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  • Builds the structural templates from the foundational frequency grid of the DNA Activation LevelOne series
  • Assists Old Souls in preparing their Ascension Path to their next higher level incarnational cycle
  • Creates the 5th World architectural designs in alignment with visionary shamanic journeys; grounding in to form and structure
  • Anchors full embodiment of higher spiritual principles into the Body Temple
  • Activates advanced Self-Healing abilities and assists in the transformation from carbon body form to crystalline Lightbody
  • Align with the 2012-2032 incoming waves of energy to assist planetary transformation timelines
  • Increase Light Quotient exponentially in your physical form in preparation for service and support for humanity
  • Advanced comprehension of multidimensional-based teachings and concepts assisting in application into tangible 3D constructs
  • Engage with a vast sonic mystery school, free from dogma, rules or guidelines
  • Enhance your abilities to create synchronicity
  • DNA.L2 Ambient ChillAlign manifestation abilities with the expanded realms of Abundance
  • Prepare to walk through doorways, portals and gateways into the higher realms of Light to align with your true purpose
  • Awaken more specific details related to your mission parameters and align with others for collaboration and co-creation
  • Connect with others in Planetary Service to create Global Unity Consciousness

The DNA.L2 series is for when you have done a fair amount of psychological and spiritual growth work and feel somewhat clear about your purpose and know some aspects of your mission work. The frequencies are direct and powerful and will take you through many different levels of multidimensional realities and so you should be comfortable by this time with the uncomfortable nuances of the unchartered landscapes you will be engaging with. Your guidance at this stage is in the form of direct transmissions and downloads from the higher realms and you have a certain level of comfort with receiving information in this way.  This is an initiation into the grander Sonic Mystery School and to walk the path of a true DNAvatar.

This Playlist below includes the 6 soundscapes and a 7th one that we created as a mix of some of the quieter sections in the #1, #2 and #3 soundscapes. It is called Ambient Chill and it is really a good introduction piece to the whole series.

 – 1, To Begin your Journey ~ Start with our YouTube Channel

YouTube - Temple of the Divine MUSE

Playlists are set up to guide you throughout your journey – BEGIN HERE


NEXT STEP: After you have explored for a while and feel ready to dive in deeper,
it is imporant to work with Full-Fidelity Sound Files

Hi-Quality Sound System and/or Headphones ~ Ideally Both
Sound Beds are Great

5hZ to 35kHz Frequency Response (get as close as you can to these specs)


INCLUDES: 7 Albums (DNA.L2 #1, DNA.L2 #2, DNA.L2 #3, DNA.L2 #4, DNA.L2 #5, DNA.L2 #6, Ambient Chill – includes Composers Cuts) plus original album inserts/PDF
50-60 minutes runtime ~ .wav audio format

$89.00 per soundscape

Indicated which soundscape you are Ordering – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or Ambient Chill

By purchasing our soundscapes, you will be supporting our on-going projects that provide light-based sonic sustenance to an awakening humanity.

20% of your gift supports the development and funding
of MUSE Evolutionary Arts Foundation  \ 501(c)3 non-profit

Are You Ready for DNA Activation L2?

This accelerated adventure is for those souls who know they are here to assist humanity in their current evolutionary ascension process. This momentous cycle will span from 2012 to 2032 – a 20 year cycle of great power and potential for amazing works to be grounded and actualized on Planet Earth. Engaging in this level of the work means to fully embody the higher levels of Light while still in physical form. You are here to ground into tangible forms on 3D these higher principles and teachings that are pouring on to the planet from the central core of the Galactic Sun. You know you are here to manifest Heaven on Earth/5th World templates to the World Grid. It is to you we gift these sonic transmissions that will greatly assist you in accomplishing your Earth based missions throughout this cycle of time.

This is a deeper, more committed step into our Sonic Mystery School, one that has no rules, no dogmas or guidelines that you must follow – nothing to join, nothing to read or study – just ENGAGE deeper into Sound. You only need to extend yourself out into the multidimensional realms of Light and ask for the guidance you need to fully actualize your purpose and accomplish your mission parameters. The music acts as your guide on this journey, accessing portals and opening gateways as you need, leading you towards the connections you will need that manifest as synchronicity.

