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Journey of the Soul

Journey of the Soul | ShapeshifterDNA

  • Meditation Level: Intermediate
  • Powerful journey for Soul Retrieval work
  • Excellent for deepening meditation
  • Flowing style great for massage/reiki sessions
  • Connects One intimately with Source Vibration
  • Ideal for Shamanic Journeys and Ascension sessions
  • Encourages explorations of Life Path & Purpose

Our soul’s journey begins as a pulse in the vast cosmic sea of consciousness . . . . . Source Vibration. We emerge into form . . . . . our bodies; Our Gift. We seek continually from life to life to evolve; to be more, to become more . . . . . always searching, learning, growing. Absorbing and integrating data streams . . . . . gaining in wisdom. Our journey is timeless . . . . . an endless adventure of wonder and magic. Spinning and spiraling through fractalized experiences we call our Life Path. With our hearts open wide, we embrace this ONE Great Love. Ascending to the 5th World, we take our place as co-creators sharing our Light on the Journey of the Soul.

Journey of the Soul Medley

by ShapeshifterDNA

While listening to this soundscape, contemplate your journey from the very beginnings of your existence to where you are now. Spend time exploring all aspects of the dimensional realms in which you vibrate, hold frequency, resonate — Exist. Encoded information will be released from your DNA codex to reveal more about your joy, passion, purpose and mission while here on Planet Earth . . . . the Journey of your Soul continues.

Story behind the Music

The original transmission of this soundscape came through in October 2008. Many of you will remember the intense energy flowing through the planetary grid at that time which culminated in The Financial Crash of 2008. We were actually in the process of bringing through the DNA.L2 series at this time. The first 2 were already completed and this was to be the third in that series. But it was a pretty significant shift in energy and at the time we didn’t realize the reasons, but of course and as always in retrospect it makes sense. This soundscape is much more serene and calming in many ways than the rest of the DNA.L2 series eventually came to be. The necessity to smooth out the energy at the time was very important in our journey as well as for the grounding crew that was working with us energetically to ground these higher frequency templates. The first 2 transmissions of the DNA.L2 series was a big shift in sound, energy and the assimilation process for all of us engaged in grounding the DNA.L2 frequencies. After the first 2, we needed a break of sorts before moving on to the next one. So we decided to hold this release back for a while and just wait until it was time to be called forth from guidance. As we continued working with it more and more, we were taken back through many lifetimes, ultimately back to our formless state of pure Light — Soul Essence. The recapitulation process was fully supported the more we worked with it and so the name, Journey of the Soul, was received for this soundscape.

After moving through all the various nuances and intensities of the year 2012, we feel this is an excellent piece to just be still and silent with for many, many sessions; letting the waves of energy just flow through you, gradually bringing you back to your deepest states of inner peace. From that place, once again, you will find your joy and passions in your personal path and find the energy needed for your greater mission work. For those of you who have been working with the intense shapeshifting energy of the DNA.L2 series, you will now be able to add this piece to your listening sessions and experience an intense feeling of ahhhhhhhhh within. If you are not with the DNA.L2 now, that is OK as this soundscape can assist you in moving towards being ready to start that series. For us this piece is the next level of the Healing soundscape, providing much of the same energetic sustenance found in that classic release.

Poem & Video
The Journey of the Soul Poem was something that came to JoAnn as she started working on preparing this release and it moves through the initiation of a new soul to where we are now in our evolutionary journeys as a species ready to step up into a new manifestation — the 5th World of Light. Watch our YouTube Video below for the visual audio version.


The impulse to be more
Emerging from vast primordial potentials
Contracting & Expanding
Now I am
I exist
I AM Manifest

I feel my essence stepping out into awareness
The journey of my soul begins
The wonder of life all around me encompasses my emerging senses
Seeing into the world of matter
I begin to touch realms filled with patterned resistance
Caution and concern fill my being
I am caught up in a web of illusions
The density lures me in
Deeper I fall
And fear arises as my survival is challenged
My precious multidimensional existence is condensed
The walls close in
The frequency spectrums of vast awareness
Now confined

