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Music for Massage, Energy Healing & Reiki

Our music is ideal for any therapeutic settings where creating an atmosphere of peace, tranquility and safety is important to the success of your treatments.

Many healers of all types are using this music in their practices to facilitate a deeper transformational process and awaken their clients natural healing abilities. We recommend that the therapist become familiar with the music first so that they know whether they can use a certain soundscape with a client. Our music can contain a wide range of both light and darker passages and it is important that as a therapist you honor the state of wellness that your client is at prior to playing a soundscape. Do your own personal journeys several times so you can be aware of where the music can take someone.

Ideal for all types of Healing Modalities

Massage • Bodywork • Vibrational Healing • Energy Healing
Reiki (shamballa reiki, usui reiki, seichem reiki)
Psychosynthesis • Psychotherapy • Regression • Hypnosis
Breathwork (holotropic breathwork, rebirthing, shamanic breathwork
Chiropractic • Physical Therapy • Music Therapy
and more…..

The following soundscapes (Touch of Angels, Healing or Journey towards Ascension) are what we consider the most gentle and should be used first with any new clients to determine the effects that the music may have on your clients. Don’t be offended if your client rejects the music as they may not be ready for this range of frequencies. If you want to talk with JoAnn about any experiences you may have, reach out on LiveChat below.

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