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Why We Ask for Donations and Support?

Aside from the obvious 🙂

So many things have changed on the planet that have affected the ways in which we can make our 3D income to support our higher visions, such as:

Decline of Music Industry
Subscription Based Music Services
Rise of Downloads
Streaming Payouts at $.01 or less
Ease of Piracy and Theft – File Sharing
Increased Complexity & Cost of Internet Commerce Models
Social Net Driven Marketing Techniques
Proliferation of Hype and over inflated Results
Flood of Information and Disinformation

Because our work is targeted at such a niche market in today’s world there currently is not enough ongoing support to keep the wheels of operation running smoothly all the time just with online sales. Because our products are relatively inexpensive, the volume we would need to keep going each month currently exceeds the amount of awakening souls ready to engage with this type of information.

We are 2 people doing this work and we don’t have staff or budget for marketing/advertising campaigns to put the word out. Nor do we want to spend much of our time in these areas as they take away from the real work we are here to do. We do our best to use the social networking avenues, but the noise levels on these channels is getting more and more diffuse with all kinds of information filling the airwaves. It used to be much easier for us to break through the noise/static/chatter to be seen, but with new internet algorithms and the infiltration of tons of hype in related fields of interest, it is really becoming a challenge to connect with those who could really benefit from our work. Basically you find us when you find us.

Our ideal would be that those who really understand the value of our contribution to the planetary transformation begin to send us additional support each month which would really help us to stay focused on the actual creative process and continuing to anchor in the incoming waves of higher frequencies. Take a look at our Patreon page below for an easy way to support us.

It's Up to You

So this is why we ask YOU, our customers/fans, to give a thought each month as to whether or not our contribution in your life has any value beyond what you initially paid for our products or services.

Support ShapeshifterDNA on Patreon
The best way you can support us now is to join as Patron of the Evolutionary Arts by
subscribing to our webpage. You can support us for as low as $2 a month and even at that, it helps us if enough people do it. This is a great platform for us to commuinicate through. Take a look and get to know our journey on a more personal level. Engage with others, share thoughts, ideas and experiences. Plus get free music and find out the latest on our creative journey.

Know that whatever you send always goes back into the resources needed to bringing this work through in as pure a state as we are able at any given time.

Truthfully we could do a lot more than we do if we no longer had to worry about the whole commerce piece. We would love to bring through the transmissions and give them to all those who want them. As long as those who could pay and are willing to pay for this type of information would support it financially. One high level Angel benefactor could easily take care of us. We continue to hold Light on that manifestation as all the dominoes are being restructured. If you have any thoughts or ideas that you feel would be truly beneficial for us, please reach out and share.

It is more of a challenge in these current times for musicians to make money because of various factors. The music industry has changed dramatically. The internet for example allows easy sharing of music without proper compensation to the artists. The ipod like devices have gotten individuals use to the concept of inexpensive music and sharing freely with others. Streaming services like Spotify make the bulk of the money but only pay the musicians less than a penny per stream. Unless you are a well known artist, this amounts to very little tangible revenue. Performing artists have an advantage as they can still play out live and gather fans, but the expense of that can be considerable and most report making more money on merch sales than CDs. If you have favorite artists out there that are outside the scope of mainstream music that you would like to see continue, consider sending them a donation from time to time to show your support.

All of what has just been said does not take into account those who are doing much more than just playing music, those that are infusing their creations with transformational intent. Creations such as these are very rare these days, because of the pressure to conform and the all consuming mass media conglomerates. Higher creativity is what moves our civilization forward as it speaks directly to those who carry the evolutionary currents within their being and feel called to act on those impulses to create systems and structures that will contribute to the transformational journey.

So with that being said, those of you who have had deeper experiences, even life changing ones with our music, might consider more tangible support of it when you are inspired to do so. This is a form of honor and respect that must be renewed in the world at this time, for sadly, on many levels of reality, it has been lost. Honor and respect are the basis of true energy exchange and manifestation for all concerned. As you give, you receive, so that the cycle of abundance may grow and flourish for ALL.


P.S. If you or someone you know has manifested large sums of money and they would like to support the evolution of Consciousness on the Planet, please let them know about us.

Share the Music/Art, Support the Artists

(we love to receive the energy of Abundance of all kinds)

How can you Help?

Purchase our CDs, Books and Services

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Spread the word on Social Media

Visit our Social Networking Sites and Engage (see footer)

Send us a Financial Gift — Contributions to support our project development

Spread the word to others about our Mission

Support development of the Temple of the Divine Muse to support up and coming Creatives (paid Memberships starting in 2021)

A Personal Note from Shapeshifter
You are invited to share our music with others and spread our mission across the planet, encourage them to support us financially to keep the 3D wheels turning (as opposed to copying or file sharing). We offer you our music to sample on our YouTube Channel to introduce you to our sonic creations; to give you a taste of the realms of magic and wonder that we are connecting with.

By offering these channeled, multidimensional QSET soundscapes to the world at this time, we are doing our part to raise the Expanded Frequency Spectrums /Light Quotient on the planet. We give you the energetic sustenance to support your transformation during these challenging and wonderous times. These sounds will easily assist you in gracefully moving through all initiatory timelines and beyond. As the infrastructures of the old paradigm crumble, the planetary dinosaurs continue to flail and polarize in divisive conflicts. The mouthpieces of the media keep spinning the tales they have been instructed to with all the sensationalism that only breeds more fear into people’s hearts. Step beyond these games and awaken the true divinity within.

As Lightworkers, our path is to love and forgive them, as we also do the same for ourselves — “for they/we/us know not what they/we/us do.” Transformative Light is shining into the collective darkness. In Truth we are all ONE sharing the multifaceted infinity of this Reality Matrix.

It is obvious to many of us that to truly reach and inspire larger numbers of people on the planet, it is time for new, positive, uplifting, open ended, non-dogmatic, evolutionary alternative media channels. The content of these channels must evolve to as high a quality as what has been created in the more mainstream outlets for many years — movies, TV series, games, etc. — to be taken seriously. We begin with our virtual Temple of the Divine Muse YouTube channel to share evolutionary content.

We offer our unique contribution to this unfolding endeavor with our musical creations designed for personal and planetary empowerment. Everything we create is with sincere and loving intention to further the awakening and activation of greater human potential, hence our evolution as a species. We teach not just by words alone, but with dynamic waveforms of evolving sound and information reflecting from the universal common ground of All That Is.

It is time to support projects and products that provide you with the necessary nutriment which will empower you to ground and hold the Light within your bio-energetic matrix. It is time to bring the visions of a more life affirming future probabilities into tangible reality. If not Now, during these challenging times, then when? You hold the Keys of Transformation. Give and You will receive, ask and the door will be opened unto You. With our sincere and focused intent, with a growing collective of sincere and focused individuals practicing these conscious intentions, everything will work out for the Highest Good of All. We are convinced of this. A greater freedom of Abundance will manifest on Earth for those who are willing to receive it. Believe. Feel. Receive. Act.

As we receive, we return the energy out on to the Planet in many ways — we continually recycle the Light to other Lights and so on it goes……

Modulate The Lifewave,
Gary & JoAnn Chambers ~ Shapeshifter

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