The Story behind the Music of Shamballa....

In February of 2000, we were asked to ground the higher frequencies of Light from the Shamballa matrix into a musical composition. It all started with a young man named Luis V., who requested a personal channeled soundscape to use in his work. Luis felt a calling to connect on the deepest levels to the energy of Shamballa. He desired to be in continual communication with the masters, guides and teachers that impart higher knowledge through this vibrational signature. Luis is a healer actively involved in the process of discovering his gifts and unfolding his divine purpose. One of the strongest messages he received from guidance was that his work on the planet during this lifetime would emanate from his connection to the Shamballa current. During his meditations, he received information that one of the most profound ways in which he would be able to maintain this connection was through music, sound and vibration. He was also told that this music had not been created yet and that he would need to seek out the musician/composer that would be able to do this for him. As he started his search to find the right sounds, he was guided to connect with ShapeshifterDNA. And so our journey together began........

As ShapeshifterDNA, we continue to remain open to the widest spectrum of energy and information available. We are also very aware of our connection to the Shamballa energy from previous incarnations and we are more than willing to deepen our relationship with the many teachers and masters that reside in this sector of the matrix. It became apparent early in the Project that the music would not only be for Luis, but also for the many Lightworkers who were awakening to the teachings that are resurfacing on the planet during this cycle. We have also been shown the deeper, non-dogmatic, multi-dimensional aspects of this creative force.

Many Lightworkers are feeling the calling to ground this magical, mystical energy of Shamballa into tangible manifestation. This energetic has been called many different names over time. Each of us will form our own personal connection to it that will become clearer as we begin our deeper explorations and initiate the process of remembering our divinity during these evolving times. The time of transformation is here; there is no longer any doubts about that.

The energy flowing through the Galactic core and from the modulating electromagnetic field of the Sun is now generating currents impacting the scalar/morphogenic fields of Gaia and all life upon her. These waves are the Shamballa Initiation in action. Interacting with these Shamballic currents has accelerated our work with DNA Activation and can do the same for your personal explorations. During the time we were deeply engaged with this project we actualized more profound changes in our awareness. The Shamballa current initiates the process of abundance on all levels and we have been blessed to experience these truths in many areas of our life.

This living information has guided us in our unfolding purpose during that time, as well as showing us the bigger picture of the Divine Plan. Through synchronistic events, we have been shown where we are to focus our energy in order to actualize our manifestations. This includes, among many other things, attracting other self empowered individuals, groups and resources to further ground this adventure in to 3D.

Our gift begins with the soundscapes - it is for those of you who feel this calling to take these teachings and unfold them into your own personal creative expression. The sound design phase was being transmitted throughout 2000 during many significant planetary alignments and energy wave transmissions. During the times when planet-wide meditations were taking place and dimensional windows opened through the vortex of beliefs, we were able to maintain some of the most powerful connections to the Shamballa masters. It was during the sacred communion of these mass events that much of the original sounds were grounded into our recording technology. The doors to Shamballa were opened wide during the month of January 2001 and many of you were called to action during that time, in preparation for the acceleration that was to come. During that period, we received extensive transmissions that we continue to unfold. It is definitely a planetary dynamic that is affecting all of us -- for we are all one aspect of the whole -- what effects one of us, affects all of us.

There is a calling for renewal so that we, as conscious beings, may ground and co-create with this infinite potential. Light is shining into the Darkness of inertia and much is being revealed -- in many ways and on many different levels. As we continued to work on this initial Project, various pieces of the final soundscape came through. The Project was being released in energetic "bursts" in order to allow us to integrate each phase of the powerful information given to us through the sonic connections.

As focused empaths, much care was taken that the transmission was received in the most open, clear and centered state as possible. When each stage of initiation was assimilated, we were then prepared to bring through the next sequence. Our personal spiritual path was intimately connected to this process as well as to the planetary dynamics that were being played out.

On 09.11.01, the final transmissions were being received and we received guidance that this release was now completed. Not knowing about the dramatic events that were being played out until several hours after the WTC/Pentagon attacks occurred, we were receiving some of the most powerful transmissions indicating that the planet was now ready to receive, and to work with these soundscapes. The section being received at that time the planes hit the towers begins at 6:27 on track 1; a rather prophetic signpost. The week following this event, we were in continual resonance with the Shamballa matrix while various aspects of this Project were being completed. The group meditation date of 09.17.01 was another very powerful day. Transmissions were received regarding the transformative effects that this music would have as the frequencies began being heard around the planet.

In holding our connection to this current, we were provided with an overview of the previous week's events from a higher perspective. The blessing we received in the guidance to release this soundscape from the Shamballa Masters during this particular time indicates to us the significance of all the efforts that have been put forth from all the Lightworkers on the planet. When we reference Lightworkers here, we mean every man, woman and child, for we are all beings of Light, we are not creating any separation. Each of us, no matter what beliefs we hold in our hearts, no matter the color of our skin or the origin of our birth, have a unified connection to the ONE, to All That Is. It is from this place of Love, that these soundscapes emanate from. We offer them to you so that you may find that connection and begin to live your life from that space of Oneness. We each hold the potential to effect the whole. Remember, this Project was started from the vision of one man - Luis V. To him, we give our most humble thanks and deepest gratitude for being called to take action on his vision.

We have come to know the energy of Shamballa as a place that we all can be connected with. It is a matter of focus and intent. The colorful legends of the Shamballa that it is a physical place that exists in 3D are but one facet of the big picture. Shamballa, in its evolution, is a place that can be reached in your consciousness, that is created by your Love, your joy, your actions and your intent. When you raise the Light Quotient of your bio-energetic matrix in alignment with this current of information, you will begin to experience this place with your heightened senses. The Shamballa Masters may come to you and provide teachings that assist you in creating a Shamballa right in your own living room, and in your neighborhood, your places of work and play, your countries, and then the world. These "masters" will take the form that you choose to believe, for they are also a part of you, intimately connected to your flesh and bone, your breath and spirit, your DNA and the dancing particles/waves of that which you are. As you begin to create this space in your environment, many wonderful things will reawaken in your consciousness. Visions of pastlives will emerge which will bring forth many new connections to other souls from your spiritual family of Light. Your true purpose for being here now as well as a deeper understanding of the mission you have come to actualize will be revealed.

The Shamballa~Journey Home soundscape will begin to direct your energy on the path of Shamballa. It is going to be up to your sincere intent and your ability to hold the frequency as to whether you will eventually move into the valley before the city of Shamballa and ultimately through the gateway of a fully realized, more expansive way of being. Many of us have been exploring the concept of what Heaven on Earth truly means and how that reality manifests on this planet. It takes our collective energetic agreement, from a sincere, balanced, Light-filled space of Love to make this happen. This musical offering is but one way that we can create a tangible frequency map for those who choose to follow this calling. It is to those of you that we say "Welcome Home."