I engage gradually in a play, a game called Life
Weaving through multitudes of chatter and chaos
I allow and envelop this world as if it mattered
My beingness scatters about so that data streams can be processed
I abate implosion at every turn
Redirection of attention
I forget, I lose track of who I am
My inner compass lost in a sea of effluvial fluids

The discovery of layers within layers
and nuances that I call reality
Fragments of awareness dancing on the tips of the tendrils in my mind
Never deciding to coalesce
No ultimate harmony is found within this density

Over and over, life after life the pendulum swings
From dark to light
From pain, suffering, despair — always avoiding Annihilation
To joy, happiness and ecstatic bliss I wander
Back into form, again
And again

I descend so deep into darkness that Bliss finally rises up
Lessons, teachings and theosophical ponderings fill my quest
Karmic patterns dancing and weaving the directions of my path
Creating my myth
I grow
I realize
I become more
I know that I am

As the bottom approaches and the darkness consumes all thoughts
A Light appears, so very faint, so very small
Beckoning me to enter as there is no place else to go
The point of no return
I have arrived

Clarity begins to Reveal itself
As I drop into the abyss
Spiraling down
I let go
I let go
I let go
My illusions dissolve
No more to do
Just be

And then I hear the calling
The faint sounds off in the distance
I am floating
My life
My choice
To join the One
To co create
To participate in loving devotion
To direct the flow into desires
Union with the divine

The gratitude of the vessel
The Body Temple
A gift of great magnitude
To be treasured and revered
Appreciation seeps from my lips
And into the space around me
Journeying through the Strata of dark and light
I am motionless
I am vibration
I am dancing in a realm of frequencies
Created to entertain
To engage me in a matrix of designs

Cellular memories revealed
DNA codes flashing on and off
Undulating waves and patterns swirling to and fro
Engaging my mind in fantasy and magick
Allowing my imagination to connect the dots
Stimulating actions to participate
One again I face the dawn of new potentials
I move in flows
My energy body twirls, spins, flies and soars
Modulating my Life Force
My luminous energy body’s experience of joy

Connecting with others
Seeking to manifest desires
Abundance for us all
We have transformed
We have arrived
The 5th world of light manifested
The architects are now in position
I take my place among them
To serve
The journey of my soul continues
Always evolving
Always changing


A Higher Manifestation Begins

~JoAnn Chambers ©2013

Journey of the Soul Reviews

The special music arrived by the hour and I am off to work to listen later. Although there have been great many listening reviews of it, there is also excitement in opening the package and holding the CD, as it is as if I received special tickets to Tahiti, and tickets that never expire and can be reused over and over when one wants to travel and “get away.”This is the other candy, the visual, the holding, the anticipation, the thought of being something greater and better for the working with it.
~ JL, CA

I just got Journey of the Soul. When I listened to the guided version I was blown away. I was under the impression that I was the only one that had that level of understanding. I am so glad for the work you have done. Visionary Music has helped me on my journey. What is most important to me right now is to wake up and become fully what I am.
~ EO, Texas

Wow! You guys are onto something with this new music. My Soul definitely took a Journey back to Source! … and I suddenly realized I wanted to understand the Beginning. What came before… ? No longer able to concentrate, I put the book down I was reading and started listening to the music. I began seeing a Kaleidoscope of liquid colors that continually stretched and curved around each other, becoming brighter until all white. Something like a drug trip but very mellow, warm. I moved into it and as I did my consciousness expanded and it was like I had a vision of the bigger picture of All That Is– Universal Knowledge, very similar to what happened during my NDE when I remembered the messages: we are all One and there is no death. I was visually aware of the swirling colors and the moment the veil dropped. I got a quick glimpse of an undescribably beautiful, peaceful, loving vision then everything went black. I slowly awakened a few minutes before the end of the music… so out about 20-25 minutes. I felt so peaceful that I just stayed there for another 15 minutes floating on my cloud. As my intention was to understand the Beginning, the information I received has to do with that. Now I just have to put it into words. The question is really what is consciousness and how does it create matter? Because even if humans came from aliens, where did alien life forms come from? Were they created or did they evolve? Are they souls in other physical forms? Hmmmmmmm…What’s interesting is I haven’t done any deep thinking in ages, now I can’t stop! Will keep working with the music and let you know my progress.
~D.G., Sisters, OR