You may have some initial resistance to stepping forward on this journey – this shows up in thoughts that reflect lack or limitation. The reason for this is that engagement with this initial level of the work is going to be an acceleration and your inner guidance knows if you are ready or not. You should have already spent considerable time with the DNA Activation LevelOne series and feel deep within that you have integrated those frequencies and have a solid foundation. Leave your ego at the door and have a serious look at your current life reality. Are you really in a place where you can accelerate?

Work with DNA 1.5 Lucidity and the DNA.L2 Ambient Chill soundscapes to get started if you are feeling you need a middle step as this will help you move through this phase. You are participating in something that is also much greater than your life alone, this is a connection that expands your personal levels of service to the greater field of humanity. Your life, in all areas, needs to be in a place in which it can sustain that increase of energy. If you have been working consistently with the LevelOne frequencies and you have made adjustments in your life to be in alignment with your life path and purpose and you are actually manifesting that in various ways in your life, then you will feel a rush of adrenal within you that says you are ready to move into greater alignment to actualize more fully the work you are here to do. Mission control did not send you on this adventure without also sending you support tools!

These new sonic frequencies are going to provide you with the needed sustenance for you to move into higher states of rejuvenation, physical transformation, actualization, manifestation and abundance in all areas of your life. Are you ready to move quickly past the inertial density of your 3rd dimensional self in order to fully step in to these visions? Are you willing to let much of what you have known fall away so that this new state of being can emerge? Most likely all this has already occurred to some extent and you are now ready to take this next step. If so, we welcome you with open arms and loving hearts.

Stepping into the DNA.L2 frequencies is for those who are ready NOW to take a deeper journey into the multidimensional sonic mystery school of our CyberShamanic DNA Activation music. This is something that you should meditate deeply upon to determine if your current life’s manifestations are in alignment with stepping into an accelerated path. 


Story behind the Project:

Six Years in Development – We initiated this DNA L2 project in May 2006 beginning the process of moving ourselves into alignment with the frequencies that would eventually be transmitted for these soundscapes. As with all our projects, this process organically evolved from our initial intent and has expanded from there. We wait, watch and observe the dynamic flows of energy so that we are always in alignment with this unfolding manifestation from the higher realms and with that of our 3rd dimensional beings. Beginning in March 2008, we received guidance that this process was to begin its next level of tangible manifestation – to begin bringing through the music.

We began the creation phase with a dedicated group of 15 lightworkers who acted as avatars (beings that embody the higher concepts of the project) for grounding and spreading the Light of these transmissions as they are received. We call this group the First Ring. They supported the core vortex (Gary & JoAnn) to bring these soundscapes forth in alignment with the incoming waves of transformational shifts and changes on the planet leading up to the 2012 alignment and beyond that to assist in the integration, assimilation and transmission of these frequencies.

Starting in January, 2010, the Second Ring of 7 began extending outwards, picking up the current from the initial core and First Ring, which had laid out the templates and grid lines, anchoring the new frequency codes into the LevelOne foundational matrix. The Second Ring also became avatars of these transmissions and continue to extend the energy of these frequencies on to the planetary grid.

The DNA.L2 series will continue to extend outwards in concentric multi-leveled rings of light as the planetary alignments and timelines are reached, then attained, integrated and assimilated by a new wave of evolving consciousness. The Third Ring began in January 2012 and completes at the end of that year. Each soundscape goes out as monthly packets of information that extend further out into the cosmic gridlines to assist in the unfolding transitioning patterns that occurred in 2012. Each new being that interacts with these new frequency packets further continues the upgrades of their own DNA as well as the collective planetary DNA. The series will assist in this transformation journey throughout the 2012 to 2032 cycle.

Prior to the release of the DNA.L2 series, we were guided to release a 1.5 version called Lucidity. It is a bridge between the two which was created to give others something to work with until they felt fully ready for the L2 series. It assists in the ability to remain conscious and aware during the transition from the 3D world of density to a 5D world of Light, Freedom and Expansive Possibilities – during Waking and Dreaming states. This was released in September 2011.

