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NFT Art by ShapeshifterDNA

View our NFTs on OpenSea Marketplace

We are offering our music, digital art and videos as NFTs on the marketplace. Visit our page there to view the current NFTs available. A % of our profits received from the sale of these NFTs will support the development of our non-profit foundations, Temple of theDivine MUSE.

ShapeshifterDNA on OpenSea NFT Marketplace
Polygon Matic

All of our NFTs are packets of digital content.
They contain music files, videos and digital art primarily, but may also contain additional items related to the project.
Minted on Polygon/Matic – Environment Friendly

NFT Sacred Keys | ShapeshifterDNA
NFT Solar Spirals | ShapeshifterDNA
NFT Red Weaver | ShapeshifterDNA
NFT DNA Glass | ShapeshifterDNA
NFT Believe | ShapeshifterDNA
NFT Angel Guardian |ShapeshifterDNA
NFT 2-22-22 | ShapeshifterDNA

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