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Powerful  & Transformative tools that support your Inner World of Light & Love

Temple of the Divine MUSE YouTube Channel
features Music & Meditation Videos
Meditate • ChillOut • Self-Healing • Guided Journeys • Activate 3rd Eye
Sleep • Stimulate Creativity • Enhance Shamanic Journeying
Focused Learning • Entheogen/Psychedelic Explorations
3D to 5D Shapeshifting

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DNA3.Ascend Entheogen - ShapeshifterDNADNA3.Ascend | Entheogen

The next level of the DNA Activation journey emerges through the density of planetary transformation – clear the static, engage in psychedelic realms of Light to awaken your divine purpose.

Sigil | ShapeshifterDNASigil

A transcendent journey  through 3D to 4D to 5D sonic landscapes. Moving beyond mental body constructs into the multidimensional realms of Light, aligning with your Highest Timeline.

Watch our 25+ worlds built in AltSpaceVR from 2021-2023. MORE INFO

Join us in VR/Virtual Reality Worlds

We are currently in 2 platforms – VRchat and Spatial – both are available on computer, phone and VR headsets.  

Psychedelic Shamanic

Sound Healing Group

meets every Thursday 7 pm EST

Sunday Chill Meditation

meets every other Sunday 4 pm EST

Join Group at VRChat | Vital.3731
& visit our
MUSE Psychedelic Caverns

DNAvatar Program

Online Courses for those seeking knowledge and guidance on their Evolutionary Path using our QSET Soundscapes


Courses in On-Going Development: DNA Activation Multidimensional Music Sound Healing Awakening • 3D to 5D Transformation Intention Energy Body Awareness Meditation • Stillness Mindfulness Chakras Higher Self Masters, Angels, Elementals • Self Healing   Psychic Development 3rd Eye Opening • Kundalini Creativity Advanced Learning Shamanic Journeying Pastlife Explorations  Manifestation/Abundance 5th World Plant Teachers/Plant Medicine  Psychedelic Research • Movement/Dance Lucid Dreaming OBE Astral Traveling Remote Viewing Conscious Dying Shapeshifting  Ascension Immortality

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By owning our NFTs, you acknowledge the valuable contributions that  Evolutionary Artists contribute to the uplifting, positive transformation of our Planet.

20% of NFT sales support  MUSE Evolutionary Arts Foundation (501 c3-estab. 2/2023)  which provides financial resources to digital content creators of real world, virtual, augmented and mixed reality content, artificial intelligence-driven art and cultural projects, and educational initiatives in alignment with the principles of conscious evolution.

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