FURTHER-BACK STORY: Starting in 1989, the DNA Activation LevelOne series was created by working one on one with many old souls in the Odyssey Sound & Light Temple for about 10 years before they were released to the public in 2000. The soundscapes were originally received from 1993-1996, with the remaining time used for deep personal transformation and research with clients. The LevelOne series was a frequency-based calling extending out into the gridlines of humanity to awaken and align those in service with their multidimensional selves. The soundscapes triggered profound connections through the Light-coded pathways in their bio-energtic matrix to the planetary grid via harmonic resonance. This allowed transmissions to come forth that would align these lightworkers and starseeds with their higher path & purpose and to step into their intended roles to actualize the many missions that are now emerging into tangible awareness on the planet at this time. This series created a solid energetic foundation enabling healing and clearing/cleansing work to be done much more quickly than in past incarnations. It also put in place the frequency maps to allow one to traverse the higher realms while still maintaining grounded connections to the 3D realms in order to put visions into tangible, real-world forms. It also established a very wide spectrum holographic matrix of Light in which one can explore, create, manifest and actualize life purpose and higher mission parameters. It is strongly recommended that you work with this series before you begin the L2 series. If you do not, you will not have the necessary foundational patterns in place to fully utilize the frequencies in this new series. You may have difficulty making sense of these new patterns and finding your way through some of the gateways – as in having a road map with only the major highways listed, no side roads, shortcuts or detours will be available. This is true even if you have already done many other types of works before – it is still good to put these foundational frequencies in to prepare for the energetic building of the DNA L2 series.

To fully engage in this work is a personal journey of empowerment and initiation on many levels, one only you can determine by spending time in deep thought about who you are and what you are here to do in this incarnation. It is one that requires a deep and sincere commitment to be ready to walk your spiritual path and fulfill your incarnational soul mission above all else. Whenever you feel ready, we invite you to start your journey with these soundscapes. 


DNA.L2 Invocation

We initiated the beginning of this project during a weekend event held in Asheville, NC in May 2006, attended by those who had been working with the DNA LevelOne Series for some time. 

mysteries unfold in awe
magic awaits your beckoning call
step into a world of dreams and visions that ask you to participate and engage
a world of light and sound that emanates from the galactic core
an emerging pulsating energy that speaks of Love and openness into a reality yet unknown
now coalescing in this sector of space and time
a subtle remembrance unfolds like a radiant flower sparks within your being empowered
a call to rejoice in the Light of your true self
the invitation for all to embrace
a vision for a grander purpose
lives filled with creative endeavors are born
a world transformed
all that we are
all that we can be
all that we are becoming
exists within this one moment in time, in the NOW
choose to step into that multidimensional space
discarding all illusions that you hold you in your place
a new level is now in the process of emerging
open your divine chakras to receive this superluminal transmission of sound, of light, of frequency
Bask in the glow of golden lights surrounding and engulfing your entire matrix of being
see the planet surrounded by freedom’s golden light
awakening all resonant souls to walk in the steps of their true divinity
old patterns discarding, beliefs in destiny’s limits dissolving
the new crystalline templates form
the emergence of bodies of pure Light take wings of flight
with grateful ease and flow, manifesting through thoughts of great power and wisdom
as we look towards the upper left, we bring forth golden sunsets of great beauty
we shift to the lower left and see the swirling pastels of blues, greens and pinks glistening in the waters beneath our feet
turning towards the lower right, we ask nature’s greens and deva spirits to surround our bodies with healing and transformation
then finding our place of strength and power in the upper right, we emerge fully cleansed in the brilliance of silvery white
a purity of essence, a commitment to walk this path for others to see so that they too may emerge into their own divinity
we joyously call forth the elements of earth, air, fire, water and ether to bathe us in these higher realms in an alchemical journey of transfiguration
as we ascend to the next levels and potentials of the human experience
we embrace all that we have been through, all that we have experienced as a joyfilled journey whose time has come to transform
a beginning, an ending – a new world of experience emerges
with open arms we welcome this new adventure
we step up to receive the next level of DNA Activation now ready to ground to planet earth
So It Is

