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DNA 1.5 Lucidity

DNA 1.5 Lucidity | ShapeshifterDNA

  • An Energetic Bridge from the LevelOne to the L2 DNA Activation series
  • Initiates Lucid Awareness in waking, shamanic and sleep states
  • Assists one in shifting more easily and gracefully from alpha, beta to theta and delta States of Consciousness; deepening meditation work
  • Through Harmonic Resonance the sounds connect the foundational grids of LevelOne to the architectural templates of the L2
  • Expands 5th World visions into sequentially grounded 3D manifestations
  • Deepens explorations of Shadow Self for greater levels of Release and Clearing
  • Activates Higher Mission Parameters
  • Breaks long held beliefs of Lack, Limitation and Fear based Programs
  • Eases the Transition Process from LevelOne to L2 in alignment with the 3D to 5D Shapeshifting Ascension Journey
  • Opens new Portals and Gateways for greater expansion into the Sonic Mystery School of Light & Sound


Webster’s – the quality, state or art of clarity in thought

Shapeshifter’s Definition

The ability to remain conscious and aware during the transition from the 3D world of density to a 5D world of Light, Freedom and Expansive Possibilities – during Waking and Dreaming states

DNA 1.5 Lucidity Medley

by ShapeshifterDNA

What does it mean to be a human being transforming into a being of Light? As we release the ambiguities that once held our consciousness bound within an over-reaching negative spiral of descent throughout many lifetimes, we emerge more fully into new functional bodies of Light filled with unlimited possibilities and potentials. We choose to evolve from the angular landscapes built upon the lower frequencies which we have collectively and habitually engaged with for eons. We can now consciously intend – with the powerful energetic support of the DNA 1.5 Lucidity soundscape – to move into more enhanced and flowing realities with a new clarity of awareness. Thus, we build the foundation of our emerging 5th World declarations of Freedom with much greater strength and commitment. As the frequency template architects, guided by the higher spiritual visions and transmissions of these New World-views, it is vitally important that we intend well, with open minds and hearts and the most careful in-depth consideration of all facets and aspects of this profound evolutionary journey of our species.
I Am Lucid

Free from Confusion
Free from Chaos
I walk steadfast into alignment with my True Divinity
Holding focus and intent
I take action on my highest ideals of freedom
I remain forever Lucid in my waking and dreaming states of consciousness
My clear expression is my Guidepost to the release of my old 3D patterns and to the emergence of my 5D Body of Light
I vow to remain ever Lucid, ever aware
Rejuvenated in Mind, Body and Spirit
Youthed and Empowered
I take whatever steps my true Higher Self deems necessary in Loving connection with the Spirit of Freedom on all Levels
And I shine my ever emerging Light into the World

©JoAnn Chambers 2012

The DNA 1.5 Lucidity recording is designed to be used as a bridge between the Level 1 DNA recordings and the more advanced Level 2 sessions. The Level 1 sessions are excellent and a necessary step in the progress so if you haven’t had the pleasure of these yet I would like to direct you there first with my utmost recommendation.The 1.5 takes this process well beyond the realm of Level 1, at least once you have experienced the Level 1 sessions enough so that you are ready for this one. If you are interested in deepening your journey into expanded consciousness, awareness, and bliss, the 1.5 Lucidity session is simply amazing, and well exceeded my high expectations of it. As is generally the case with Shapeshifter music, the samples really don’t do the recordings justice. Once you get turned on to this groundbreaking music though, you will just want more and more of it, and this session is an outstanding choice. ~KS 

My personal experience with 1.5 is strength of energy. That is, it keeps knocking me out. 2/3rds of the way though it gets very lovely, ethereal. But it certainly packs a punch in terms of power of information coming in. I’m probably not ready for DNA L2 I guess this means. I still haven’t downloaded/assimilated all of the info it has. I’m taking it step by step. ~CB

