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Odyssey Empowerment

Odyssey Empowerment

  • Meditation Level: Intermediate/Advanced
  • Initiate and activate Basic (1-7) and Advanced Chakra System (8-15) to integrate Universal Consciousness into the Bio-Energetic Matrix
  • Balances the 7 main chakras, expands the Luminous Egg/Auric Field and grounds your energy to the Earth Grid with Intention
  • Initiates Expanded Frequency Spectrum of Information from Higher Realms
  • Connects one with Higher Mission Protocols in alignment with 5th World Templates
  • Engages in shifting the Assemblage Point throughout the Luminous Egg/Auric Field to adjust with more evolved Reality Constructs as needed for Manifestation Goals and greater awareness into the Second and the Third Attention.
  • Aligns you with current ascension timelines for those evolving souls and spiritual warriors who realize the greater need to open energetic dimensional windows to higher reality templates and begin to ground them with Intention to the Earth Grid.
  • Gain Greater Strength of Purpose, Intelligence, Intuition and Creativity through commitment and application.
  • Awaken true levels of Empowerment for actualizing 5th World Architecture and Abundance Flow States into the 3D Form
  • Provides you with a frequency-based antidote to the Excessive Technology Waves that are designed keep you habitually stuck in a slave pain body within the Control Structure Matrix
  • You decide, as always, how far you are willing to go and to what extent you can embrace the Eagle’s Gift of Freedom.

The Odyssey Empowerment soundscape supports balancing and grounding the main 7 chakras to assist in building a strong spiritual foundation for more expanded meditation and shamanic journeying sessions. It also generates easier access to the DNA codex to assist in all DNA Activation processes. Once integrated into your Main 7 Chakra System, the Odyssey Empowerment soundscape opens up a greater access to the Advanced Chakra System. An inner knowing arises that you are ready to begin accessing these higher chakras. This includes chakras 8 through 15 and beyond. We say beyond to allow for whatever advanced chakra system you choose to focus your beliefs upon.

This soundscape was channeled through a higher Muse to work with the entire chakra system regardless of what stage of awakening a person is engaged with. This is the most advanced chakra balancing and awakening soundscape currently on the planet (in our opinion, of course). Utilize it regularly to maintain a healthy, balanced and evolving connection and communion with your Chakra System, and to enhance your greater Manifestation.

Odyssey Empowerment Medley

by ShapeshifterDNA

Advanced Chakra System

The Advanced Chakra System is now emerging into the collective throughout many of the teachings arising within the Conscious Evolution circles. There are various perspectives coming forth about this system as the necessity to connect with our multidimensional human templates becomes an important component for our ascension journey. The main 7 chakras have been supportive and foundational as we were preparing to build the lightbody, but the higher chakras now need to be accessed and integrated to provide more stability during the transition process. If you have been having a challenge connecting to your higher guidance teams, feeling out of sorts and out of sync with the world around you even though you have been meditating for years, then it is time for you to further enliven the deeper DNA codes for accessing your Higher Chakra Network. The Odyssey Empowerment soundscape provides infinite layers of sonic sustenance that will allow you to more easily step into resonance with the Advanced Chakra System.

You will find that by engaging consciously in the awareness of the higher chakra system, you will be able to connect with more expanded data streams of information. Your physical body will upgrade in alignment with these downloads and another level of cleansing and release will be required. Rather than so much emotional and karmic clearing work however, this is more about preparing your physical body for the transformation journey to a Body of Light. The Body of Light is a higher form of matter and by ingesting these higher frequencies within this soundscape you will begin to release yourself from the density and the labyrinth of the Matrix which is designed to control and dampen your life force energy. This process begins to free up your energy to become your true nature, which is that of an empowered sovereign being that is no longer bound by limiting concepts such as soul contracts and reincarnation cycles. This advanced chakra system is available to everyone seeking to engage with the multidimensional realms of our shared reality.

We not only recommend deep meditation and shamanic journeying with the Odyssey Empowerment soundscape, but we also suggest that you move, dance, exercise and get into the sounds with your full body. This brings the frequency patterns into your bio-energetic matrix in a more profound and balanced way, generating a higher level of integration. Set the intention to awaken and activate the higher chakras as you work with it. There are compressed packets of sonic data within the soundscape which will take some time for you to assimilate. The more frequently you immerse yourself in this soundscape’s profound energetic gifts, going deeper and deeper within during each session, you will gradually experience this unfolding adventure which will connect you to all the higher chakras. 

