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Music for Lucid Dreaming, Astral Traveling, OBEs & Remote Viewing

All our music can assist you to develop your abilities of any of these practices. These skills take a long time to master and what you are looking for here are incremental steps that refine the technique over time. Further research on your part is necessary as there are many different techniques out there to help you develop these skills.  We will eventually develop specific Courses for these abilities, but in the meantime start with our Introduction to DNAvatar Program to learn more and to understand how to get started on this adventure.

What is . . . . .

Lucid Dreaming is dreaming while being aware that you are dreaming.

Out-of-body-experiences (OBEs) are brief experiences in which a person seems to perceive the world from a location outside his physical body.

Astral Traveling is the process of consciously connecting with the astral (etheric) body and by using one’s intent, you can travel on astral planes to various destinations.

Remote Perception/Remote Viewing is the ability that one can develop to extend their field of awareness outside of the current physical range into other locations anywhere on the planet or beyond.

(excerpts from DNAvatar Program | Course: Introduction to DNAvatar | Evolutionary Word, Terms and Concepts)

You can begin this journey by starting with our DNA Activation LevelOne series below. Start with the #1 soundscape and listen every day at least once in a meditative state for one week, then move on to the next soundscape. Each one builds on the preceding on and you want to become comfortable with these new frequency patterns in your life before moving on. If you find that you are feeling unbalanced, then extend the process as needed. This is just the beginning place to start, but you will feel a shift in your expanded awareness within the first 30 days. Make notes as you progress with your meditations so you can chart your progress. 

DNA Activation LevelOne | ShapeshifterDNA

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