while holding a focused 3D space.
  • Hematite – Hematite is without any doubt a grounding stone and stone of protection. As far as the healing powers are considered, hematite is able to heal and regenerate those forces within our organism which are related to blood circulation and skin rejuvenation. It also enhances lucidity, concentration, and clears the mind from negative patterns and thoughts.
  • Brazilian Quartz – Brazil quartz is said by many to be the most powerful crystal energy and is exceptionally healing. A very powerful crystal that has almost surgical precision as far as its energy. This piece has been deeply grounded into the core of the earth to provide one with profound grounding and healing gifts.
  • Causal Ring – created by It compliments the Causal Vortex above the table and increases the energy flow thousands of times. The Casual Ring, inspired by Slim Spurling, is a triple braided, gold plated, copper ring in sacred cubit dimensions, with natural cone magnets and a Sterling silver triangle. Causal refers to the Source dimensional level where all energy originates from.
  • Vortenna – creates a vortex wherever it is place to attract higher vibrations into the space and to radiate out Light.
  • Boji Stones – Boji Stones are separated as male and female stones and some may even have androgynous qualities. They aid in moving energy from the subtle body to the physical body. Helps to recharge the aura and fill empty space with positive energy. Promote the removal of blockages to allow healing to take place. Facilitate the balancing of the male and female energies in the body. Assist in aligning all of the chakras from the crown chakra to the root chakra.
  • Rose Quartz – Rose quartz is pink quartz that is often called the “Love Stone.” It is a stone of unconditional love that opens the heart chakra to all forms of love: self-love, family love, platonic love, and romantic love. The high energy of quartz gives rose quartz the property of enhancing love in virtually any situation.
  • Tachyon Bead – Tachyons are a hypothetical subatomic particle that moves faster than light. It allows for deep, expanded levels of healing work; Promotes health via electro-magnetic fields; Improves circulation and balance the flow of chi in your biofield and immediate environment; Supports natural healing and holistic wellness by strengthening your resistance to the effects of stress.
  • Vogel Cut Crystal – Based on the original designs over Marcel Vogel, this crystal amplifies all intentions when use in a healing environment. We use a 13 sided crystal to assist in clearing traumas and releasing pastlife imprints. Very powerful crystal for all types of healing work engaging the etheric bodies.
  • Green Calcite – This is a powerful amplifier and cleanser of various types of energies. Green Calcite draws money and prosperity to your doorstep. It can assist in dissolving old rigid belief systems, restoring balance to your mind. It aids any transition from a stagnant to a positive environment. It is also used to stimulate the immune system and absorb negative energy.
  • Celestite/Angelite – This is one of the most powerful stones there is. Celestite has many abilities, one of which is its proficiency at balancing the male/female energy within the physical body as well as balancing all the energy fields. Celestite helps you to access your own intuition. It contains the wisdom of the Ancient Masters. It can be used to facilitate out of body experiences. Celestites can be used to access the archangels in the dream state.
  • Kyanite – Kyanite opens and clears the body’s communication centers. For channeling or meditation purposes it works best when it is worn near the throat chakra. It carries a very “light” energy that attracts light beings (angels, spirit guides, extraterresterials). Wonderful manifesting stone.
  • Quartz Point – Quartz crystals are metaphysical aids that help the user amplify the positive and transmute negativity. They can assist in meditation, healing and connection with both higher self and the universe. A crystal can bring balance, help one center and increase the flow of energy through the physical and subtle bodies.
  • Custom made Eye Pad by JoAnn – Amethyst / Spiritual Awakening & Rose Quartz / Heart opening, love & Kyanite / opens psychic awareness & Moldavite / Communication, extra-terrestrial combined with organic flax seeds for cooling and calming sensations on the eyelids. Overall enhancement for third eye and crown chakra openings.
  • Accelerator Images – The channeled art pieces/accelerators, created by Bryan deFlores, are designed to trigger a dramatic re-configuration of your consciousness; assisting you in the return to our original blueprints of divine perfection and connection. Stare into any of the images you feel called to and then close your eyes and let the energy weave through the sound journey.
  • Himalayan Salt Crystal Light – provides powerful negative ions and clears the energy in the room.
  • Astara Spiritual Body Poster – image shows the spiritual body superimposed over the physical body, showing the chakra and auric system, as well as the higher self chakra and the oversoul connected to the divine Monad. Astara is a healing center dedicated to the evolution of humanity.
  • Alex Grey Spiritual Energy System Poster – an energetic design by Alex Grey showing the spiritual body system of man. Spiritual Energy System portrays dissolving boundaries between our self and surroundings. The body has become a permeable channel for the circulation of the esoteric energies of higher consciousness that are ever present and connect self and world. Parallel lines of force stream through the body extending out the crown of the head and curling back around to the feet, creating a toroidal flow.
  • Indian Mandella Shield Dreamcatcher – Originally the Dream Catcher was hung by the window or at the head of your bed. The bad dreams get caught in the web. The good dreams work their way through the hole in the center, rest on the feather like a dew drop, and evaporate to the Great Spirit in the morning sun. The prayer beads on the Dream Catcher trap all the bad dreams that are left on the web. The prayer beads burn them up.
  • Aromatherapy – We have selected the incense, Chandan, for the Odyssey space. A truly extra special sandalwood incense from India. Ever since the glorious times of Vedic India, Chandan (sandalwood) holds a venerated position. It’s touch to the human body is cooling and pacifying. It’s fragrance purifying. The mesmerizing fragrance of chandan incense sticks specially for daily puja purpose, which infuse the surroundings with an aura of serenity and spirituality.
What makes The Odyssey Unique?

