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Aya’s Underworld

Aya's Underworld | ShapeshifterDNA

  • Meditation Level: Intermediate/Advanced
  • Excellent for Shamanic Journeys to Lower Worlds
  • Deep transmission for clearing out density
  • Dark mysterious adventure to gain Personal Power
  • Connection to Earth Grid and Power Animals
  • Profound awakening energy for integrating shadow work


Our Aya’s Underworld soundscape has a lot of transformative energy, movement and powerful shamanic rhythms, taking you deeper and deeper into the Underworlds. Contains some deep shamanic chanting to assist in the Underworld/Lowerworld adventures. There are many dark passages to assist you in delving into your subconscious realms where lost power and energy will be found. Excellent for doing various levels of your shadow work.

Aya's Underworld Medley

by ShapeshifterDNA

The Underworld is filled with lost power and strength which can be utilized, once transformed, to walk deeper into your spiritual path of becoming. It can also be a scary, fear-filled world if one enters these realms without support of the Light. Aya’s Underworld will assist you in incremental steps to take this journey via multidimensional sound and show you how to reclaim/recapture your hidden powers so that you can further actualize your personal mission with strength and resolve.

Story behind the Music

All soundscapes in the TLC (Transmissions of Light Codes) series emanate from our live concert performances during 2006-7. The music and vocal chanting are recorded live. Some vocal chanting has been added during the final mix. Each concert begins with a focused intention and all performers and participants hold focus on this throughout the event bringing together a unifying group experience in alignment with the higher dimensions of Light. These transmissions of light codes are received in the purest states of Love, Compassion, Abundance and Unity for all sentient beings on the Planet.

Original Concert Date: 12.7.07 ~ Release Date: 6.21.09

Listening Suggestions

Underworld traveling can be difficult at first and you may choose to work with a spiritual guide to begin your work in the Underworld realms. JoAnn can assist you with Shamanic Journeying at The 3rd Eye.

Begin this adventure by finding a favorite place where you can begin your descent into the Earth. This can be a cave or a water hole or your own personal vortex setting. Setting your intentions to travel to the Underworld and state a purpose for your explorations at this time. Let the music take you on an inner journey deep into the lower realms. Connect with teachers, guides and animal spirits to assist you in your discoveries of what lies within the deep, dark and mysterious corners of your mind. Use your shamanic skills to transform any places of fear or concern into Light and Love. As you navigate through the dark caverns and caves, shine your flashLIGHT into these areas to reveal pastlife imprints where power was lost and reclaim this energy to transform your current life
patterns into joy & bliss.

We recommend working with the Aya’s Underworld soundscape several times before using it while engaging with any entheogens/plant teachers. These experiences will be enhanced and amplified many times over, so use discretion and caution. Recommended for experienced travelers only. This soundscape should not be used if you feel emotionally or mentally unstable.

Aya's Underworld Reviews

I loved this album of Aya’s Underworld. Whilst having been engaged in the DNA Activation series, Levels 1 & 2 of ShapeshifterDNA, primarily focused on raising one’s vibrational frequencies for a good few years, these frequencies gave me a sense of re-connecting with Mother Earth, Gaia, and her beauty and power. Filled with tribal and shamanic rhythms it felt like the music was traveling within me into any dark places and the shadow-self, weeding out blocked and stagnant energy and opening up energy channels into the Earth’s energy, through my feet and lower chakras. Excellent transformative music for grounding and energizing oneself with primal base chakra Earth energy.
– J.F., Australia

There is music and then there is “visionary” music… there is sound and then there is consciousness ever finding a way to touch deeply who we are beyond the illusion of density and matter. I have known the work of Shapeshifter for a decade and have evolved with them in the journey of their work, their lives of expansion and their supreme access to Universal Codes of Light. Their knowledge and understanding of sound as a vehicle of ascension has enabled them to tap into the higher octaves of our earth events, capture the lightwaves of that energetic and then channel them into transformational frequencies. Those who work with and understand this work can then use the soundscapes to go directly to the higher intent and purpose within all experiences here. Aya’s Underworld can really not be articulated with any words I might find in the human language… it IS the vibration of your body deep within. It is every memory of your primal, ancient and tribal ancestry, a journey of remembrance and power as you gather up the many facets of your Self as a Universal Being Of Light. Everything we are and have yet to fully recognize about ourselves as vibrational vehicles is mirrored within the exquisite beauty, depth, intent and landscape of high magic of this transmission. Gaia’s love, her vast nature, her fierceness and inclusive spaciousness can be found again and again within ongoing layers each time you journey with Aya’s Underworld. I feel deeply a yearning power that I sense as a synergy of my beingness and hers. A profound reminder that there is, indeed no separation and that our consciousness extends far beyond our conceptual understanding, these Light Waves of pure energy and love will envelope you in your own willingness to return to Oneness, to let go of your separation and move fearlessly into the greater purpose of your time here on planet Earth.
– DeAnne Hampton, The New Human, Asheville, NC

