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Creative Multidimensional Content for those exploring the path of Conscious Evolution

Meditation Sound Healing Spiritual Awakening DNA Activation Psychedelic Explorations

QSET | Quantum Sonic Empowerment Transmissions

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Your first Soundscape and your first Course in the DNAvatar Program

Temple of the Divine MUSE | Visionary Music & Multimedia

Our “Virtual Temple” for creating Sacred Space
Building a 5th World Community of Light

features Music & Meditation Videos
Reduce Stress • Self-Healing • Activates 3rd Eye
Stimulates Creativity • Enhances Shamanic Journeying
Focused Learning • Psychedelic Explorations



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24/7 Streaming YouTube | Journey towards Ascension
DNAvatar Program

Online Courses for those seeking knowledge and guidance on their Evolutionary Path using our QSET Soundscapes


DNA Activation Multidimensional Music Sound Healing Awakening • 3D to 5D Transformation Intention Energy Body Awareness Meditation • Stillness Mindfulness Chakras Higher Self Masters, Angels, Elementals • Self Healing Vibrational Medicine Psychic Development 3rd Eye Opening • Kundalini Creativity Advanced Learning Shamanic Journeying Pastlife Explorations Magick Manifestation/Abundance 5th World Plant Teachers/Plant Medicine  Psychedelic Research • Movement/Dance Lucid Dreaming OBE Astral Traveling Remote Viewing Conscious Dying Shapeshifting Tantra Sexuality   Ascension Immortality

Visionary Music & Multimedia Web, Audio & Video Production Studio

Web, Audio & Video Production for Creatives, Artists and Small Consciously Focused Businesses

Audio Editing • Podcasts • Post Production • Sound Effects • Background Music • Video Editing • Sound Design • Voice Over • Soundtracks • Web Design • Graphics

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