© Shapeshifter 2006

There are sounds in here that feeling them alone can bring one to a deep state of balance and harmony. (Forget the bliss side of things for now, what’s important here is the tangible manifestations which then translates to one’s life in most amazing ways.) I have incorporated the soundscapes of shapeshifter on so many levels for almost seven years now. Starting out with the original Level one DNA Activation series, I was in a state and environment of general sickness. Now I’m not; and I can say from my own life experience just how deeply they have affected and effected change in me and the people around me & my whole life in fact is more in tune, more in flow. I’m resonating with a much deeper sense of humanity, compassion and gratitude for all events of my life (good and bad). My interactions with others now comes from a true place of sensitivity, active listening, caring, centeredness and connectedness where before I just didn’t take other’s needs so deeply into consideration, nor was I any way near as calm as I am now at the most stressful of times (apprentice chef). Even though all my life I’ve naturally been a sensitive, wise and loving person, I just wasn’t “there”. Actively working with this unique form of healing/meditation/ life path has significantly improved my experience of life, let alone the intangible side of things. I’ve witnessed many miracles and synchronicities which are of course to be expected on any real spiritual path. I’m reminded of the Vedic wisdom of India which states “do not take the appearance of psychic gifts to be the sign/result of actual transformation.” The Siddhis as they are called in the Yogic teaching are to be experienced and then let go of. It’s far too easy for the ego to get pumped up on paranormal juice and forget what really matters. The here and now real world is the training ground for your soul. If you can be fully human, surrendering your Godhood, without attachment to forms as they come and go you will come to understand the ultimate reality is to be experienced in the moment. Any path that teaches you to go within to find your inner power and then asks you to bring that back into the here and now for the good of all is, in my opinion, worth taking the time for. To better oneself truly, is to better the lives of others, truly. “then you are ready to come down from the highest heaven to give your sick brother a glass of water.” Instead of closely guarding the treasure jealously or misusing that treasure for personal or selfish gain. Certainly, the work of shapeshifter is not for the general public per se, as to each their own. Not everyone who listens to or comes across it is going to understand the deeper dynamics going on, but at least on a personal level you can agree when you’re in resonance with something you just know. If you can let the music work the magic, words become incomparable to describe. — T.S., Australia

Well I finally had the music speak to me and tell me to get started with this. I’ve had the 6 L2 samples since the start and have been listening to them regularly, probaby a couple dozen times in total over the last few months. So lately I’ve been spending more time with them and there’s been a transformation and they have affected me on a different level than they used to or how any of your other music does. Experiencing the first one now, there is nothing that could have prepared me for the profound power of this, not the samples or the L1.5 or L1 certainly or even the totality of all of your other recordings. This is indeed another level and it’s another level of spiritual consciousness beyond anything else I have experienced. I will do my best to spend a month with each one and your advice has been great so far, although it will be a challenge not jumping into the next one long before that. What I have learned is that you are right about the $75 being meaningless, a mere token to gain entry into this world and the time came where the feelings of this being too expensive finally dissolved and I knew it was time 🙂 I appreciate the personal attention you have given me and many thanks go out to you and Gary for your outstanding contributions. I hope you don’t stop here and also realize how important this work is and continue to bless us. – AJC, Canada

I had to make sure to stop and take a second to tell both you and Gary how fortunate I am to have the soundscapes; Shapeshifter is truly timeless and never gets old. Last night while listening to Transmission, I realized the extremely large amount of compressed data I never heard before; As I listened I realized that whatever is needed, simply absorb yourself into the soundscapes and they know what we need far more than we do. Last night as I listened to TM, I clearly heard your voice amplified as you explained how we should receive our energy from our inner-self instead of taking from the collective 3d group….It was truly amazing as I implemented this practice using the color “Gold” to draw increased energy into my bio-energetic field – I immediately felt rejuvenated…. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you – LW, Ohio

I have been indeed enjoying all the Level 2 soundscapes a lot. I got the Transmission #4 recently and found some parts of it ecstatic! There were parts of number 3 that weren’t smooth for me initially but I worked on myself and eventually got through them effortlessly. These are a great gift to humanity. They really do make a difference in giving that extra boost to a spiritual seeker to take him/her to higher levels of conciousness. Of course, one needs to have done a lot of basic ground work in pre-positioning the DNA strands through contemplation/meditation and experiences before one can truly reap the benefits of these soundscapes. — SBA, UK

WOW! The energy was is incredible – I was up until 3 AM meditating and drawing.