Our Multidimensional Music as a Magical Invocation

The music that you will experience in the various shamanic, other worldly, mystical and magical transformational adventures available in the Odyssey Sound Healing Room has all been composed and channeled by Gary Chambers/ShapeshifterDNA. The INTENTION behind the sounds/tones/rhythms/melodies, which are different for each session, are co-created through a connection with a multidimensional source of unlimited creativity. We call this music QSET – Quantum Sonic Empowerment Transmissions. This connection which has been building through many lifetimes of dedication produce some of the most innovative, multifaceted and transformational music available today. This music is the evolutionary core level key to the transformative energy of The Odyssey Sound Healing Rooms.

Music as a magical invocation
Aligning you with new multidimensional sources of information
The depth of feeling, willingness and openness of the individual completes the equation
Allowing the energy blueprint of these greater possibilities to emerge in manifestation

Private Sessions in the Odyssey

We currently have an Odyssey Sound & Light Temple in our home in St. Petersburg, Florida. During the COVID timeline, it is closed for physical sessions. However you can request a Remote Healing Session with JoAnn. It is a great opportunity for you to transcend the limitation of time and physical space and engage in a purely energetic transmission.

3rd Eye Sessions with JoAnn ShivantiFor more information about JoAnn’s private practice offerings visit her at She offers a comprehensive Spiritual MRI reading along with individual readings of chakras, aura portraits, pastlife readings, DNA Activation, Mini Readings, Shamanic Journeying/Soul Retrieval/Recapitulation and Remote Healing.

Custom Designed Healing & Meditation Rooms

We can be available to design and implement a personal Sound Healing Room/EEE specifically for your needs. There are a variety of synergistic systems to choose from depending on space available, purpose and budget. You may start small and work towards expanding as your needs grow. We can help you to build your EEE in your existing environment or provide assistance in building the external structure as well. We envision the EEE making a valuable and profound contribution to the evolution of our planet in the following areas:

  • Personal Exploration, Consciousness Research (home environments)
  • Meditation Environments
  • Teaching & Learning Facilities
  • Health & Healing Centers
  • Massage & Psycho Therapists
  • Entertainment Environments
  • Creativity Spaces for artists, musicians, dancers, writers, etc.
  • Hotels, Spas & Retreat Centers
  • Business Offices
  • Psychedelic Environments for Social Engagement
  • Spaces for Psychdelic Research with Marijuana, MDMA, psylocibin, ayahausca

To set-up a preliminary consultation, Contact Us for more information.

The Future of the Odyssey

In 2006/7, we built our first group Odyssey Temple in a center in Asheville, NC which was able to support about 10-15 people. The center closed in April 2007, but you can see a few pics of this space in the slides above. It was an amazing experience and a great precursor to an even larger vision for the Odyssey. After the center closed we brought the room into our center which was in our home in Asheville called Sanctuary of Sounds. It was an amazing experience to share with other seekers of higher frequencies.

The concept of the Odyssey Sound Healing Rooms can expand into much larger group spaces both for entertainment as well as therapeudic settings.

As marijuana laws are loosening up all over the US, we can see these types of rooms being setup featuring similar creations to our trippy videos along with our music. We also see that as the psychedelic research is expanding in many areas of healing and wellness, that rooms like these will provide sanctuaries for people to process sessions before, during or after. We hope to connect with these centers in the years to come to see what can be created.

On a much larger scale and honestly a bit out of the range of our desires to manifest because of the massive amount of work it will entail, we envision a custom designed building based on sacred geometry and in alignment with the earth’s energy grid. Once inside, the environment will take on an other worldly, mystical quality, almost alien in its look and feel. The lighting will be expanded upon, incorporating some of the latest tools from some of the most connected consciousness researchers all over the planet. The sound system will be the highest level of state of the art surround sound technology, using fiber optics in the wiring to eliminate all traces of EMFs that would normally be present. The entire system will be operated by a central computer triggering lights, music and multimedia projections on LCD panels.

