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DNA3.Ascend | Sigil

A sigil is a type of symbol used in magical acts to generate energy. Sigils bypass the mental body, moving into the higher realms of unlimited information and transmission of light encoded downloads. Sigils are usually referred to a pictorial signature of a deity or spirit. In modern usage, especially in the context of chaos magic, sigil refers to a symbolic representation of the practitioner’s desired outcome. In this album, you, the listener decides the message that is coming through.

Project Currently in Development – Dec 2022 – Tentative Completion  1Q23

Currently 3 Tracks featured in 3 Virtual Worlds

All tracks are currently available in the worlds below located in AltSpaceVR.

1- DIA (12:05)
VR World: Orchid Garden
AltSpaceVR Orchid World

2 – EME (8:33)
VR World: A Midjourney Nights Dream

3 – SDP (8:52)
VR World: Psychedelia Spaceship

Psychedelia Spaceship in AltSpacVR

All Virtual Worlds built by Jose Ferrer

Jose Ferrer Worlds


Sept 2022 — We are moving into a new phase of our work on the planet and starting the process of setting up our non-profit Foundation to support not only our work, but other evolutionary artists who are here to bring through these multidimensional transmissions in support of the transformation from 3D to the 5th Worlds of Light. The virtual world/metaverse is an ideal platform to begin creating the visions for these new world views as well as a community gathering space for those who know they are part of that journey. This DNA3.Ascend project will be used as a fund raiser to finance the creation of the MUSE Foundation. NFTs will be auctioned and sold to begin raising funds. Stay tuned for updates.

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