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Journey towards Ascension

Journey towards Ascension | ShapeshifterDNA

  • Meditation Level: Beginner
  • Excellent for all types of self-healing
  • Good flowing piece for massage/reiki type sessions
  • Flavors of Angelics and Celtic Devas awaken higher imagination
  • Great for backgrounds environments to reduce stress
  • Ideal for exploring Upper Worlds
  • Assistance before, during and after sleep


Ascension is an on-going never ending journey, a continual process of lifting your thoughts, emotions and actions to a higher expression in all that you do and say. Every day, in every moment, you have an opportunity to chose to operate your entire life from a place beyond what is considered normal for a 3rd dimensional life. You can view all the situations in your life from a place of Divine Order, knowing that each event is a way for you to learn and grow spiritually. Ascension is a gradual, step by step journey which leads you deeper and deeper into a greater understanding of yourself, the world around you and the multidimensional realms of Light. This soundscape is called a Journey towards Ascension, meaning it is a pointer that shifts you into alignment with the divine codes that will initiate one into walking a conscious path of Ascension. As you align your being with the higher frequencies of this manifestation within the music, you will begin to see how you are resonating more and more with that which is of Light expression and less with that which is choosing to reflect the Darkness.

Journey towards Ascension Medley

by ShapeshifterDNA

Ascension can be a simple process of lifting one’s thoughts and desires to a higher perspective initially, but ultimately the goal with ascending is to consciously choose to move towards a transformation from a 3rd dimensional carbon based physical being into a 5th dimensional being of Light… walk in a lightbody, to become an enlightened one, an ascended master, one capable of shifting from the physical worlds to the etheric realms and vice versa. Ascension is a natural stage of our evolutionary process and one that everyone will eventually become aware of and ultimately to engage consciously in the process. Working with Journey towards Ascension will activate the DNA codes to assist you in this journey.

Story behind the Music
All soundscapes in the TLC (Transmissions of Light Codes) series emanate from our live concert performances during 2006-7. The music and vocal chanting are recorded live. Some vocal chanting has been added during the final mix. Each concert begins with a focused intention and all performers and participants hold focus on this throughout the event bringing together a unifying group experience in alignment with the higher dimensions of Light. These transmissions of light codes are received in the purest states of Love, Compassion, Abundance and Unity for all sentient beings on the Planet.
Original Concert Date: 5.18.08 ~ Release Date: 3.9.09
Journey towards Ascension Reviews

Got the CD’s yesterday, and listened to them today. They’re awesome! I was driving, and all of a sudden, even though going 70, the car moved really slowly through this physical plain, like everything became slow motion in a time warp. Very interesting. The Arizona Strip told me it really resonated to the music, and needed to hear it, and embraced it fully (that’s the earth speaking). I was happy to oblige.
– D.S.

I am loving the TLC Ascension piece! Its energy is sacred and uplifting, and I truly feel myself transported into a different dimension, connecting to higher frequencies. I imagine this music being played in a temple in the 5th dimension as a form of prayer and divine connection.
– A.

I am deeply enthralled with this piece – i rush home each night to put it on – the voices added to you music is just so beautiful and I want to wrap myself up in its beauty all the time. Great job, Shapeshifter and I love this new style of yours and look forward to hearing the rest of this series.
– J.L.G.

Prior to purchasing, TLC Ascention Meditation MP3, my ability to be focused and concentrate was very shallow. I kept drifting in and out, However after using TLC for a couple of times I became more focused and fully relaxed. I must add that my ability to reach the theta phase and at times beyond has been greatly enhanced by the DNA Level One CDs.

The beauty of this TLC/Journey towards Ascension soudscape is almost overwelming, it starts sweetly like caressing your soul, than it takes you up, if you add a visualization to the actual listening, immagine to be taken by a kind tornado up into other dimensions, spinning in a live dream of beauty and serene feeling, serrounded by loving presences that works kindly on your heart Chakra and open it to the Universal Energies. It is a frequencies journey where your Spirit takes a break and your soul return to His/Her source, where all is one. Thank you for creating such a splendid music.
– G, Venice, Italy

This is one of my favorite Visionary Music CD’s. I play it during sessions with my clients because it seems to mold itself to the work being done bringing in just enough light and energy, but it also remains subtle, leaving plenty of space for improvisation and sounding. It’s an awesome tool.
– DC

Transmission of Light Codes: Ascension is very soothing and soft. I have enjoyed listening to it. Though it is made with modern day technology it carries an ancient sound, which is why it is so soothing and easy to connect to.
– D.

There is nothing to compare these transmissions to any work that you’ve received to date; fresh, mind altering, angelic harmonics, cosmic vibrations that can only be received for the heavens; it lifts me out of myself and as one lyric says, “I’m free, I’m free…”, I truly feel my spirit joining with angelic beings dancing in the heavens, my spirit tingling so that my physical being experiences the joy of the freedom to travel throughout the heavens–wondering where and what I’ll discover next. I honestly feel the music affecting me on a molecular level unlike any other; vibrating excitedly as if I’m being transformed on another level…thank you Shapeshifter 2 for you making yourself available to receive these transmissions without blemish; unadulterated, pure.
– M.W.T.

I am one of Visionary Music’s staunchest fans. I have found their music to be uplifting, mind-expanding and DNA activating. TLC Ascension is one of the CDs that work not only for attentive consciousness expansion focus, but also works very well as background music to just living your day. I’ve found that before listening to any of Shapeshifter’s music, watching the short video on their website titled Becoming The Music is very helpful. This music is to be experienced within your cells so a little bit of instruction may be in order. The music is so peaceful, calming and relaxing, but also calls your mind to attentiveness. I own much of Shapeshifter’s music, and TLC Ascension is one of my favorites. I listen to it regularly.
– D.A.A.

I was fortunate to have attended the concert that became this CD. I was also given a “rough cut” copy to listen to shortly after, and I have worked with this for most of this past year. The one word that comes to me with this transmission is INTIMATE. There is this beautiful intimate interface between myself and the “Other” that is expressed in this piece. I really can’t put words on what this “Other” is… a place, a feeling, a presence. I only know that I want to live there. Is it a doorway or a destination? “The Valley Spirit never dies; it is the woman, primal mother. Her gateway is the root of Heaven and Earth. It is like a veil barely seen. Use it; it will never fail,” Lao Tzu. This transmission feels like that veil. Also, I was invited to be one of the three vocalists on the CD. The recording session was several months after the concert and I had time to work with the piece. I still have no idea who took over my voice box and opened that birdie up. When I listen I don’t hear “me.”
– KK, Cold Mountain, NC

It is a great powerful, quiet, excellent, very deeply music. I am admired by this music to depth of soul. I like it.
– PV, Russia

This is truly visionary music. Journey Towards Ascension encompasses the deep and wide – the magnificence of the planetary scale. It also embraces the soft and tender, with the intimacy of earthly and personal perspectives. I never tire of Ascension. Each listening is a new experience. The stunning soundscape easily invokes imagery, making it good for visualisation and inner journeying. The music also provides a portal for spiritual communication and guidance to flow in. It gives me a great sense of being connected at a number of different levels at once. I also play Ascension while asleep sometimes, and wake up the next morning feeling uplifted and refreshed. I wouldn’t want to be without this utterly inspiring music which has become an integral part of my life.
– Elaine, UK

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Hi-Quality Sound System and/or Headphones ~ Ideally Both
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