Grandfather — Lightbrary Cathedral Crystal

Meet Grandfather, our Lightbrary Cathedral Quartz Crystal from AtlantisThis is a "Lightbrary" Cathedral Crystal and they are very rare. We have found very little information about them in our research. This crystal found its way to us in 1988 — a profound gift from the Universe — as we began our journeys in developing the first Odyssey Sound & Light Temple space. His name is respectfully, "Grandfather."

Excerpted and edited from Majestic-Quartz website:
Cathedrals are a rare form of Quartz crystal. These crystals must have inspired architects to create turreted castles and cathedrals. Watch out for the lightbrary Cathedrals. They are generally very translucent Cathedral crystals that also appear to have doorways. The term Lightbrary translates to "Libraries of Light."
Cathedral Quartz crystals are named after their shape. They look like mini castles! These crystals like ours have been referred to as Cathedrals for many decades. Clear/Quartz Cathedrals are referred to as Lightbrary Cathedrals. These crystals have doorways in them, more often than not, in their castling definition. To travel into the crystal, just gaze into the doorway, you will see it open and your consciousness will be drawn into the crystal. From there you can travel into different chambers and
receive information that you are ready for at that time. You can also travel in inner and outer space in complete safety within the crystal. Cathedral crystals are very rare, which is why you will rarely see them.

Top view of Grandfather Lightbrary Cathedral CrystalWhen we reunited, this incarnation, in 1988 — our meditations began revealing the work that we had come here to accomplish. The Odyssey Sound & Light Temple was one of the first visions we started to receive. In our dreams and our meditations we were both taken back to our Atlantean incarnation and had visions of the special healing temples that we had worked in to assist others in their evolutionary processes. These rooms were like crystal caverns — with many different sizes and colors of crystals all around. The surround sound system was incredible — holographic, multidimensional and multilayered. As you moved into various spaces of the room, the sounds would change and morph. We knew that we were to recreate these environments here, during this timeline, to assist those who are ready to evolve and awaken their dormant potentials; to consciously transform from a body of dense matter to a body temple of Light.

Close Up view of Grandfather Lightbrary Cathedral Quartz Crystal from AtlantisVery shortly after we received this series of teachings and visions, we went to one of those new age type gatherings where there were many vendors selling their tools. We were drawn to this one extraordinary crystal supplier who carried very large pieces and we were immediately captivated by a large cathedral crystal. At that time, we were lacking the funds to purchase such an expensive item, not to mention that many other basic needs were considered much more important at that time. But we just couldn't get that voice out of our heads, and the feeling that we needed to have that crystal because it was part of us. We then knew, without a doubt, that we needed it to begin the development of our Odyssey Sound & Light Temple. So we made an arrangement with the dealer, as they also felt that it was meant to be with us also. It was clear that there was some pastlife connection between us that was very definite. We agreed to make the leap financially and trust that our guidance was leading us in the directions that were necessary to do our work. Within a month after getting this crystal, we were gifted with $5000 which enabled us to develop the first phase of the Odyssey space. We share this story simply as a lesson on Abundance and trusting your guidance. When your guidance tells you something is important even when logic tells you otherwise, when doorways to new adventures appear before you. ACT. DO. TRUST.

Images shows the underside of Grandfather Lightbrary Cathedral CrystalThe Crystal shared with us, in a powerful inner communication, that he wished to be called Grandfather, as he is here to be a very wise and patient teacher with us. His very essence is that of Unconditional Love. He has remained a core element of our work, collecting data and transmitting data as needed; unfolding knowledge and wisdom in the increments in which we are able to process and integrate it. He assists in all healing sessions in the Odyssey Temple. Many have compared him to some of the crystal skulls, in that his wisdom is never ending and unfolds as we are ready to move to the next level in our personal evolution. Working with him has been quite profound, it is like walking into a house of mirrors with millions of facets and windows of opportunity. Choosing, as we are guided, which doorway is appropriate to enter next.

Grandfather Crystal charges up vibrational jewelryAnyone working with our music can easily tap into the greater cosmic wisdom of Grandfather by setting strong intent to direct your consciousness towards him. Because he is a part of all the music we create, one can easily find their way to his energetic configuration. He is also present at many of our live events so you can meet him personally and he loves attention. Grandfather Crystal also charges up various items like essences, elixers and crystal jewelry. We have several pieces of jewelry that are hand made especially for us that we offer for sale on our site. We also find special pieces that we feel would make an excellent meditation or attunement piece. Take a look at our Chakra Balancing Pendant and our ReJuva Healing Wand and request a special attunement session by JoAnn for your piece.

I am here to assist you to evolve past perceived limitations

I am here to heal your pain

I am here to transform matter into Light

I am here to awaken your full potentials

I am here to open doorways into multidimensional realms

I am here to show you truth