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ReJuva | ShapeshifterDNA

  • Meditation Level: Beginner/Intermediate
  • Fun & Playful, yet powerful and transformative
  • Activates Rejuvenation protocols in cellular matrix
  • Reclaims the playfulness of your inner child
  • Expands the energetic matix to connect with higher realms
  • Active and expansive energy, varied themes throughout
  • Aligns multidimensional selves with higher Abundance templates

ReJuva is a 2-CD set, the first CD is all music and the second CD has a poetic intro added at the beginning of each section to enhance your experience with the music. The music is designed to open new pathways in your entire auric field. It is important to keep the energetic signatures of the song titles in mind as you listen to each section of the music. During your first initial listening sessions, use the vocal CD and focus on the name of each track title and then the sub-title in your consciousness. Once you feel comfortable understanding the deeper meanings within each section, then shift to the first CD and work only with that one. Use the second CD as needed to remind you of the intent within each phrase; as a refresher.


Emanations of DNA Activation, awakening all aspects of our Abundance, we embrace the body temple & Gaia through the waters of ReJuva-nation.

About ReJuva
ReJuva is the first soundscape in our Abundance Series. In order to hold the focus of the higher vibrational energy of Abundance in all areas of your life, your body temple needs to be rejuvenated in order to sustain a continuity of flow in your manifestation process. When we speak of Abundance, we include all aspects and facets of meaning.


Abundance is your Birthright
The key to manifesting this truth as a tangible reality in your life, is your impeccable intent to allow in your field of awareness that which is perceived as a pure expression of divine Light. This means that no matter what the current 3D reality is that seems to be appearing in front of your physical eyes, you will always sincerely intend to consciously invoke the highest good interacting energetically within it. At all times – no exceptions – Source energy is always holding a place of higher Light. It is constantly up to you to bring Light into any situation or event, even those you initially perceive to be dense or dark in some way. As you learn to do this more and more, you will begin to maintain a continuity of flow that enables you to uphold and expand the energetic frequency of Abundance at all times. In essence, we are teaching you to transcend the fluctuations in the flows of energy that either raise or lower your ability to maintain continual states of Abundance in your life.


The planet is evolving and the dimensional veils are dissolving and thinning. The energy of the planet is ramping up in intensity. To thrive and function in the new world coming into being, more of humanity will learn, and be able to, manifest more directly via intent and desire. We are sure you can see the importance of having clarity in bringing into your reality what you truly wish to experience. As you choose to become more focused, you will create these intentions at a much quicker rate than you have previously been able to do. ReJuva will assist you in developing the foundational energy needed to build those frequency maps through all accessible dimensional realms of Light.


A natural progression of the DNA Activation process is to awaken to the Abundance of the Universe that is ever present. The Universal Energy Field (UEF) is, at its essential core, Abundant….basic physics 101. We, as human beings inhabiting this realm of 3rd dimensional matter are composed of the same substance as the UEF. The resonance exists within/without and through us because we are one and the same at the core. There is nothing but energy and energy always is and always will be – a never-ending supply. The only thing that separates anyone from being abundant is the total acceptance that it is, without a doubt, the truth. As you come to accept this as a fundamental knowingness regarding the reality you experience in every moment, you become Abundant. As you embody more expansive possibilities, fear, lack or scarcity will fade from your experience and will no longer hold any power or meaning for you, because the energy of your new realization becomes more and more Abundant.


Core level belief systems, implanted by an unaware society, need to be reviewed and changed in order to embrace this awakening knowledge. This knowingness must excite the cellular level of your being in order to truly be a tangible part of your everyday reality. This is considered first stage awakening in the process of welcoming Abundance into all areas of your life. The physical body is the system of sensory perception that allows one to connect with Abundance in a tangible and real world expression. In order to fully embrace the higher levels of this energy, one’s physical form must be ReJuva-nated in order to process higher frequencies of Light. This soundscape was created to initially stimulate a deep level cellular change by shifting one’s desire to sustenance/energy towards that of a lighter nature. Sustenance can be foods and anything that you take into or put on your body. It can also be the environments in which you live, work and play. People that you allow into your field are also considered sustenance. This soundscape will begin to clearly and energetically define the vibrational quality of foods, topicals/cosmetics, drinks, people and places for you; because the key intent within the music is to be able to attract, hold, focus and utilize the energetic signature of Abundance.