We recommend research into some of the new information emerging about our advanced chakra system which is now being activated to learn more about its potentials. You will see a few variations and constructs on what this advanced chakra system is. Just use the information to become more aware that as you evolve, you will be connecting to higher, more expanded vibrational realms of information. We are not promoting or advocating any specific teaching, but find that they all have threads of greater truths for you to explore and weave into your own unique tapestry. This soundscape will help you to establish resonance with these realms and will enable you to attain more stability, balance and ultimately personal EMPOWERMENT in all areas of your life.

Suggested Links with more info about the Advanced Chakra System

You will find similar info between these different sources and some info that might contradict the other, but try not to worry about the specifics as all are picking up on this information now and bringing it through with as much clarity as possible. We are all creating new reality constructs for this information and just by engaging with these higher potentials and systems you will start to find your space for working with your own higher chakras. Whichever teachings you resonant with the most, use that information while working with this soundscape and set the intent to manifest in alignment with this information. We don’t recommend any one over another and have found positive information in each of these links below.

Spiritual Chakras 8-12 (Hermes Reality Creator Series)

The 12 Chakras (based on Cyndi Dale’s Teachings)

The Advanced Chakra System

12 Chakra System – Advanced Chakras

A Spiritual and Energetic Guide to the 13 Chakras

The Chakras beyond the Crown

The 15 Chakra System


Absolutely ego-devastating!
This cd can make me a bit dizzy if I listen to much, but it is sort of highly addictive. I receive insights about whatever is on my mind and receive a lot of energy, frequency and vibration from it. To me cd is similar to DNA 1.5. Surprisingly non-intensive for being DNAL3.

 Wonderful! Every step we’re taking is bliss!
Gary and JoAnn have been friends for a very long time both on this plane and others, and each time they produce the “next level” I’m elated. My Spirit sings when I listen to the evolutionary sounds and feel my true being awaken to the Truth of who we are! For those who are truly searching for who they are and realizing their Oneness with the Universe, this is the next step! Prepare for your expansion into the Higher Realms as this is the NEXT LEVEL of your unfolding into the Cosmic Life we all share! If you have successfully opened to Level I and II you are ready for this next step! Rev. Ronald G.

OMG this is heaven! Simply Amazing. Wow! – JJ

This album is SUPERB! i just know that my action become super powerful when dwelling on spiritual stuff and spontaneous!

Activating ESP
I am listening to this powerful CD using your Becoming The Music method fully engaging with sonic sounds. I feel not to use headphones for this one, The others such as the DNA L2 soundscapes, I alternate a sessions of listening with, and without headphones. I start by feeling the vibrational sounds connecting with my outer energy fields, then coming in through the etheric blueprint, and into the Physical levels, of muscles, bones, organs, blood and lymph flow, etc. down into the cells and DNA feeling the music vibrating in every place lifting up the frequencies on every level, right down to the core DNA. A very powerful energetic makeover. I literally feel my body tingling for hours afterwards, beautiful warm fluidity flows all through my body in fact for the next 24 hours, when I do it again, and it only enhances these sensations further. And sensing flashes of violet and white lights in my peripheral vision, which feel extremely pleasant as if some type of ESP is being activated.

Always perfect
Been with Visionary Music for more than a year. As always, it brings me back from time immemorial. I am sure I am hearing it now but I could not place where I have heard this music from the past. More power to you for making it available for us. Thanks and blessings be.

Always great
I have been listening and using visionary music for years for myself and in my work., they never disappoint.

The soundscape invokes thoughts of Atlantis, Lemuria, Sirius, Lyra, and beyond the 12th Star gate. To me it brings a vision of liquid motion, both water and atmospheric . Very calming.

I tend to fall asleep about halfway through so I wake up, go back and replay. I sleep very good and sound if I play it when falling into sleep, “somethings happening ” in dreamstate but cant recall. Very energized and feeling good from this soundscape . Not at all as intense like the L2s I have worked with a bit. I will go back to L2 after working with this one! Thank you for the Music! -RB

Odyssey Empowerment definitely sends me off to another plane where I see everything clearly and free from the old emotions. As a writer, I find it extremely helpful to keep me focused. – DG

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NEXT STEP: After you have explored for a while and feel ready to dive in deeper,
it is imporant to work with Full-Fidelity Sound Files

Hi-Quality Sound System and/or Headphones ~ Ideally Both
Sound Beds are Great

5hZ to 35kHz Frequency Response (get as close as you can to these specs)


INCLUDES: Odyssey Empowerment soundscape plus original album inserts/PDF
61 minutes runtime ~ .wav audio format


By purchasing our soundscapes, you will be supporting our on-going projects that provide light-based sonic sustenance to an awakening humanity.

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