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Music for Ascension

Ascension – Transformation – Transmutation

Our QSET soundscapes can begin by activating the third eye, stimulating the pineal/pituitary gland to “wake up.” This can be the beginning of the awakening process that eventually leads you to the concepts of Ascension.

As this energetic form within you begins to unfold, the music starts to create an energetic field of Light around your auric field and the environments in which they are played. This starts the process of connecting you to your expanded senses and to your guides that will assist you from other dimensional levels. As you open to communications with these multi-dimensional realms of Light, you begin to receive new information from your extra sensory receptors – clairyvoyant visions increase, clairaudient sound is amplified, clairsentient knowingness is expanded to encompass the larger matrix of Light and information that we live within. We reference this as widening your frequency spectrum.

Your range of perception will increase tenfold with consistent listening to these soundscapes. As you add more Light energy to your entire bio-energetic form, you initiate the Ascension process and begin building your body of Light. These soundscapes continue to evolve as you do, releasing new sounds/frequencies as you take on higher levels of Light energy.


What is Ascension?

Ascension is a gradual process of increasing ones Light Quotient to lift one’s self to the next higher dimensional level. Currently humanity is ascending towards a 5th dimensional reality, while still holding a primary focus in our 3rd dimensional world of matter.  We are always ascending in one way or another, whether we do it slowly by remaining unconscious or choosing to wake up and consciously accelerate the process. This is a natural part of human evolution; seeking to lift to a higher state of consciousness. (excerpt from DNAvatar Program | Course: Introduction to DNAvatar | Evolutionary Word, Terms and Concepts)

All of our music assists you in the Ascension process, but to get started we recommend you listen to Journey towards Ascension and go within and listen for an inner message for more expanded guidance on your personal journey.

Journey towards Ascension | ShapeshifterDNA

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