When combined with the DNA Activation soundscapes, the ReJuva CD will help you to focus on the areas in your life where you hold the most Light and point out the areas where shifts need to occur. We recommended that you initially listen to ReJuva daily for a couple of months or longer to assist you in the transformation of old patterns and habits that hold back your ability to maintain the higher states of Light more consistently. Turn the volume up and bathe your physical and etheric bodies in the sonic waves – Become the Music. Charge your water with the sounds and drink it with the conscious awareness of rejuventating your cells. Also, consider using our accompanying flower essence and spritzer to further enhance your vibrational essence.


Initially you may find areas in the music that are unsettling, this is normal and you should take the process more slowly if this occurs. The sounds, energetics, and frequencies of the music are a divine spontaneous organic design brought through to move and expand energy, while creating a profound centering and balancing effect in the afterglow of the experience. The more adjustments you make in your diet and the environments where you spend your  time, the quicker this process will happen. As always, take the time to fully integrate the process into tangible expression. Do not impatiently rush the process. Be gentle with yourselves. That is the way of Wisdom. The music is designed to open new pathways in your entire auric field. It is important to keep the energetic signatures of the song titles in mind as you listen to each section of the music. The more you choose to remain open and love yourself ever more deeply, the quicker your life will transform. Eventually you will move through these places and can start raising the Light Quotient at a more accelerated rate. Honor the process, respect it and maintain a strong connection with your higher guidance team as you work with this soundscape. Listen to the cues of the body and know when to back off and when to accelerate your work in this area.
Living Waters : 10:14
Invitation : 10:06
Manifestation : 10:00
Superluminal : 10:09
Integration of the Five Elements : 10:00
Light of the Grail : 18:45
Rejuvenation : 10:00
Pre-Listening Suggestions
It is suggested that,  as you begin working with this CD, you accompany it with a cleansing program. We suggest a systematic cleansing of all the body’s physical systems over a 3-6 month or longer period of time to facilitate this change. Consult with your healthcare practitioner to design a program for you. It is very important to drink as much pristine, clean water as possible. As for your dietary changes, let go of the heavier substances first; gradually tapering off. Start finding substitutes of a higher quality to begin replacing foods of a lower vibrational nature. Remember that the consciousness of the creator of any product is a part of that energetic configuration, so consider this when buying and supporting various companies in the market today. Avoid as many chemicals, pesticides and preservatives as you can in selecting your food and topical choices. Seek organic, natural products whenever possible. This includes foods as well as substances that you put on your body or use around your house. If you want to hold the frequency of Abundance in your life, you have to create the healthy and vital energetic space in which this energy can not only anchor in, but also proliferate, grow and flourish.
Abundance of Joy
    Abundance of Love
        Abundance of Time
            Abundance of Money
                Abundance of Resources
                    Abundance of Creativity    
Story behind the Music

We had been in preparation to receive transmissions for this Abundance series for many years, integrating even more expansive frequencies and levels of awareness into our lives in many ways. We were guided to work on grounding the highest levels of Abundance for all Lightworkers in service on the planet at this time. Many are needing resources to birth, nurture and complete their projects/missions to assist mankind in the current evolutionary cycle. We assure you that these resources are already within you, as we have come to learn this ourselves during this unfolding process. Continue to hold your focus, moving forward with impeccable intent in small steps towards your goals – Never Give Up, Never Surrender your dreams. The collective synergy generated from all who hold this in their consciousness, will open the floodgates for these resources and connections to emerge.

We initially began this project with the main theme of Abundance ~ on all levels. We started connecting energetically to a source of abundance that opens up to those who raise their vibration to find resonance with this energetic oasis of health, wealth, happiness and unlimited joy. The journey towards these realms is not a common one, so the path is not well trodden yet. The more of us who do, however, the more it will anchor into the 3rd dimensional realms. Many traditional forms of earning an income and operating in current society will have to be examined, shifted and changes made accordingly in order to fully embrace this new way of engaging and interacting in the world. We committed to this path long ago and we have made this connection and will continue to do all we can to ground it into tangible reality so that more and more of mankind can also reap the benefits of this connection. It may not be a path for everyone to engage with as it requires a certain level of depth and willingness to dive into the collective consciousness in order to root out all the darkness that has convinced us we are not fully abundant already. There are sacrifices to be made to walk this journey and depending on one’s responsibilities, it may not always be possible to maintain the focus needed to fully manifest it. However those that do are paving the way and laying the groundwork so that in future times, these templates will be solidly in place for all to engage with.