I have been working several of the visionary music soundscapes over the past several years and have always found them to be nothing short of a revelation in terms of using music to aid in spiritual, emotional development. This latest piece ” Journey of the Soul” does not disappoint. Some parts of the piece I recognize from previous work. The soundscape for me personally had a trance like quality which helped me to travel deep inside and allowed for some amazing shamanic journeying and brought up stuck issues that I have been struggling with for quite some time. It helped bring some of this to the surface very quickly and as soon as this took place the music changed and allowed me to release the emotion at the perfect time. For me this piece would allow me go deep inside and
receive messages and answers to issues in order to release old karma but I also feel that as I work more and more with this piece how I use it will change and I will be able to use it in a progressive way to manifest and meditate with. The way the piece has been compiled with multiple layers and levels means that I could work with it daily for a long time just as I have done with “5th World Emerging.” This piece allows you to connect with source at a deep level and I am already excited at the prospect of moving onto this piece. Another brilliant piece from Visionary Music !!!! ~ Sangeeta, London, UK

I am a Reiki Master and use this music for two purposes. The first is to aid in the healing of my friends and patients; second is for my own meditation and relaxation. I find your new release Journey of the Soul to be useful in both categories. I’m not in to hype and can honestly tell you that I find this selection beneficial. The second time I listened to it, I darkened the room and focused on a quartz crystal Merkaba star illuminated by a revolving colored LED pedestal and just let the energy flow! The vibratory frequencies used in this selection took me immediately to an altered state and frankly, I wasn’t ready for it to end.
~ R.M., St. Pete, FL

I find Journey of the Soul to be the most moving and beautiful release ever! When this turbulent world challenges me, I turn to this music to find stillness and calm within myself. It strikes not only an emotional chord, but a deeply spiritual one as well. It seems to help me tap into a reserve so deep, I can’t help but feel stronger and more present, no matter what is happening in the outside world…or my own head. Just beautiful!
~ D.C., Asheville, NC

When I first listened to Journey of the Soul, the soundscape totally relaxed me. I was drawn into the depths of the music, oblivious to the uncomfortable computer chair I was sitting in while listening to it. In fact, my kids saw me in such a relaxed state and thought I was sleeping! The music lulled me into a deep meditative state. I felt as though I drifted away completely. I didn’t consciously hear the entire piece the first time, so I listened to it again. Though the music put me into a peaceful state of mind, I remained in a relaxed yet focused mind state. While listening more attentively, I thought I heard snippets of the DNA L2 Series embedded in the soundscape. My favorite passage was 25:05 to 28:09. What came to mind was a ‘portal’ or a ‘doorway’ because this passage of music sounded like an energetic portal to me. I’ve heard it before in one of the DNA L2 pieces and felt an instant connection to it. I was pleasantly surprised to hear it in this sound scape. 🙂 I liked the multidimensional ambiance of this piece. Each time I’ve listened to it, I’ve heard different sounds, tones and more depth in the music. Like other VM masterpieces (Lucidity 1.5, both DNA Levels 1 and 2, 2012 Gateways and The Odyssey), “the music evolves with the listener.” As the cliche goes, “it’s never the same thing twice.” I think the title is perfect for this piece. It’s most definitely a Journey of the Soul… and a pleasantly relaxing one, too!!
~ CT, Arizona (USA)

I’ve listened to Journey of the Soul a few times now. I would say it’s the most gentle of any of the soundscapes I’ve heard from Shapeshifter so far. It’s very very peaceful. Very pretty. I’d say kind of fairy like and angelic quality to it. It does not have the drama found in the DNA L1 & L2 series, although there are a few places where it dips into mysterious realms. The sound has a more clear and pure quality than the DNA L2 series..kind of an airy quality to it. I find it a very calming piece of music – I wouldn’t have minded a little bit more fun/excitement thrown in there – like the part with a little bit of drums and the awesome vocals; and the parts where it gets a little mysterious – My Journey of my Soul has had a roller coaster beginning to it, with a lot of fun and those `ah ha’ moments thrown in for excitement. The peaceful part has come in the later parts of the journey. The universe has been constantly showing me it’s sense of humor during and throughout my journey. This soundscape seemed to have an overall serious tone to it. I’m noticing more intriguing overlaid textures and layers each time I listen to it.
~ M.B., Ontario, Canada