This vision or similar will most likely occur as the new bringers of Light begin to step into their divine missions. We don’t rule out that we may have something to do with such a project, but we will continue to hold the vision for manifestation.

Grandfather | Lightbrary Cathedral Crystal

Grandfather This is a “Lightbrary” Cathedral Crystal and they are very rare. We have found very little information about them in our research. This crystal found its way to us in 1988 — a profound gift from the Universe — as we began our journeys in developing the first Odyssey Sound & Light Temple space. His name is respectfully, “Grandfather.”

Excerpted and edited from Majestic-Quartz website:
Cathedrals are a rare form of Quartz crystal. These crystals must have inspired architects to create turreted castles and cathedrals. Watch out for the lightbrary Cathedrals. They are generally very translucent Cathedral crystals that also appear to have doorways. The term Lightbrary translates to “Libraries of Light.”

Cathedral Quartz crystals are named after their shape. They look like mini castles! These crystals like ours have been referred to as Cathedrals for many decades. Clear/Quartz Cathedrals are referred to as Lightbrary Cathedrals. These crystals have doorways in them, more often than not, in their castling definition. To travel into the crystal, just gaze into the doorway, you will see it open and your consciousness will be drawn into the crystal. From there you can travel into different chambers and receive information that you are ready for at that time. You can also travel in inner and outer space in complete safety within the crystal. Cathedral crystals are very rare, which is why you will rarely see them.

When we reunited, this incarnation, in 1988 — our meditations began revealing the work that we had come here to accomplish. The Odyssey Sound & Light Temple was one of the first visions we started to receive. In our dreams and our meditations we were both taken back to our Atlantean incarnation and had visions of the special healing temples that we had worked in to assist others in their evolutionary processes. These rooms were like crystal caverns — with many different sizes and colors of crystals all around. The surround sound system was incredible — holographic, multidimensional and multilayered. As you moved into various spaces of the room, the sounds would change and morph. We knew that we were to recreate these environments here, during this timeline, to assist those who are ready to evolve and awaken their dormant potentials; to consciously transform from a body of dense matter to a body temple of Light.

Very shortly after we received this series of teachings and visions, we went to one of those new age type gatherings where there were many vendors selling their tools. We were drawn to this one extraordinary crystal supplier who carried very large pieces and we were immediately captivated by a large cathedral crystal. At that time, we were lacking the funds to purchase such an expensive item, not to mention that many other basic needs were considered much more important at that time. But we just couldn’t get that voice out of our heads, and the feeling that we needed to have that crystal because it was part of us. We then knew, without a doubt, that we needed it to begin the development of our Odyssey Sound & Light Temple. So we made an arrangement with the dealer, as they also felt that it was meant to be with us also. It was clear that there was some pastlife connection between us that was very definite. We agreed to make the leap financially and trust that our guidance was leading us in the directions that were necessary to do our work. Within a month after getting this crystal, we were gifted with $5000 which enabled us to develop the first phase of the Odyssey space. We share this story simply as a lesson on Abundance and trusting your guidance. When your guidance tells you something is important even when logic tells you otherwise, when doorways to new adventures appear before you. ACT. DO. TRUST.

The Crystal shared with us, in a powerful inner communication, that he wished to be called Grandfather, as he is here to be a very wise and patient teacher with us. His very essence is that of Unconditional Love. He has remained a core element of our work, collecting data and transmitting data as needed; unfolding knowledge and wisdom in the increments in which we are able to process and integrate it. He assists in all healing sessions in the Odyssey Temple. Many have compared him to some of the crystal skulls, in that his wisdom is never ending and unfolds as we are ready to move to the next level in our personal evolution. Working with him has been quite profound, it is like walking into a house of mirrors with millions of facets and windows of opportunity. Choosing, as we are guided, which doorway is appropriate to enter next.

Anyone working with our music can easily tap into the greater cosmic wisdom of Grandfather by setting strong intent to direct your consciousness towards him. Because he is a part of all the music we create, one can easily find their way to his energetic configuration.

I am here to assist you to evolve past perceived limitations

I am here to heal your pain

I am here to transform matter into Light

I am here to awaken your full potentials

I am here to open doorways into multidimensional realms

I am here to show you truth



Psychedelic Research Potentials

Our Sound Healing Rooms and our QSET music combined with therapeutically guided cannabis, MDMA, psilocybin or ayahausca sessions can assist in exploring the deeper aspects of addictions, PTSD, disease processes, alzheimers, depression and much more.  Because our EEE’s provide greater access to range of emotional frequency bands, one is able to move through blocked areas of consciousness and into the deeper levels of subconcious information. In addition, it also enables one to expand into the higher consciousness realms to access the spiritual dimensions.