I can’t say for sure whether listening to Lucidity is causing the shift I am experiencing, but I listen to it a lot (as well as all the others), and I am in the midst of a major shift – so …who knows. I would say that listening to the music makes me feel like I have bathed and washed away all the media and sensory bombardment which is associated with daily city life. I immediately feel a sense of calm when listening to it while driving. I was giving some people I really didn’t know very well a ride and had 5th World Emerging playing. I never said a word, but they commented several times on how nice the music was to listen to while driving. ~MB

Today I had an opportunity to listen to DNA 1.5 Lucidity, I was working at my desk and decided to play as background music however, about 15 min into the CD I paused from what I was doing because I could feel a vibration so very slightly, I turned up the volume and within a minute I was captured. I sank back into my chair and felt all the pieces of me falling into form as I sank deeper and deeper, with my head hanging and arms stretching to the floor Wow, I thought at this point, look at me, I am gone. Willingly I wanted more, so deeper I went, I have never been so deep and captivated in this manner during meditation. The journey was amazing, fascinating, my whole being and some spiraling to the left, Does this mean anything? I experienced two moments with an approx 3 min break in between, while I sat forward to say to myself WOW, what is this how wonderful the dictionary does not have a written word to describe my experience when I was captured by the all knowing DNA 1.5 Lucidity. ~V

DNA 1.5 Lucidity was an interesting journey for the first time as I was hungry for something to help me move into the DNA L2 series. I also was seeking a tool to help me feel a vibrant connection to my meditation, shamanic sessions, dreamtime, and life in the waking world at home and out and about. DNA 1.5 Lucidity provides that bridge so perfectly as it gives the lucidity of dream states and the intensity of peak experiences in an ambient not dramatic way that effortlessly transform one’s life in the ways one seeks. I found it to be dark at times and like Aya’s Underworld at times but more close to what I imagine and feel the DNA L2 series to contain which includes a lot of light, too. I like the fact that the dark, or luminous and enticing sections to be luring and illuminating in a way that affirms my life, which is very important to me. Listening to the soundscape, I was able to stay awake and lucid throughout the journey which is often difficult to do in other soundscapes. For me, it was the most obvious shift and integration of listening, experiencing, and living that I have ever had with any of the soundscapes, and I owe that to JoAnn and Gary for intending that. Lucidity also offers me the inspiration for higher aspirations in my vivid daily life and to not live solely on the desires and hankerings of my present life’s wishes. Not only is evolution natural, it is a command of the basis of life itself as people know our world and society to be. Until I came out of this societal collusion or matrix, with the help of Lucidity, I could neither love another, decipher a difference between my higher and lower self and choose to be myself, or begin to love the divine. It is an interesting process where the source of love moves within itself as itself. DNA 1.5 Lucidity helped me choose the safer clearer path, and inspires me to live my spiritual life- NOW in all of my life. ~DC

I liked it. To me it felt as a reminder of surviving in the middle of a chaos. Good transitions from one piece to another. ~RV

I think “Lucidity” would be excellent transformational music to aid in the 2012 vibrational shift beginning to take place globally. The music is powerfully expansive and can be used in a variety of settings. I’ve listened to it during meditation, while sleeping and during creative projects (like digital art). I’ve also listened to “Lucidity” while reading, as well as during times requiring focus and concentration. “Lucidity” positively enhances my experience in each setting. I’ve been able to concentrate better when I need to focus on a task, feel peacefully relaxed during meditation, create more vibrant digital artworks and generate more creative ideas. I’d like to experiment with “Lucidity” and find other ways to interact with the music. For example, I’d like to listen to “Lucidity” on my mp3 player while playing another ShapeshifterDNA sound scape (like a Level 1 DNA activation) on my CD player in the background. I’d also like to listen to it while doing EFT and other self healing methods. I like “Lucidity” because the music changes and shifts each time I listen to it. I’ve noticed that near the end of the sound scape (around 44:00 until about 47:00) I hear a melody similar to the beginning of “Transcend the Matrix” followed by a little of “Light Magic Heals the Ocean.” I think this energetically connects “Lucidity” to the other sound scapes and strengthens how these sound scapes affect the listener, individually and when played together. Overall, I enjoy listening to “Lucidity” as much as I enjoy listening to all of ShapeshifterDNA’s music. Thank you for creating incredible music which evolves with the listener. Your sound spaces are the best!! ~CT

