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ShapeshifterDNAShapeshifterDNA is the name we chose to represent our collective energy expression. It is our band name as recording artists and you can find our music in various aggregate websites like Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, etc. There are many bands out there now using the name Shapeshifter, thus we have made the distinction by adding the DNA to the end, but we were and still are originally Shapeshifter.

ShapeshifterDNAWe, Gary & JoAnn Chambers, are visionary musicians, multimedia artists and writers on the leading edge of humanity’s expanding consciousness. We are what is termed in new age speak, twin flames. We reunited in this timeline to evolve our own spiritual paths to the next level of manifestation. As they say, “May you live in interesting times!”

Our influences and information are transmissions from Gaian, extraterrestrial and extradimensional sources. We are acting agents of evolutionary change through the multi-dimensional expression of higher creativity. Our mission is to assist the energy signature of this planet through conscious evolutionary co-creation into a more positive probable future reality – the Path of Conscious Evolution. We are here now to assist the collective field of humanity in moving through and beyond timelines based in 3D reality constructs into the more expansive and light-based templates of the 5th World/5D.

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Shapeshifter's Body of Work

ShapeshifterDNA’s body of work on the planet is for all who seek to raise their vibrational matrix and align with their higher service at this time, which includes all those here to achieve their personal path and mission parameters. Their sonic QSET soundscapes create the frequency maps for multidimensional shamanic travels through the various portals and gateways, engaging one in communications with realms beyond the confines of 3D based reality constructs. If you understand what that means, then these soundscapes are for you.

This body of work, which Gary began in 1986 with “Healing”  is a vast Sonic Mystery School – non-linear information directly downloaded to those who are aware and open to receive. Assistance on all levels is provided to ground these frequencies and to expand your light bodies to assimilate higher levels of Light. DNA Activation, transformation, rejuvenation, regeneration, transmutation, ascension, immortality, alignment codes are all accessed through these frequencies. These requires one’s personal development and intention to access. Deeper engagement requires enhanced meditation practice along with advanced shamanic journeying skills, which may or may not include periodic engagement with plant medicine as a tool for enlightenment. When these tools are used with sobriety and for the purpose of spiritual evolution, they can be quite potent in moving one further along on their personal journey.

As co-creators of these various projects, they have been initiated into the higher realms of knowledge and intuitional development through many lifetimes of service. This wisdom brings forth a spiritual and emotional maturity, an openness to the greater purpose, an impeccable commitment towards this goal and the ability to ground the powerful energies of higher level creativity into real world applications.

What the name Shapeshifter means to Us

Many have asked about this name and why we choose to create from these energetics. Since there are many definitions floating around the planet these days, we present ours so you can understand what this name means to us.

In 1989, we composed a piece of music which is titled “Shapeshifter.”  This piece is reflective of that name, meaning that we were exploring different spiritual teachings and translating that into music, stories and art. On this album, Myth, Magic & Mystery, we explored shamanism, aboriginals, magic, dolphins, aliens, Atlantis, Tibetan, eastern mysticism, crystal skulls, alchemy and the stars. This album is in the Archives now, but if you’d like to listen you can download a free copy.

We have always approached our personal spiritual path from a very eclectic space of openness and as spiritual warriors, explorers, and flame holders, incorporating the teachings that felt the most empowering and expansive. In 1990, we went on a personal vision quest deep into the Amazon Jungle to engage with many varieties of plant teachers These were the very early days of westerners engaging with the Ayahausca vine. We were drawn to study shamanism and felt that it was time to test our spiritual strength in an environment that would surely challenge us to trust our intuitive guidance for the sake of our survival. The journey proved to be all that and more, transcending the cultural paradigms and world-views that we expected to participate in. We entered a portal into the Gaian Mind, and the Planetary Logos with a connection to the Stars. When we returned home, as we played the Shapeshifter piece, we began to see how the music was a soundtrack to the experiences that we encountered in the jungle. It was a prophetic vision that lead us to our reawakening of the Shaman within. It was at that time, that we decided to create from that energetic signature. The Shapeshifter energy shifts and changes, taking on new forms and new personas for the sake of exploring ALL THAT IS. It is connected to Universal Dynamics and Principles of What Was, What Is and What Can Be. Our creative projects reflect and express our connection to The Source. We are Shamans and we are Shapeshifters.

In addition to the above reasons for choosing this name, Gary’s clairaudient gifts allows him to be a master of sound and is one of the most powerful gifts we offer humanity during key transformational times is our ability to shape-shift sound to reflect the energetic signatures required to evolve the human bio-energetic form. He feels that what he does with the music is a shapeshifting process – transforming basic level sounds into multidimensional transmissions. In order for us to bring forth these soundscapes, we must also be able to shape-shift our own forms so that we can establish a resonance with the subject/topic/energetic that we are bringing through. Everyone is a Shapeshifter, you do it everyday in your lives depending on the role you are playing and what you are trying to accomplish. As beings of energy, it is inherent within us to all be able to shapeshift. 

If you are intrigued by the name, Shapeshifter, it is because it is a very ancient and sacred term that has been used by Shamans since time began. There are many books on the subject that will help you to explore its various meanings, but the most popular would be the Carlos Castenada series. He often refers to “shapeshifting” as a method of communicating with dimensions. 


Our Shamanic Initiation

We chose the name Shapeshifter in 1990 after a life-changing adventure in the Amazon rainforest during various initiations and ceremonies with native shamans.  During this experience, we engaged with native shamans deep in the jungles with a small group of plant medicine researchers. Exploring a variety of psychedelic plants, we were immersed in a culture far removed from that in which we grew up in. We went fully conscious of what we were there to engage with and received multiple experiences that challenged our perspective of reality. From heightened states of pure joy to the darkest nights of shear terror were all part of the immersive experience and we were each pushed to the limits of our ability to survive. We emerged with new inner strength and a deeper commitment to our higher path and purpose. 

We received many energetic downloads, awakening our mission parameters to be actualized during this incarnation. We chose the name of Shapeshifter to reflect a synthesis of ancient knowledge and conscious awareness with the evolving possibilities of modern technology. Our CyberShamanic Music reflects the essence of this name, manifest in an infinite spectrum of emotion, nuance and meaning. We are working on our own Shape-Shifting process all the time – transforming into a 5th world being of Light while holding focus in a 3rd dimensional form – a very difficult and unsupported approach to Life – something that requires the deepest levels of shapeshifting to accomplish. 

Our priority above all else is to transform this human body temple into its next potential expression through the embodiement of Light & Sound.

Name Change in 2012 to ShapeshifterDNA

Their original name of Shapeshifter was challenged in 2012 by the New Zealand band of the same name, which was rising up in popular music charts. Even though we had the name long before this band started, we agreed to shift our name to ShapeshifterDNA to really differentiate ourselves from their style of music. As a side note, many other groups have arisen through the years now calling themselves variations of the name Shapeshifter from country to techno. There are both negative and positive representations of this name found in movies and TV shows and several books with Shapeshifter in the title. As with anything, you have to move through the teachings you discover and decide for yourselves if you think we ride the dark or the light end of the spectrum of these transmissions. In truth, we feel you have to explore both ends of the spectrum to fully awaken your potentials. Within your own personal darkness, there is lost Power that you need in order to move through the many portals/gateways as you move further along on the ascension process.


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