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Music for Reiki & Energy Healing Sessions

Our music is ideal for use during your Reiki Session or any Energy Healing Modalities. Sound is a powerful carrier of information and energy and is often an essential element in the effects that a healing session offers. We recommend healers work with this transformational music first in their personal work and then introduce it to your clients once you feel you have established a connection with each piece.

We offer some suggestions below to get started with as they are more gentle and maintain a higher frequency range throughout. The music will help you as a therapist as well as the client and the more you establish resonance with the music, the more that is translated to your clients during your sessions.

Healing | ShapeshifterDNA

Healing | Quiet of the Morning

by ShapeshifterDNA

Touch of Angels | ShapeshifterDNA

Touch of Angels

by ShapeshifterDNA

Journey towards Ascension | ShapeshifterDNA

Journey towards Ascension Medley

by ShapeshifterDNA

Journey of the Soul | ShapeshifterDNA

Journey of the Soul Medley

by ShapeshifterDNA

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