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Trippy Videos for Meditation, 3rd Eye Activation & Psychedelic Explorations

Are you Ready to take the next Evolutionary Steps to engage with our QSET Soundscapes?

Time for some trippy music videos! Moving forward into the DNA3.Ascend transmissions now, we are going to combine trippy, psychedelic, abstract visuals to assist you in your journey of Conscious Evolution. Combining what you have already learned from the DNA LevelOne series and the DNA.L2 series, you can now take this knowledge and further accelerate your ascension process by engaging the 3rd Eye activation into the experience. You can move forward into the experience of Sonic Tripping using your directed intent.

13 Reasons to Watch our Trippy Videos
  1. Visuals stimulate 3rd Eye to release Serotonin (your Happiness Hormone)
  2. Focuses and clears the mind by directing attention towards non-linear content
  3. Breaks fixation of attention which enables release and dissolution of ingrained control structures
  4. Shifts assemblage point to provide wider frequency spectrums for enhanced reality constructs
  5. Re-patterns the neural net to provide deeper levels of inner peace and awareness of ONEness & Unity
  6. Designed to dissolve technology based restrictions and limited awareness protocols
  7. Assists in shifting from physical world of 3D density to ethereal realms of 5D energy grid
  8. Provides a cognizant sonic bridge to the deeper levels of the subconscious mind
  9. Enhances aspects of five senses and provides energetic framework for access to 6th sense templates
  10. Provides an enhanced synergistic experience when utilized with entheogens using a shamanic approach**
  11. Engages one with a more immersive communion with the higher realms of Light
  12. Sets placement of intentions and affirmations into a wider grid of frequency patterns for clearer manifestations
  13. Deepens your relationship to our QSET Music by connecting the visuals to sound patterns enhancing your ability to Become Sound and experience Energetic Reality Matrix

*Everyones experience will vary depending on life experience in these areas of expanded states of awareness.

**More studies on the pineal gland is recommended for those who want to explore expanded states of consciousness via the releasing of seratonin, melatonin, dopamine and endorphines. We recommend you begin with natural states of meditation and progress with plant teachers as you feel ready to go deeper into blissful states of inner realms of exploration. There will be an upcoming Course in the DNAvatar Program that will focus on teaching more about this experience.

3rd Eye Activation & Sonic Tripping Recommendations

Abstract style psychedelic, trippy videos offer your visual senses the opportunity to expand, activate and awaken your psychic/intuitive nature. As you listen and watch the video, let your eyes relax and just stare into the center of the screen. As you start to let go, begin to breathe deeply and let the sounds and the visuals help you to shift into becoming a BEing of energy and Light. Shift your focus of attention away from the density of the physical 3D world. As you do this, you will be connecting with deeper forms of inner guidance and connecting with the wisdom of Source Vibration.

Plant teachers can enhance this experience when used with sobriety and a deeper shamanic awareness, however we do recommend you begin with mild forms like herbal teas and CDB blends. As you feel ready you can move towards other more intense forms of psychedelics, using responsible judgment and awareness. If you need guidance on this, reach out via chat or email.

Purchasing our Trippy Videos or Usage in Events

Our music videos can be acquired via NFT Marketplace for viewing at events. Contact joAnn if you are interested.

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