Peace culminating in happiness. A stretch, reaching to the beyond. Comforting excitement. Smiles for the heart. We can do this together through hope, peace and joy. An opening to the creation of All. Settling into the soul through the heart. Bubbling with joy. Sheer beauty, a birdsong for the heart. Transformation of the heart. Enveloped in love. Knowledge and wisdom from All. Together, enrobed in peace, moving forward. We are ready to experience this journey together. From the inner depths of the soul to the outer reaches of infinite wisdom, this brings a knowing, a confidence, that all is well, and we are indeed One. This is the heaven for which we have been waiting, living in the space of past and future, this is ours indeed. Our new life. A truly beautiful experience.
~ B.S., Albuquerque, NM

Already the opening passages of “Journey of the Soul” gave me an intense feeling of coming home ….. home to a Paradise I had been evicted from eons ago and was now, finally, allowed to return to. My heart opened wide and I felt my whole body relax. These words don’t do justice to the feeling I had ….. it felt so wonderful to be back home, but it’s hard to convey in words. At the same time I felt that the sounds were working on my 3rd eye. This first part was really easy to let go into, up to the part with the strings that had a slightly Celtic or medieval feel to it (at least for me it did), which also gave me a feeling of home, but a more earthly kind of home. Of course, as with all soundscapes by Shapeshifter, the music always takes you as deep as you are willing to go, and it highlighted my ongoing internal struggle between my wish to completely immerse myself in the experience, and my wish to keep control of what’s happening. As I was listening, my mind seemed to conjure up every to-do list it could think of (including thoughts of “what to write for the review”), just to make sure I would not get in too deep. 😉 In those moments when I could let go completely into the experience, it felt like being in a womb, enveloped by welcome darkness and warmth. It was very relaxing for those parts my body that had been tensed up. On a different level this whole soundscape was full of water. It felt intensely watery to me ….. everything from glittering ice crystals, to glistening drops of water and rolling ocean waves. At one point it felt like being sucked into a maelstrom and traversing dark watery tunnels where monsters were lurking in the shadows, waiting to jump out and attack you at any moment. They didn’t, but there was a feeling that it could happen at any moment. Then this whole dark passage seemed to open up and give way to a feeling of glittering magic. Just to be clear, though, the maelstrom didn’t really feel scary ….. just eerie. When I really let myself drown in it, there was this vortex-y feeling on my crown chakra, drawing me deeper into the unknown depths. Energetically, I felt the effects of the music most strongly in my 3rd eye, crown chakra, and the base of my skull, and – surprisingly – also my ears. There was something like a pull or a pressure on each of my ears, in turn, first the left ear and then the right. At the same time, the feeling of coming home opened my heart wide. (My head is still tingling as I write this.) I am sure I will go deeper with this music when I work with it more, and then I will have more to share.
~ Z.Z., Berlin, Germany

This music is good for entering a serene, dreamy state. You can feel yourself vibrating and rippling as you listen. It’s kind of like a vibrational tune up for the spirit.
~S.M., New York, NY

I have been working with the DNA Activation soundscapes since mid-2011, when I first heard about them from a trusted friend. Although I have been on an active and committed spiritual journey for many years and have always used sound as a vehicle of transformation, this music immediately became the indispensable soundtrack of my inner work. At first I worked extensively with each of the complex and compelling recordings of Levels One and Two, feeling the intensity of their workings on all aspects of my being. And I continue to cycle through them every night, still looking forward to diving into the depths of light and vibration they evoke with the same eagerness I felt when I began. At first I was not even remotely interested in any of the other soundscapes, preferring to go straight to the most intensely transformative work. But when I recently had the opportunity to preview Journey of the Soul, I jumped at it and am grateful that I followed that inner prompting. I have come to value Journey of the Soul in the same way as I do the DNA Activation soundscapes and find more depth in it with each listening. And as I allow the sounds to carry me, I feel a new awareness of my Soul’s journey, in all its many aspects.
~ S.M., Valley Center, CA

