DNA Activation

  • Meditation Level: Beginner to Advanced
  • Activate 12+ Strand DNA Matrix
  • Engage consciously with DNA Codex
  • Open third eye visions and psychic abilities
  • Engage Self-Healing abilities
  • Increase your Light Quotient
  • Align with Abundance on all Levels
  • Awaken Pastlife Memories
  • Reclaim dormant Skills & Talents
  • Walk your Path of Light
  • Connect with Purpose and Mission
  • Manifest your Dreams & Desires

Our DNA Activation music is the most powerful sound/frequency-based tool available for awakening the dormant potentials within your DNA. The foundation of all our musical soundscapes evolves from the concepts we have developed from our many years of research in this field, which we began in 1989. Our life's work has been dedicated to a continual deepening of this work using evolutionary ideas of sound design, frequency based communications, downloaded transmissions of Light language, harmonic resonance and brainwave entrainment directed by focus intentions. This combination of concepts and theories comprise our proprietary technique called Quantum Sonic Empowerment Transmissions or QSET.

The DNA Activation series is the foundational templates to work with, while all the other soundscapes in our catalog are supplemental; facets extracted to expand upon specific teachings. Begin with the LevelOne series of 4, then to the DNA 1.5 single soundscape as the bridge and then when you feel you have really engaged deeply in your understanding and experiences with this body of work, then you can move on to the DNA.L2 series of 6.

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DNA Activation LevelOne

first soundscape in the DNA Activation LevelOne seriessecond soundscape in the DNA Activation LevelOne seriethird soundscape in the DNA Activation LevelOne seriesfourth soundscape in the DNA Activation LevelOne series

This is the beginning, the foundational frequencies that you want to anchor into your bio-enegetic matrix so that you can utilize the more advanced transmissions. The LevelOne series creates a stable base for the higher sonic architecture to build upon. Work with each soundscape for an initial period of time to fully feel the integration of each level. Each soundscapes builds on the preceding one and also enhances it continually. Once you complete an introductory phase with each soundscape transmission, you can move on to the next one in the sequence. However you will still continue to work with all the preceding soundscapes as they collectively begin to work synergistically with each other -- begin to think holographically and multidimensionally.

Listen to Entire Soundscapes of 1-2-3-4 in the Playlist below

As you evolve and increase your Light Quotient through regular listening sessions, more frequency patterns and combinations will be released. You will hear new sounds each time you listen, which indicates that you are widening your personal frequency spectrum. As this happens you will be connecting to higher realms of guidance and wisdom to assist you along your evolutionary path of Light. This LevelOne series is the foundation upon which all the other soundscapes will plug into seamlessly. Gradually this provides you with unlimited connections to the multidimensional realms of Light including parallel worlds, alternate universes and access to portals and dimensional gateways. (4 soundscapes, DNA book) [more info]

DNA Activation: Using Multidimensional Sound & Music to Awaken Humanity's Highest Potentials

DNA Activation book accompanies the DNA Activation LevelOne soundscapes by ShapeshifterDNAThe DNA Activation book expands upon the work you will do while listening to the music. It is important to give the mental body some information to understand as you go futher into exploring the process of DNA Activation. The book itself is written multidimensionally so that each time you reread it you will pick up new levels of understanding. The music will increase your universal intelligence (higher wisdom) and so more of the data will be clearer to you as you engage more deeply. The information in the book gives you a bit of science, a bit of metaphysics and opens doorways to the magical realms beyond the limitations of the 3D reality constructs. An understanding of sound, resonance and entrainment are all discussed throughout the book. We also provide you some ideas on how you can use the music to enhance any of the other evolutionary programs you are already engaging with. As you evolve, you will rely less and less on written and spoken words and you will shift to learning through osmosis, direct transmissions from Source Vibration. This book prepares you for that shift. [more info]

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DNA 1.5 Lucidity

DNA 1.5 Lucidity is the bridge between the LevelOne and the L2 DNA Activation series by ShapeshifterDNAA sonic bridge for when you are feeling fully grounded and rooted in the creation of your foundation with the LevelOne series. This is a great soundscape to help you discover any additional areas within your being that need to be cleared, cleansed and rejuvenated before diving into the L2 frequencies. Any hidden agendas or shadow work will be more fully processed during this soundscape to assure you of a smoother transition. As the passages in the DNA 1.5 energetically reviews your previous work with the LevelOne series it will also open the path to the initiatory doorways and gateways that you will have access to in the DNA.L2 series. (1 soundscape) [more info]

Listen entire soundscape of DNA 1.5 Lucidity


first soundscapes in the DNA.L2 DNA Activation series by ShapeshifterDNAsecond soundscapes in the DNA.L2 DNA Activation series by ShapeshifterDNAthird soundscapes in the DNA.L2 DNA Activation series by ShapeshifterDNAfourth soundscapes in the DNA.L2 DNA Activation series by ShapeshifterDNAfifth soundscapes in the DNA.L2 DNA Activation series by ShapeshifterDNAsixth soundscapes in the DNA.L2 DNA Activation series by ShapeshifterDNA

The DNA.L2 series is for when you have done a fair amount of your spiritual growth work and feel really clear about your purpose and know some aspects of your mission work. The frequencies are direct and powerful and will take you through many different levels of multidimensional realities and so you should be comfortable by this time with the uncomfortable nuances of the unchartered landscapes you will be engaging with. Your guidance at this stage is in the form of direct transmissions and downloads from the higher realms and you have a certain level of comfort with receiving information in this way. This step requires a gesture of respect to the creators of this work as well as a clear intent to commit to your spiritual path above all else. This is the final initiation into the grander Sonic Mystery School and to walk the path of a true DNAvatar. (6 soundscapes, composers cuts, guided journeys and spiritual guidance) [more info]

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Alternate DNA.L2 Mix Releases

We have compiled various clips throughout the DNA.L2 series to create alternative mixes. You can watch/listen on YouTube or you can order full fidelity files below.

Artist: ShapeshifterDNA

Genre: Electronic Ambient Chill, cyberShamanic, drone, psychedelic, psytrance, dream trance, uplifting trance, space

DNA.L2 #1 : 51:30
DNA.L2 #2 : 60:30
DNA.L2 #3 : 60:39
DNA.L2 #4 : 56:07
DNA.L2 #5 : 60:12
DNA.L2 #6 : 60:14

DNA Level3

We have started to receive transmissions for the DNA Level3 series, which begins with an upgrade to the chakra balancing soundscape. MORE INFO

DNAvatar Program

The DNAvatar Program is really the best place to begin with our music so you can learn more about how it was developed and how it can assist you in your evolutionary journeys. The Program was launched 1/1/20 and will be continually growing as we add new Courses. Register today for free and get started.

DNAvatar Program