I saw my fairy/elf/angel wings growing and forming.

I journeyed out and up into the Shapeshifter group as far as I could go. I don’t have any words for it. They told me there are thousands of beings involved in this work.

I was shown this “clean out” exercise. There were a series of “revolving doors” around my central core – stacked one on top of the other – each with about 4 doors in it. One was at my lower abdomen, next the solar plexus and chest and then the neck and head. I went around and around these “doors” like a kid would do, and as I did all this sludge came out! It was both gross and cool to get rid of it.

My experience was with geometrical shapes that were in color. One would come in and spin for a while and then fade out. Then another would appear. Most were quite different from the other.

I am getting unusually vivid dreams. Such dreams are remembered for long, long time.

I felt this was really powerful and could feel the presence of all of us in the circle – I could also sense a much higher circle of light beings overseeing this endeavor which felt very loving and supportive – at one point, I totally turned into a liquid state and lost all sense of my physical body, but I was still very present and aware of ALL…from there I felt myself oozing out in many different directions and sort of aware of the expansiveness of this state….at one point, I was quickly drawn (in my oozy state) to a door…this is a door I have been visiting several times now in the last month…..I initially sensed the door as solid and with many carvings of symbols and sigils all over it….it was a ominous feeling….I knew that getting into the door was my goal….as I sensed that, I returned to my awareness of being liquid and moved to the door and started to resonate with it at the cellular level and with that I went through it…right then I lost awareness and went very deep, very black and still – when I came back, I was totally buzzing everywhere in my being. This door is significant and I will return back to it again and again, it is part of the doorway/portal that we are all moving through into the 5th World manifestations.

It was like an army of Light beings stepped into the room as soon as I turned it on – I could feel the presence of many warriors of Light stepping up – the vibrations were very intense along with feelings of being very large – after it finished I couldn’t move – I wanted to speak but I couldn’t – felt like my body was in a frozen state – yet blissful….felt like I was on an altered substance….when we went outside, we both could see a significant shift in our SEEing – prominent auras around everything….colors more vibrant.

Some definite shifts in my head – not quite a headache feeling, but adjustments being made all over my skull.

My cells were hungry for this, and tears welled in my eyes. One part reminded me a little of one track in ReJuva, where it feels like a cosmic sifter is sifting star dust onto me – like a powder sugar sifter. In ReJuva it is going into my etheric body. Here it is going into my cells. This is all very cellular.

I have felt a lot of crown chakra activity the past few weeks. At the same time it felt as if the ground beneath my feet was moving and I had to try not to fall down. GOOD excersise to keep oneself centered! At the same time, my guidance tought me a practical lesson in how to deal with anger in a new way and for the best of all involved. This was very intense, purifying. and strenghtening. I learned that the fire of anger can burn out old thoughtforms that are harmfull to oneself and others and at the same time it gives the energy for new, constructive thoughtforms. It feels great now!

It feels like a sound-shower clearing out all residue that can be released. Very vitalising indeed.

I have had a daily increase of my clairaudient ability – the first few times I listened, I heard this level of white noise up on the higher dimensions…it was like I heard the music, but then I could hear this other noise…it was a bit annoying, but I ignored it….then 2 nights ago, I was finally able to get my bedroom player to play it through the night (took some adjusting to the sounds at first, would stutter and get stuck/very symbolic I think)….the next day I put on some headphones as I was doing some recording work…as soon as I put them on and they covered my ears (full cups on them that cover the entire ear and block out outside noise totally) I heard voices, it was not plugged into anything yet…I took them off and listened and there was silence, I put them back on again and there were voices talking/whispering far in the background, so I just stayed with it as long as I could and then it went quiet….when I got in bed that night and put on the soundscape, WOWEEEEEE, a whole new levels of sounds were now audible to me…the white noise was gone and it opened up to this whole other soundscape….I had goosebumps all over….then after about 15 minutes, it turned into a very lucid and clear clairvoyant experience of many magical realms, which really took me out there.