As we began this project, it was clear to us that without the sustained energy of rejuvenation of the body temple, many efforts would be slowed or halted because of the need to hold a higher frequency of Light while still maintaining a physical form. It is these fluctuations that affect the consistent increase of Abundance. Our guidance has taught us many things about this process as we worked through the creation phases of this project. Our personal goals and therefore the intent that is deep within this soundscape has to do with the process of consciously ascending to the higher realms while still holding focus in 3D reality. This can be called conscious dying, ascending or physical immortality – they are nuances that all revolve around becoming fully conscious on all levels. While we don’t have the specifics on all of this yet, it is our intention to map the process using sound/music as a way to awaken this knowledge in ourselves and then to pass that on to you in the soundscapes that we release.


This music is absolutely lovely, I look forward to listening to it. I got it in the mail yesterday, so far I have played it 5 times, I can’t get enough of it. It make feels as if as was ice skating, turning, turning until I reach heaven. I have made a beautiful terrarium while listening to the CD, it is enchanting and it does open up my creativity. Please keep making more. This type of sound can heal many, many people, not only physically, but also spiritually. Alkemie is my favorite melody!!
– MO

I found myself with a profound sadness for apparently no reason. After listening to reJuva, I am growing and processing. I have been “uplifted” with reJuva especially the last track, Rejuvenation. 🙂 Also, my health is improving and I look forward to more abundance in all areas. Since listening to reJuva, I have found more people with like mind.

I listened to ReJuva last night; a very interesting experience. I found the sounds gradually led me into a different state of awareness, each successive section having a new effect and carrying me deeper into the sound. I physically felt the effects of the frequencies; for example, my back muscles were vibrating and twitching quite excitedly, and I could feel a sublte warmth, and other light energies, moving about my body. At one point, I resonated very strongly with an image I had seen on your website or somewhere in your literature. It depicts a person first at “normal” frequency, and then becoming equal to the frequency of the soundscapes, “becoming the sound” as you say. I felt that type of sensation first in my hands and then in my feet. It was strange and enjoyable in a new way; it felt to me as if my hands and feet were not there. An accurate way to describe it would be to say that they had dissolved. That is why I thought of that particular image; it seemed to me my hands and feet had changed frequency. Again this morning I listened to the CD while doing Tai Chi, and that was fantastic. Several times I felt a sensation of awakening, or a subtle knowing that some activations were taking place; and again many times I felt a warmth overcome me, especially at my head and neck. I have listened to ReJuva twice now, and both times I have certainly felt rejuvenated after listening. I also feel that I was guided to this particular CD first as a way of preparing for the DNA series. After thoroughly working with this one I think the DNA set will be an excellent and ready step.
– Kevin

I just had an extremely healing experience while listening to the ReJuva CD today and wanted to share it with you. I was lightly sleeping and felt my hands being drawn up towards my head in what I would describe as a prayer position. I then began having vivid dreams about my younger sister whom I’ve been at odds with for some years now. In my dreams she walked towards me and I opened my arms wide and asked her for her forgiveness from the depths of my heart and soul. As we hugged, I felt her release the anger she had been holding against me and hug me back. It was an incredible release. Our hearts beat as one.
– J.H.

I am so in love with the latest phenomenon I really just want to be with it and do nothing else. The 6th track especially is mesmerizing to me – so connected and so much letting go and no need. I feel very blessed and thankful in the cosmic sense for my world as I know it connected to the world of Shapeshifter.
– D.H.

As I once heard said, “I believe in coincidences, I’ve just never seen one”. I’d read in the printed materials and discussed with Shapeshifter 2 the possibility that REJUVA may trigger some kind of cleansing and rejuvenating on any number of levels. It just so happens that about 2 weeks after starting to listen to REJUVA, my wife and I met and began treatments with an extremely adept and advanced colon hydrotherapist. The “cleansing and rejuvenating” are continuing now, many months later, and have turned out to be one of the most profound, empowering, and life-affirming things we’ve ever done for ourselves. Without a doubt, REJUVA was the catalyst.
– F.P.