The Journey of the Soul soundscape is really a multidimensional activating sonic hologram that takes you on an inner journey to a fast realm of sacred geometric crystalline structures. I also went in a very deep state of samadhi during my meditation for a little while on the soundscape and traveled in to the hollow earth and then the partial 3D dimension of time was canceled out in my experience. In my experience the soundscape seems to last for hours! — and yet it was all compressed in merely 45 minutes — Wow !
~ S.S., Amsterdam, Netherlands

Nice …. I seek music and it comes to me. A soundscape masterpiece ~ Yes …. I went into meditation somewhere on the first listen now I’m on my second listening….I feel musically massaged..Yes, very Awesome.
~ S.M., Monument, CO

Journey of the Soul is a masterfully created fluid piece that floats you on an trip into the otherworldly realms of your imagination, relaxing the heaviness of physical existence and breathing you into that lighter than air space of the Soul. It is very beautiful.

This journey, for me, is all about connecting with the true self and recognizing/highlighting where one is not connected or has forgotten soul aspects. The journey feels like it makes this point energetically from many different angles as the flavors of each section morph and change. So once again the soundscape feels as though it has lots of little signs and energetic pathways pointing to the inner self saying “look, remember this part of your heart self you have forgotten, lets reconnect it.” Aside from this wonderful vibration and the regular Shapeshifter healing energy I’ve come to love, the music is facilitating the re-patching/healing of problems in the energetic bodies like tears, holes and disturbances. A great journey – I really feel like I’m just beginning with this one and I have to say its a powerful must to have in anyone’s meditation toolbox.
~ Kunda, NSW, Australia

Nice multiple layers of resonance that are very heavily felt in the heart and chest area, and related to that, a higher measure of LOVE is felt here than some of the other Shapeshifter Offerings (which are nice in themselves, of course). It was much more strongly felt the second time than the first time, and the first time was in the afternoon and the second time was in the wee hours after midnight, with the moon up high. Chi movements and body cycles within us can make all the difference in the world with what we feel at the moment from stones, music, crystals, herbs, etc on our body. The energy to me feels very Pleiadian, inasmuch as it is soft yet powerful and loving, it doesn’t quit and yet does not overwhelm or offend. It flows subtly. There is some welcome repetition in the sequences that seems to work well like chanting does, or to “reinforce” laid down energy yet another time, like many coats of paint to perfection, or to slightly trance the listener to “open up” to better receive, or even all three. I listened to it awake and fully functioning…unsure if it is more designed to be Shamanic and Trance inducing instead. It has some similarities in “feel” to your other light blue colored cd’s DNA 1.5, Rejuva, TLC Ascension, and then Healing (Ancient Calling/Earth & Sky). For some reason, the color of soft transparent “light blue” fills my mind when I listen to it. There is a smooth transition even in the changes as the music progresses…there is no WTH moment in the entire CD such as with DNA L1 #3…the “bug zapper” sequence or the spiraling or corkscrew sound suddenly appearing in DNA L1 #2…although one positive review on Amazon suggested that “shapeshifting” could indeed entail dramatic music changes from this to that and this and more back to that as true to the word etymology. The music does get a little “harder” about 20 min into the recording and then something new “unfolds” at 22:06 like a feeling of a “revelation” (DNA L1 #4 has an unfolding and “ah” moment early on in its recording) But the harder percussive style 20 min into it is pleasing and non intrusive and I am sure there is a higher purpose with what has been mixed into the music. I also sense a “make love not war” underlying message that comes up to me in the mix, some sort of message to “not sweat the small change” or put tension on a back burner and enjoy simply being and not take from others to enjoy oneself, but to simply look within. There is a nice “light show” of swirling, glowing clouds of energy in my retina screen when I close my eyes and I am in the dark listening to this, not a black screen but much electrified swirly plasma. Another percussive moment comes in at 37:00 that is heavily felt in the sides of the neck and upper chest, preceded before that by what sounds like a chorus of Pleiadian women healers in ancient style robes and long hair.
~ J.L., Pittsburg, CA

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