I just wanted to tell you that “Aya’s Underworld” has helped me tremendously!! I’m so very thankful that I ordered it because it’s really amazing!! The music on that particular cd has helped me “get to the root” of some issues which have caused tremendous obstacles in my life. It’s as if those energy blockages have completely dissipated. I’ve looked for “answers” all my life to these challenges and found only “band-aid” (temporary) solutions. I decided to try a combination of meditation while actively listening to “Aya’s Underworld” and EFT tapping to clear my energy field. Amazingly enough, the tapping points used in EFT are minor chakras on the body. While listening to this cd and tapping at the same time, the blocked energies are released. I’ve noticed an ‘inner shift’ in myself, which is now beginning to manifest in my outer world!! It’s as if I’ve “come alive” (really alive!) for the first time in my life!! WOW!!!!
– Christine

This is one of my all time favorite Shapeshifter releases. It is not a piece that I can listen to all the time like the Ascension CD, and it is not for the faint of heart! There was a point in time where I felt too fragile to listen to it, so for me to delve deep into the Shadow Realms, I have to have a certain degree of strength and cohesion in my being. This piece takes me deep into a place within me where I dig way down deep into my sub/unconsciousness, and then about 26 minutes into the piece it brings all this energy rushing up into a Kundalini burst of energy. I have a really hard time not getting out of my seat and dancing! I am taken into a place of release and ecstasy. One time when I was meditating on Aya’s Underworld the spirit of a Lakota Elder and Shaman came to me and followed me through the journey – listening through my ears. He had this running commentary on all the spooky passages. Mostly it was to laugh and slap his knee and say, “That’s a good one! Oh, I like that.”  Maybe I am just a strange bird, but the words that come to me are, “This is the coolest, and so much fun.”  Who knew that Shadow Work could be cool and fun? Who knew that releasing all that repressed junk would make me want to dance around like a monkey? Who knew that the Shadow Realms could be so full of light?  “Who knows? The Shadow knows.” Thank you to Shapeshifter for bringing this unusual kind of joy into my life.Another thing that comes to me to say about Shadow Work is that a spiritual path without Shadow Work is like a meal of all whipped cream and peaches. Whipped cream and peaches are great, but not balanced or sustaining. You need some “meat” (I am vegetarian) for strength, grounding and propulsion through the tough parts. Aya’s Underworld is a fun and safe way to go there.
– Karen, Asheville, NC

I meditate with many of Shapeshifter’s recordings and value them all highly. Unlike other Visionary Music soundscapes which also lend themselves to being played whilst asleep or used as background music, Aya’s Underworld seems better reserved for serious inner work. The music provides an excellent vehicle for journeying inwards with a clear intention. My first exploration took me through a vivid green forest closely accompanied by a glowing angel on each side. Whenever I meditate with Aya’s Underworld I feel very connected to earth whilst also being aware of the higher realms. The rhythmic component of the music provides a sustaining thread throughout the journey which enables me to trust and move more deeply within. This soundscape is primarily a tool and I am very glad to have it in my spiritual toolbox.
– Elaine, UK

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NEXT STEP: After you have explored for a while and feel ready to dive in deeper,
it is imporant to work with Full-Fidelity Sound Files

Hi-Quality Sound System and/or Headphones ~ Ideally Both
Sound Beds are Great

5hZ to 35kHz Frequency Response (get as close as you can to these specs)


INCLUDES: Aya’s Underworld soundscape plus original album inserts/PDF
76 minutes runtime ~ .wav audio format


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