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Myth, Magic & Mystery

Myth, Magic & Mystery | ShapeshifterDNA

  • Meditation Level: Beginner
  • Great for Mini-Shamanic Journeys & Visualization
  • Useful for regression or self-hypnosis sessions
  • Creative, Playful, Fun
  • Excellent for background – driving, cleaning, working
  • Ideal for babies and young children

This collection of songs features the early origins of our Cyber-Shamanic Music genre. In this album, there are 8 unique shamanic journeys (see descriptions) that invite you to travel deep into the inner realms of imagination and creativity. From the track titles, you can see the various subjects and thought-forms we were exploring at the time. As we were involved in the creation process of this album, many teachings and guidance came forth that still have value to this day. Out of this album we coined the Cyber-Shamanic music genre and we also received our name which started out as Shapeshifter (now ShapeshifterDNA).

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Song Titles & Stories
Song Titles


An Indian Shaman and his spirit helpers sit on the edge of a cliff by the ocean playing ritual drums, wooden flutes and other magical instruments. A group of dolphins are attracted by the wonderful sounds. The Shaman transforms himself into a dolphin and experiences the beauty and wonder of their underwater world.


Origin Tibet, Atlantian, possibly extraterrestrial. Multidimensional biocrystalline storage units. Receiver transmitters of vital force energy. Holographic. Transdimensional portals into various levels of time and space.


The Australian Aborigines travel through the doorways of perception into the beyond. Journey with them into their evocative lands between time and space.

CLOUDS (4:18)

Shapes formed in the sky by the imagination of a young child daydreaming on a lazy summer day. Animals, magical kingdoms, castles in the air . . .


In the depths of the rainforest, a young shaman shifting into various forms, a leopard, a tiger, a snake, a tree, a bird-dancing, crawling, pouncing, flying, running. A whirlwind of movement taking joy in this freedom of form and consciousness, dancing the dance of life.


Inspired by the reflections of the stars in a moonlit lake.


Dedicated to all of those who dare to be different, to be creative and who follow the path of the heart.

ALCHEMY (8:17)

Transformation into a more expansive level of being. Physical immortality — the elixir of Life.

Story behind the Music

MMM was first released as a cassette in 1989, then remixed and re-mastered on CD in 2000. The musical creations experienced in listening to these high powered, yet soothingly heart throbbing selections are some of the early sounds from Shapeshifter. This music has since evolved into what is now call Cyber-Shamanic Music – a term coined by Visionary Music. To learn more about this evolving genre of music, read article on Cyber-Shamanic Music. The sounds you will experience and enjoy on this CD reflect the ignition point of their ever expanding growth and understanding of how to use sounds and music to effect reality.

This was the first album Gary & JoAnn worked on together in the very beginning of their relationship. It was a divinely guided experience and it all came together in magical ways, beyond what the mental mind could even imagine. It laid out the foundation for many of their projects to come. After the album was completed, they ventured into the Amazon rainforest for a shamanic initiation and it was there that they received guidance that the name from the track “Shapeshifter” was to be the name in which they record as a group.


. . . music par excellence, synthesized melodies that surf the waves of consciousness, delve into jazz, and even bring in some ambient forest sounds. Pretty classy. Factsheet Five 37

. . . a musical experience of flowing loveliness given to other worlds touches, which enhance rather than overpower the melodious, often mysterious music. The opening Dolphin and the Shaman indeed evokes moods appropriate to the description; Indian shaman and helpers attract dolphins to their music on the shore. Mysteries of the Crystal Skulls reverberates with percussive crystalline sounds and lively minor oriental moments, suggestive of mysterious yet positive power. We take a Passage Through the Dreamtime with droning synthesized dijideroo, dreamy chimes, tuneful marimba, and rattles weaving an Australian trance.
  Side two transports us to a rainforest in Shapeshifter, where we celebrate a dance of life, changing form to animals, trees and birds. Numerous subtle nature sounds, and percussion rich with jungle essences add to flute melodies. Moondancer flows in on breathy flute sounds expanding to sweet melodic bell-tone keyboard, a calming rhythmic piece.
  It is music almost erotic in its sweetness and depth, music to savor, great for creative movement.
TECH NOTES: Excellent clear recording. All synth music.
Heartsong Review #9, Fall 90/Winter 91

“Passage Through the Dreamtime” is best, recalls an otherworldly rhythmic feel.
Option ­ Music Alternatives #33, Jul/Aug 1990

Their music touches into the higher cosmic frequencies and provides an experience of expansion for the listener. Their music provides an opportunity for the recipient to be guided through his/her own voyage of personal transformation leaving the individual in a new state of awareness. Shapeshifter are definitely visionaries and their music reflects that cutting edge.
Mary C., Intuitive Counselor St. Pete Beach, FL

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