Living Waters: sounds very familiar. I heard it before somewhere… a celebration of life and sound. I see a beach .. there are people dressed in white walking down the beach. I’m one of them I go in the water. A dolphin approaches me..he is taking me somewhere. We go deeper and deeper into the ocean. We reach a big cave and it is illuminated by white light in the middle. There are many whales and dolphins in a circle surrounding the light being…a gathering! Large crystals are in the cave, hanging from the ceiling. There is a light being in the center talking to us …the dolphin seem to know her. Me too. It’s a meeting of sorts….but also a concert. The whales and dolphins are enjoying the music. So are the crystals. We are all light beings. Superluminal: ancient sounds from the beginning of times…the birth of the stars…forged from sound, densified light. Long universal exhalation…then a pause…then inhalation…back to One. Integration of the 5 Elements: our friends are here surrounding Earth…we are all sending light and healing to Gaia, who reciprocates in return. A vibrant circle of light forms around Earth centered in Earth Core, then extends towards the Sun and other planets. The consicuosness of the planets and Sun unite into One in a beautiful dance of Love and Joy. Ascension into white light…completion, communion, perfection.
– AB

I have been working with the CD for a couple of weeks. I first meditated with it along with CD #2 and found that my need for meat and desire for many other processed foods has completely stopped. I no longer need these foods in my diet. I crave fresh fruits and vegies and have had a number of illnesses disappear. I no longer have HepC, alll MS, Sjorgrens and lupus symtems have disaappeared as well. I have been working on gall bladder and digestive system this last week with encourging results. I play it in my car during my hour drive to work and back about three days per week and have played it for my students. It seems to enhance their artwork and they have said that it makes them feel very calm and peacful.(I am an art teacher). Last Monday when two friends and myself meditated with ReJuva in a group session. Two of us had worked with the music before. One had not. We did a DNA activation meditation while listening. The woman who never worked with the music said she felt light come into her head travel through her into her heart and up her spine. She also traveled interdimensionally, she said it was one of the most powerful meditation experiences she has ever had. I am going to be lending it to my son tommorrow in hopes he can stop smoking cigrarettes. He’s developed heart problems and high colesterol so he is now open to try it.
– KB

In my experience with ReJuva it is an amazing relaxing experience of revitalization of the mind and body. Whenever I am stressed or find it hard to think straight I can’t help but sit down and listen to this wonderful cd. To feel my mind and body release that which is negative and holds me back from enjoying the day. I never once thought something so simple as music could do that for me, but we all know music has a high value in our everyday culture in all parts of the world. I was amazed at how much stress I had in my life after I realized it was all gone thanks to this cd and it’s fellow companions such as DNA Activation series and Shamabala. But ReJuva is in its own area, a area of revivalization of the body and mind. DNA Activation and Shamabala do give this as well but ReJuva does this alot better.
– R, Austin, TX

After just 1 month of listening to ReJuva, the urgency and import of my personal mission & purpose has been amplified 10-fold. I have become increasingly aware not only of just how much wisdom and asistance is being extended to humanity at this time, but also of those things in my personal reality that needed to be released, cleared away, for me to be able to fully embody & embrace the vibrational sustenance. I have never been hesitant or questioning about taking on my souls’endeavors — just unclear at times as to what I needed to do to expand into my brightest Light. ReJuva has been like having the missing piece on my journey revealed. I have new eyes and my gratitude knows no bounds.

This soundscape has so much movement and modulation in it that my etheric bodies are dancing in new and wonderous ways. I’ve found new places where energy was stuck that have been challenged to move forward by letting go into the pure joy of opening to new places of Light. I am finding my OBEs and astral travels have been ramped up and it is much easier for me to achieve lift off.

After the first few times of listening to the soundscape in a state of deep meditation, I went outside and actually saw nature breathing in and out with me….awesome.

This soundscape is compelling me to use my voice in speaking my truth and standing in my power. My overall energy levels have increased and my desires to youth myself by engaging in healthful practices has expanded….I’m feeling younger and younger each day.

