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DNA3.Ascend | Entheogen

DNA3.Ascend | Entheogen | Entheogen - ShapeshifterDNA

  • Next Level Transformation
  • Building New Worlds/New Reality Matrixes
  • Diving Deeper for Final Clearings of Density
  • Transmute fear based layers with greater levels of Light
  • Align with true power within, releasing false ego based imprints
  • Shamanic Psychedelic pathways emerging
  • Release previous karmic patterns of old world constructs
  • Align more fully with divine purpose & planetary mission parameters

The next level in the DNA Activation journey emerges through the density of planetary transformation. The words to describe become less important as the awareness of direct transmissions via frequency based information streams arise in the collective consciousness of awakening souls on the journey towards manifestations in the 5th World of Light. Dive in deeper, shamanically navigate the vibrational pathways as guided by your own direct knowingness within. Ride the waves of your intentions to reveal the deeper reasons for all that is happening to you and the world around you. Your adventures contribute to the on-going building of the frequency maps to the next levels of conscious evolution. Utilize with plant teachers to enhance the deepening and understanding of the layers of multidimensional information within the psychedelic realms. Much more will be revealed as you drop the mind chatter and allow these data streams to download directly into your consciousness field of Light.


6 Tracks | 6 Virtual Worlds

All tracks are currently available via portals from our main VR World called Entheogen~a Trippy Psychedelic Adventure,
located in AltSpaceVR. (now closed- stay tuned for new locations) Each track is featured it its own unique world.

1 – Entheogen (12:02)
VR World: Underworld Cave
Underworld Cave

2 – Invocation (10:20)
VR World: Psychedelic Space Journey
Psychedelic Space Journey

3 – Gateway Connections (8:28)
VR World: 360º Trippy Dome
360 Trippy Dome

4 – Hyacinth (6:28)
VR World: 180º Circle of Sounds
180 Circle of Sounds

5 – Dream Empowerment (18:19)
VR World: Alien Blutopia
Alien Blutopia

6 – Just Breathe (10:19)
VR World: Shiva Blessings
Shiva Blessings

All Virtual Worlds built by Jose Ferrer

Jose Ferrer Worlds


March 2023 — We are moving into a new phase of our work on the planet and starting the process of setting up our non-profit Foundation to support not only our work, but other evolutionary artists who are here to bring through these multidimensional transmissions in support of the transformation from 3D to the 5th Worlds of Light. The virtual world/metaverse is an ideal platform to begin creating the visions for these new world views as well as a community gathering space for those who know they are part of that journey. This DNA3.Ascend | Entheogen project will be used as a fund raiser to finance the creation of the MUSE Foundation. NFTs will be auctioned and sold to begin raising funds. Stay tuned for updates.

Join us on our Discord Channel for updates and to be part of the CommunityJoin our Discord Channel

Entheogen ~ a Trippy, Psychedelic Adventure

(Moving to a new VR Platform soon)

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