For about 36 hours the first 3 minutes or so of this music was a real challenge for me. I know enough to know that it is in me and it will reveal itself and pass. So I hung in there with it and a black cube about the size of an orange came out of my thymus chakra area. It was a piece of self hate. Since then I have been loving the sounds.

I quite love the music and can’t get enough of it. In my case, it seems the music acts on all the higher chakras, the activity starting and the heart chakra and then moving to the brow and then the throat.

Tonight I played the guided journey and found myself in a temple I had visited during prior healing journeys. While being there, I was infused with gold light. The next temple seems to be made of water crystals and the light was blue and soothing. I then got the impression that I was surrounded by 12 beings…

The music continues to unfold for me. Sunday night it was like I was swimming through those giant kelp forests, The leaves would shift and I would pass through them and then more and more.

Also, over the years, I had once or twice heard a certain frequency in Level 1 where I heard music that was outside the range of human hearing. I heard it a lot of times on Sunday. It was like it was sitting parallel to the sounds I could hear with my ears. It felt really cool.

The interesting things start happening 2-3 weeks ago after I started working with these new frequencies of L2. I start making more money, I increased staff in my company three times more than it was before and looking to increase more. I am working on new projects. The most “strange” thing happened that I began “channeling” these frequencies to other people. My hands became alive. I constantly feel vibrations around me and in my hands. My hands are changing every day since then, they become more and more alive. Yesterday, friend popped in and I shared with him what is going on with me and he asked if I can demonstrate that. He lied down and I began moving hands around him feeling huge electric vibrations in my hands, and was doing that for 5 min or so. After I stopped and asked if he felt anything, he said that he fell into sleep within seconds and went out of body 3 times as soon as I start working on him, and added quietly that “somebody” was cleaning his negative emotions and pulling out bad thoughts from him. I checked with him today, he gave up smoking or at least he did not buy a pack of cigarettes and did not have any smoke since he left my house yesterday.

My experiences with the first cd DNAL2 sioundscape thus far is most of all, I feel my body become totally transparent while listening. The first time I listened to the full cd, I felt as if my physical body no longer exsisted. I had to squeeze my hands before I could feel them. It was as if I had an OBE experience, without going anywhere. While listening & meditating I see lots of visions of earthly nature and also visions of space, without knowing where or what they are. I also feel better connected with my higher self and while listeniing to the soundscape I can relax and listen to what my higher self has to tell me. Feels great !!

I had the most awesome experience last night – we were meditating with the #1 cd and it was very powerful and produced some really strong bodily sensations by the end of the soundscape. I was really feeling the buzz when it was done. So the next CD in our player was ReJuva and because I wasn’t really able to move, we decided to just stay in the Odyssey a bit longer and work with it. I heard that CD in such a new way, but more than that I FELT it in such a different way. My body was so intensely sensitive to all the sounds and it was the most pleasant and wonderful feeling all over. It was electrifying. In addition, 3 separate times, I had major bodily shifts and jolts, like big adjustments were made in my neural system and deep cellular adjustment.

I am writing this on the “eve” of the release of DNA L2 #5 to the group that is helping to anchor the Level Two energies on the planet. I feel very blessed to be a part of this process. I have some thoughts about the evolution of the Shapeshifter sound, and of Gary as a composer/producer.
I have worked with these soundscapes since 2001 and each release has a special place in my being. Each soundscape tells the story and paints a picture of a certain stage or epoch in my evolutionary journey during these most precious times. I say most precious because even though many are suffering beyond measure at this time, we are afforded opportunities to evolve our responses like never before.

I congratulate Gary Chambers in the successful efforts he has made in this evolutionary journey. He has worked unbelievably hard and diligently to bring forth these transformative works with the utmost integrity and clarity. I went through a personal journey shortly before the Level 2 work began, where I couldn’t trust anything on the Inner Planes – guides, or anything else, but Shapeshifter was always Pure and True.

With the Level 2 work, I am finding the compositions to be interesting, beautiful, challenging and so far beyond description. One thing that I can see as I delve into these soundscapes is that Gary has really become a Master of Time and Space. When I compare Level 2 to Level 1, there is just so much more depth and space. There is more said by the spaces between the notes, sometimes, than there is by the notes themselves. Always with the Shapeshifter sound there are many portals, hidden passageways and journeys to explore.

