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Awaken your Psychic Abilities with DNA Activation Music

Interested in developing your Higher Sense Perceptions and awakening your Psychic Abilities?

Awaken your Psychic AbilitiesOur DNA Activation soundscapes begin by activating the third eye, stimulating the pineal/pituitary gland to “wake up.” As this energetic begins to unfold, the music starts to create an energetic field of Light around your auric field and the environments in which they are played. This starts the process of connecting you to your expanded senses and to your guides that will assist you from other dimensional levels. As you open to communications with these multi-dimensional realms of Light, you begin to receive new information from your extra sensory receptors – clairyvoyant visions increase, clairaudient sound is amplified, clairsentient knowingness is expanded to encompass the larger matrix of Light and information that we live within at all time. Your range of perception will increase tenfold.

In addition to the music, we also recommed you start working with our Psychedelic Videos which are designed to work with the music to enhance your 3rd Eye awakening. By watching the videos initially and then closing your eyes and just listening to the music you will enhance your psychic abilities.

Developing Psychic Abilities

Developing your higher senses is a lifelong pursuit with each step assisting in the overall awakening journey. These tools will assist you greatly in this goal, but dedication to the process is also very important. It is not something that is meant to be rushed or pushed, as each step has to integrate into your current life path. The process of awakening your Psychic Abilities is actually something everyone is capable of accessing by awakening their higher DNA strands. Intention is a Key. Our music provides a consistent stream of higher frequencies that helps you to stay focused even when you are not specifically holding your attention on the music. The initial intention starts the process of activating the necessary DNA codes to actualize your goals.

There will be a Course in our DNAvatar Program eventually to help you with this. (available sometime in 2021) In the meantime, you should start with the beginner Courses and get started on learning more about DNA Activation. The first Course is free and if you sign up to our email list below, you will get a few items that will help you get going on this adventure.

How to Activate your Psychic Abilities in 30 Days

You can begin this journey by starting with our DNA Activation LevelOne series below. Start with the #1 soundscape and listen every day at least once in a meditative state for one week, then move on to the next soundscape. Each one builds on the preceding on and you want to become comfortable with these new frequency patterns in your life before moving on. If you find that you are feeling unbalanced, then extend the process as needed. This is just the beginning place to start, but you will feel a shift in your expanded awareness within the first 30 days. Make notes as you progress with your meditations so you can chart your progress. 

DNA Activation LevelOne | ShapeshifterDNA

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