If I every doubted it before, I know there is no looking back in my evolving self & I feel the inner power and fortitude to live my life outloud.

ACTUALLY WRITING THIS DURING MY 1ST LISTEN… i found Shapeshifter years ago when googling “visionary music,” as i am an aficionado of visionary sound arts. at that time, i made a full acquisition of their CD catalogue. a while later, 2001, Shapeshifter released the quite excellent “Shamballa” disc which has some incredibly intense portions that i aired on my radio show repeatedly, perhaps out of proportion because i was enjoying them so much myself 🙂 The earlier Shapeshifter works display a steady increase with each release of compositional skill & complexity, and a progression in understanding of the use of the medium. i recommend 1993’s “The Odyssey” as great backsound for yogic exercise, massage and other therapeutic activities. The 1996 4-CD set, “DNA Activation Series,” has some spectacular moments but is overall deeply meditative, more darkly gaseous than iridescent, and while energetically interesting and transformative, somehow not coherent. the tryps involved were rather confused. “Shamballa,” ! now THAT was an unqualified success that i can unreservedly highly recommend to anyone interested in channelled music. (o, did i mention? well that’s what it was basically: an atlantolemurian Aquarian transmission. electronica somewhere in the sethian/sirian region between angelic music and Steve Roach. dark like soul; penetrating like psi. Light at times, but mostly soulful. deep meditation. which brings us to the new disc which continues this great direction set by “Shamballa.” a long disc by even today’s standards, clocking in at an apparent 79:33, this is obviously well-considered narrative electronica, surging with auric undercurrents at times, then gentle as if handling a delicate flower. the disc begins with swirling astral waters, has a visitation from the solar power, visits the woods, soars through a sky of tranquility like a bird, then descends into deep meditation as if visiting the below spaces of the Emerald Tablets, the “Halls of Amenti” so-called (so it seems to me.) i don’t expect everybody will be particularly stoked with this part of the journey as one’s energy is somewhat challenged by a mysterious dissonance. this environment becomes deep space, filled with all manner of cosmic interactions, radiation and astral phenomena, where we are subjected to intense transformative forces. i experienced healing energies at work at this point. then, the voice of a karnatic singer and a didgeridoo shift the entire mood of the working to the long piece, “Light of the Grail,” which while still carrying the mood of an lemurian-atlantean magickal working is able to cleverly inject a celtic flavour and a shift to druidism, this leads to a very impressive encounter with the Gaian earthsoul which is a mandala into which we dive ever deeper to then be shown the Lifecodes & Essences. this is the showcase of the entire album and really where the disc moves into clearly angelic Divine spaces. it is also the cutting edge of Shapeshifter’s work in sound therapy. ending with a breathtaking harp solo over synth & voice, i must say it fully vindicates this acquisition! the final movement,”Rejuvenation,” is both visceral and grounding, seeming to seal in and affirm the work that has been done and the changes that have been made. and promises of future work that will occur and transformations that will be made! fading to a close on a very mellow groove, one comes out of it, at least i did, feeling clarified and nourished. [and quite energized, i was up well past my usual time for falling asleep that night] I must say on repeated listen the recording has new gems to reveal. this may be one of those discs that takes a number of listens for the conscious mind to start to “get it.” Suddenly, one realizes that animal sound is sculpted into the voicing. On each listen, a new ethnic musical influence from a new region of the world is added to the plethora. the disc seems to expand in its ramifications with each new listen. “ReJuva” is a quantum jump for Shapeshifter, which continues to improve with every release! in this day & age, when people constantly ask me if i like this or that new “artist” and they mean Britney Spears or Green Day or whoever, *THANK THE DIVINE!* i can say “who? naw, i don’t know that stuff” and go home to listen to Shapeshifter [or some such.] This disc again partakes of the growing emphasis on HEALING which has been the major motif of the Visionary releases this year. It can easily be included as an exponent of this NEW LEVEL in the use of sound as medicine.
–Darv Krizton is a psychonaut and visionary music aficionado at large on planet Earth

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INCLUDES: 7 Tracks ( Living Waters, Invitation, Manifestation, SuperLuminal, Integration of the Five Elements, Light of the Grail, Rejuvenation) plus vocal intro CD and original album inserts/PDF
81 minutes runtime ~ .wav audio format


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