With level two, there are a couple of sensations that I find intriguing and enjoyable. First, there is this sensation of a succession of windows passing in front of me all going at different speeds and directions. Each one is a portal, and when one passes in front of another, a whole new portal is created. The second is what I call the Wall Of Sound. Gary calls it the “mushy” parts. I think the first time I encountered this was in the beginning of the Shamballa CD. He has developed it much more in the Level 2. When I first listen to a piece that is new to me and it has a passage containing the “Wall Of Sound,” it is like a solid wall where there is so much sound going on, I can’t pick out any thread above another. As I work with these parts, they open up and I am able to get inside of them and I can ride certain melodies and rhythms. The image that comes to me is kind of surprising to me. I am reminded of Jackson Pollock’s paintings with the seemingly chaotic strings of color flung at random on the canvass. I read somewhere that he actually put a lot of planning into his compositions. So imagine this painting suddenly opening up where you can walk into it and the layers coalesce into beautiful shapes, forms and colors. That is what these Walls Of Sound are like for me. Interestingly, I like abstract art, but I have never liked Pollock’s work.

There is another change in Level 2, and that is the increase in rhythmic sections. For me this ties the Shapeshifter energies and images into the currents and streams of energy pulsing through the planet at this time. Plus they just feel so darn good!

What a privilege it is for me to be involved in witnessing the Turning of the Ages while having the Shapeshifter soundscapes narrating so profoundly the energetic currents pulsing through the people, the Earth, and all the Kingdoms here on this planet at this time. We are all a part of this grand dance. — KK, NC

I finally broke through the part of 6 that was causing me problems; I used major deep breathing and finally got through …seriously there is a riff that is very energetic then the “void of space” sound that literally took me … OMG… I’m still floating and the PEACE is wonderful! … very ethereal…awesomely peaceful. Very expanding in awareness of the LOVE in the Universe and LIGHT filling all things….the repetitive sound in the left channel represents the ongoing chatter and chaos of the everyday world, the peaceful melody in the right channel is that state of Bliss from being in tune with the Universe and eventually it eases the chaos and brings in the expansion of harmony and flowing into all things as all things!…total immersion into the Universe! – RC

We had a bumpy couple of days at the beginning, some negativity coming up to clear then plain sailing. We have both experienced an expansion in consciousness and calmness, greater sense of fun. We are also getting some memories of agreeing to complete some spiritual tasks this life. On a darker note, we’ve uncovered evidence of “implanted” false memories which we’ve been able to correct with regression therapy. All very interesting.

The music of #5 felt a little dense and difficult to penetrate for the first three days. By the fourth day I started to get a bit more in sync with it and fragments of “seemingly familiar” memories started flooding in. Very lucid. Also began to get a hint of the flavor of this level. Next day, with further listening, a greater sense of my own presence in the environment started to build and a desire for increased creative freedom. Also, starting to notice a deeper appreciation of the fullness of any one moment. (very cool !)

So many of the more profound experiences enjoyed with the music unfortunately go beyond verbal description at this time but on the fringes I suspect a stronger connection with the underlying energies, quantum level, being built. A growing belief in the ability to manifest desired futures continues. In the words of Jon Anderson of YES, “All awakening, no doubt.” 

Have had success with the music by meditating with it and thinking along the lines of “I am downloading pure consciousness”, seems to enhance the impact.

One of the most interesting experiences we’ve been getting during the last month is an almost constant synchronistic “familiarity” about everything; we’ve gradually learned to trust it as a compass for intuitive thinking. Also, so much of what is occurring with us at the moment seems to trigger memories of foreseeing all this in our childhoods, we have recalled childhood memories of “hearing” present time adult thought processes.

Just a quick report on experiences with #6 so far. After using this level, playing earlier levels seems more powerful. The physical environment appears clearer and brighter. Walking in the supermarket was strange, other people impinge less, perhaps less negativity being received from them. Self reflection is deeper and at time a greater sense of “channeling” information. – R&JL

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