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Nocturnal Pleasures

Noctural Pleasures | DNAvatar

  • Meditation Level: Beginner
  • Gentle & Relaxing Sounds
  • Initiates Deeper States of Relaxation
  • Encourages Deep Breathing Patterns
  • Shifts one towards Inner Presence
  • Shifts brainwave patterns to alpha, theta and into delta sleep
  • Assists in Sleep Disorders & Insomnia by entraining the Mind to let go and be Still

Nocturnal Pleasures is a 20 minute soundscape that was designed to help you prepare your body/mind to move towards a deeper state of relaxation and to induce a shamanic state before you drift off to sleep. There are sacred tones and waves of sound within the music that gently encourage your breathing patterns to deepen, allowing the body to release the stressors of the day and to quiet the mind by redirecting scattered thought patterns. This soundscape is also used as the background to a shamanically guided Sleep Program that is designed to assist you in getting to sleep more quickly and to let go and relax into your meditations. Can be use to relax, chill out or sleep. The Sleep Program contains a guided journey that you can work with to entrain yourself to use this piece of music specifically for going to sleep. Once you feel you have integrated the program into your DNA, you can just use the music without the guided piece.

Nocturnal Pleasures Intro

by ShapeshifterDNA

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NEXT STEP: After you have explored for a while and feel ready to dive in deeper,
it is imporant to work with Full-Fidelity Sound Files

Hi-Quality Sound System and/or Headphones ~ Ideally Both
Sound Beds are Great

5hZ to 35kHz Frequency Response (get as close as you can to these specs)


INCLUDES: Nocturnal Pleasures soundscape and Guided Journey for Sleep
20 minutes runtime each ~ .wav audio format


By purchasing our soundscapes, you will be supporting our on-going projects that provide light-based sonic sustenance to an awakening humanity.

20% of your gift supports the development and funding
of MUSE Evolutionary Arts Foundation  \ 501(c)3 non-profit

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