DNA 1.5 is an important addition to the DNA activation series. This one really enhanced my sense of beauty and made my ability to visualize while reading books more LUCID. I think this soundscape would set someone up for the DNA L2 series quite nicely. I particularly enjoyed listening to the vocal passages: “In a master flow”, oh yeah. ~RL

I have worked with this file a few times, I must say I am very impressed. The feelings it evoked were beautiful, dreamlike (Lucid is definitely a term to describe it) and overall it was very mind expanding. I have experienced increased clairvoyance and empathy after working with this file, as with others, but with the DNA Lucidity work something ancient can be felt in the frequencies present. The benefits of Visionary Music are ever prevalent and continuous, if you are new to this site then take some time to consider working with the Healing CD, DNA Activation Level One and the TLC Journey Towards Ascension files before moving to DNA Lucidity; this is but my opinion, work in the way you are guided to! Regardless of the path you choose to work with in this music remember that it will remain for a lifetime and surprise you in countless ways in the realms of conscious and subconscious and of course, the lucid states which remain in between. Love and Light to Visionary Music, Gaea, the star beings, and all other lightworkers on this planet during these difficult times. – A gryphon/avian starseed

As far as I am on the way with the DNA 1.5 soundscape, it is a very powerful one containing thunderbolts of colored moving energy, surging in my physical and energy bodies. I have both listened to it in daytime and nighttime focusing on raising lucidity in my awareness and consciousness in order to cover lost sections of my own psyche. Dealing with LUCIDITY, a real powerful one because it is THE shatterer of illusions. Many Higher Self integrations to deal with, yes! This soundscape is my absolute favorite now because I feel I need to step my process up, yet not seem to be able to give a go with DNA L2 CD’s yet. Using DNA 1.5 is cutting half of the way off to this path I think. ~GB

I’ve had some interesting experiences listening to DNA 1.5 Lucidity in the past few weeks. During wakeful periods when I’m alert while listening, I’ve noticed an increase in clairaudient and clairsentient abilities. Random thoughts come to mind which manifest in outer reality very quickly. Synchronicities have also increased . I’ve become more aware of my consciousness expanding. Each time I actively listen to DNA 1.5 Lucidity, I hear new sounds and music embedded in the sound scape. I ‘ve experienced other ShapeshifterDNA soundscapes which shift and evolve with the listener. I think DNA 1.5 Lucidity has the same potential. Sometimes, I program my mp3 player to the repeat mode and listen to DNA 1.5 Lucidity during sleep. My dreams have been more vivid as a result. I’m able to recall them better upon waking too. Overall, I think DNA 1.5 Lucidity is an excellent soundscape and I enjoy listening to it regularly. ~CT

I would like to say that my life or the person I was prior to listening to the DNA Levels 1 and 2 is gone. I mean, I’m here but much of my old personality is gone. All my interest in drinking even remotely is 100% gone-even though I was not a big drinker at all. Now I absolutely have no interest in its effects; even casually. ~Anon

Absolutely love it. This is the kind of deep, inspired and unusual music that my consciousness craves! ~EB

Currently there are many things taking place on our planet which we can always learn from; visionary music takes the process of evolution further with the release of DNA L1.5 Lucidity. I must say at first this release caught my attention just by the sole word LUCID and it was then I just KNEW I needed to work with anything that stemmed from this project . I have been familiar with various works in the past (DNA L1, Rejuva, Sanctuary , TLC series) but this felt different altogether. I have worked with the pre-cut release of lucidity as many times I felt I should and it was truly a healing experience , the frequencies present in the rough version alone were powerful and but a preview of what could be and now, in this moment, what is. I have had very vivid and beautiful experiences from the the works of Visionary Music and I would recommend this music to ANYONE who feels a connection to the energies it represents. In this moment, we have eternity, the ever present NOW of infinity. Go forth and find out for yourself , I can’t tell you everything about this music because it is unique to everyone in different ways. Regardless of what you experience though I assure you, you will not be disappointed. It may sound like one of those reviews where something is over-exaggerated for the benefit of the music but I was once skeptical to some degree and have seen power emerge from these frequencies in ways that still surprise me to this day. In closing, I am about to get the final edit release of Lucidity and I look forward to the experiences it will bring. 🙂 -K.C.

