image of Healing soundscape by ShapeshifterDNA
  • Meditation Level: Beginner
  • Sound Healing Genre
  • Excellent for physical healing work
  • Gentle, serene and flowing
  • Awakens Soul level awareness
  • Initiates first awakening to Light
  • Great for yoga, massage and sound healing
  • Creates calming backgrounds for healers & therapists

A healing channel for The Light of the Universe at this important stage of mankind's evolution. Warm and vibrant electronic keyboard melodies that gently invites the listener to travel on an inward journey to connect with their Soul on a very deep level. Tones, sounds, patterns and pulses that will awaken dormant memories of past lives and ancient wisdom lying deep within the cellular structure of the body.

A gentle celebration of life; a timeless composition that can be used throughout ones lifetime in many ways — from pre-birth to final transition. The melodies in this higher vibrational music were created with the intent of integrating wholeness, uplifting the vibrational essence and returning one's conscious awareness back to Source Vibration.

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In the Quiet of the Morning
I heard the Ancient Calling
I touched the Earth, then reached for the Sky
and with Love, Transformed, I knew I could Fly
Taking Wings, I saw so many Things
The Healing of the World and the Fall of the Kings
I returned to a New Atlantis
To Fulfil my Destiny
A Twilight Dancer
Ever Seeking on a Quest to be Free

Quiet of the Morning

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Ancient Calling

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Earth and Sky

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Return to Atlantis

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Twilight Dancer

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Artist: ShapeshifterDNA

Genre: Electronic Ambient Chill, new age, space

Quiet of the Morning : 6:28
Ancient Calling : 4:36
Earth and Sky : 8:23
Return to Atlantis : 10:32
Twilight Dancer : 12:04