• QSETQuantum Sonic Empowerment Technology
  • DNA ActivationDNA Activation music for awakening 12 strand / multi-strand DNA
  • MeditationMeditation awakens you to your inner place of peace and calm
  • Spiritual AwakeningMusic and sound is a profound way to awaken yourself to your spiritual connections
  • Sound HealingConnect with the Transformational Power available within Consciously created Sound
QSET1 DNA Activation2 Meditation3 Spiritual Awakening4 Sound Healing5

Quantum Sonic Empowerment Technology QSET

• Proprietary technique for creating multidimensional sound & music developed by Gary Chambers
• Quantum = the most minute form of measurement to capture the vibrational essence of ALL that exists in form and not in form.
• Sonic = Sound is the fundamental aspect of our existence.
• Empowerment = To move forward in your life, you need to embrace the personal empowerment within you.
• Technology = The combined talents, tools and skills Gary uses to create these soundscapes


• Effectively Communicate with your DNA
• Accelerate your Evolutionary Process
• Discover & Actualize your Life's Purpose
• Align with your current Incarnational Mission
• Awaken Intuition/ESP/Psychic Gifts
• Reclaim Lost Knowledge & Hidden Talents
• Transcend Matrix Control Structures
• Release Energetic Blocks & Negative Pastlife Imprints
• Transform your Body Temple into a Higher State of Being


• Initiate Communion with your Higher Self
• Connect directly with Source Vibration
• Receive Transmissions of Light Language
• Build Frequency Maps through all Dimensional Realms
• Prepare for Higher Initiations into Mystery Schools
• Stimulates Downloads of Higher Information and Wisdom
• Assist in Shamanic Journeying by moving the Assemblage Point
• Integrate multidimensional aspects of Self into a Unified Synergy
• Connect to Ascended Masters, Angelics, Elementals & Gaian Consciousness


• Balance Right/Left Brain
• Initiate Self Healing Abilities
• Release Energetic Blockages
• Cleanse & Detox at Cellular Levels
• Connect with the Universal Flow of Sound
• Deepen Sleep and Activate Lucid Dreaming
• Establish Harmonic Resonance with Higher Frequency Spectrums
• Brainwave Entrainment for Increased Success & Abundance


• Quiet the Mind
• Relax the Body
• Cultivate Inner Peace
• Activate Kundalini Energy
• Balance your Chakras
• Expand your Light Quotient
• Reduce Stress Quickly
• Boost Immune System
• Lower Blood Pressure