When directed by a trained therapist, these sessions can be life changing in many areas of ones life. Many different emotional states can be explored which assist in acknowledging, accepting, forgiving, releasing, integrating and transforming blocks and resistant energy within a persons bio-energetic form. Our soundscapes contain variations of both Light and Dark frequency patterns that enable greater resolution for transformational purposes. Consult with JoAnn for further applications and usages.

Our personal research has been focused on the awakening process for spiritual explorers wanting to access higher potentials. Through this connection we have tapped into higher forms of creativity and expresssion that enable us to navigate and energetically map the emergence of the evolving Human. The key factor in our research is using intention and consciously directed focus on activating the etheric DNA codex. We use more of a shamanic approach to this process and not a scientific one – both of which we feel are important for the future evolution of humanity. We do engage the science aspect, it is just not a part of our work to merge them, but we do see this coming forth more and more in universities and private groups.

There is currently (2020) a strong resurgence of research being done in this area of exploration. We offer a few links here for you to check out in order to see how it is coming along and what areas of research are being funded and explored. Several new laws have passed and others proposed that will continue to open this research up in the next few years. We welcome any conversations with those on any side of this area of exploration.

MAPS | Multidisciplinary Association of Psychedelic Research

John Hopkins Center for Psychedelic & Consciousness Research


Reviews from Clients in the Odyssey

The work that Shapeshifter is doing is in perfect synchronisity with the changing world. As we enter the Third Millennium the knowledge we need to possess will be passed to us through talented artists with strength and determination, coupled with instinctual and shamanistic talents. I have always felt that music affects ones inner being, a very powerful tool that has yet to be explored. Shapeshifter is an innovator in this area. Their work is truly worthy of the description –Shamans. The experience in the Odyssey has profoundly shifted my consciousness and opened up many doorways for further explorations. — D.G., Arub

I use the tape to help me get centered. In the beginning, I listened to the tape a lot. Now I use it as a tool to help me get back in balance and remember who I am. I believe the tape to be a powerful support system for me, because it is always available. I have been taking many risks, facing my fears and giving myself permission to be & experience. The Odyssey was such an eye opener for me. — G.S., Riverview, Florida

I was able to “feel” the music so deeply within me while in the Odyssey, instead of just hearing it with my ears. I really got in touch with the power contained within the vibrations of sound — very profound connection for me to make, since I have had trouble understanding the concepts behind sound healing. The music literally brought my whole being on adventures in the sky, the cosmos and the Universe – awesome experience. I felt like I was swirling and twirling around, pulsing in and out and expanding. I felt so much from the hands-on energy work, which I have had trouble feeling in other healing sessions I have had. It seemed that everything was so intensified and that the knowledge I was waiting to receive so desperately was right there as soon as I would ask. That night, I went to a group that I go to every week and everyone there noticed how calm and serene I was. — R.E., Boston, MA

After the first 2-3 days, the speed of the music changed — in my perception only. It seemed very lively and fast, then changed to slow, mellow and relaxing. I thought it was my tape machine at first, but realized it with in ME. My nagging chronic, low back pain disappeard upon waking the next morning after listening to my tape. My relationship with my boss completely changed for the positive, I believe due to my energy shift. — T.M., St. Pete, Florida

I had pre-initiation activities during sleep 2 days after session & initiation 2 weeks later (am noticing I’m becoming more detached from my physical experience). Increased agitation with mundane job motivated me to quit 2 weeks after session (6 months earlier than planned – thank you, thank you, thank you!) This move enables me to get back to doing my Lightwork which is why I am here in the first place. I also touched into my pastlife in Atlantis, which I plan to continue to explore in more depth. — D.G., Playa Del Rey, CA

Session following breast surgery — Significant changes were noted: my pain had subsided, I went without pain medication for 2 days following my session. I felt expansion in my chest, a release of tissue and fascia that was binding me and causing stiffness around my right shoulder and breast. — T.T., Tampa, FL

I feel this experience has strengthened me in my journey toward uncovering my wholeness. I’m getting better at taking care of me and forgiving myself for how long it seems to take me to change sometimes. During the week following my sound healing session, I often felt unreal, other worldly and somewhat light-headed — I utilized these time to meditate deeply with some very profound and powerful results. This experience also helped me to bring some repressed sexual guilt to the surface which I had previously been afraid to explore. — M.F., Milton, FL

I am a psychic and was at a fair and got a kirlian photo taken. The reader was astounded at the dramatic change shown in just 1 month after having my last one taken. She said, “Wow! You grew in a big leap, Your health is improving. There has been a closure in your Spiritual growth, you are incontrol of your emotions. Spiritual finger shows things being centered. Look at all the new lines in my fingers, shows you are in control of your emotions. You have made much progress in the last month.” The only thing I have done in the past month was the work in the Odyssey!! — J.B., Palm Harbor, FL

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