I’m not really sure what the music’s impact has been on me. I can only say that I’m drawn to it, and that I have grown since listening. ~MB

After a session with DNA1.5, I experienced either a huge shift in my energy or a terrible feeling of being inappropriate to the core of who I am, somewhat like in my teenage years when the physical world goes weird. Either I Am (presence) or I Am Not (presence). I have not experienced this with Level One or the DNA L2 gold member sound clips. It’s sound and balanced intensity attracts me though like clothes around a moth. As far as I am on the way with the DNA 1.5 soundscape, it is a very powerful one containing thunderbolts of colored moving energy, surging in my physical and energy bodies. I have both listened to it in daytime and nighttime focusing on raising lucidity in my awareness and consciousness in order to cover lost sections of my own psyche. Dealing with LUCIDITY, a real powerful one because it is THE shatterer of illusions. Many Higher Self integrations to deal with, yes! This soundscape is my absolute favorite now because I feel I need to step my process up, yet not seem to be able to give a go with Level 2 Cd’s yet. Using DNA 1.5 is cutting half of the way off to this path I think.~GB

Anonymous Comments we received:

This is the cutting edge of new self-therapy. There is nothing finite about these sounds-capes, as your cells seem to open to new sounds, that seem oddly not to have been there last time you listened. Listen deeply. I highly recommend listening . Joann and Gary are very talented.

Lots of heart-energies involved

The DNA Lucidity soundtrack has improved my sleep and my dream recall.

When listening to DNA 1.5 Lucidity while sleeping, my dreams have been more vivid and I’m able to recall them better upon waking. When I listening while I’m awake , I feel more attuned and perceptive to dimensions beyond 3-D reality. I’ve had an increase in clairvoyant and insentient abilities as a result.

As with all other sounds-capes, my Soul digs it.

More grounded, feeling like my body is disappearing,

I feel that I’m developing a connection with animals and nature

Strong energy, knocks me out

I notice that my mind “stops talking” — I like the feeling of engagement I have with the soundscape. I do plan to continue working with it. My dreams are really vivid and my sleep has improved!

A great feeling and the music/soundscapes is very nice

Roller-coaster ride

Stimulated, wonderment, anticipation, coming home, thrilled, floating, traveling , shifting, opening, aligning, peaceful, fullness, comfort

Attractive and inviting into participation; a shade of non-emotional longing with the vocals; smooth transition between parts

Elucidating, fluidal, and simply wonderful

Very deep, definitely a change from the L1 series, some of the energy reminded me of the 2012 gateway files combined with the frequencies of shamballa and a slight bit of rejuva energy all in one working. It is definitely lucid in every sense of the word.

Psychoactive Intense Energy raising-activating

Greater awareness, relax, no feelings of body (empty inside), concentration on 3rd eye, after all track peace and joy inside.

I would just say that I love listening to it and all the all soundscapes. This one has been the most intense.

Peaceful surrender

More able to sense energies of plants, animals, insects, and even being more noticeably tuned to the vibrations of crystals and other minerals.

Greater ability to ‘channel energy’ in doing healing work with clients

A journey within a journey.

The pre-mix version was ‘difficult’ for me to work with. I often turned down the volume or turned it off. HOWEVER, after downloading the FINAL VERSION a couple of days ago, after listening to that version, I noticed an immediate increase in Lucidity in my imagery in meditations. Also dreams were more ‘vivid’ (but I still forgot the dreams after I got up in the morning.)

There is lucid dreaming in practice by many people as a means of becoming more aware of mind. DNA lucidity differs however in the fact that it is full lucid body and mind and spirit tuned together. This is something I am still integrating as a meditation but so far results have been very interesting, if you’re familiar with the level one series give this a try, you may surprise yourself with what you experience. 😉

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Hi-Quality Sound System and/or Headphones ~ Ideally Both
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