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Trips | Music•Video•Art Packets

Engage with our Triple Powered Manifestation Packets – TRIPS

Our TRIPS contain 3 components – Music, Video & Art – which when combined together increase the effectiveness of your Intention.  This TRIPle-level approach using multidimensional frequency based tools will awaken, activate and stimulate the release of the Happiness hormones (endorphins, seratonin, melatonin, oxytocin). This in turn, lifts up your vibrational state which is needed to maintain a  consistent connection to the intended manifestation.

Each Trips Packet includes:



QSET Music

Using our QSET technology, the Music contains frequency patterns aligned with specific Intentions

Includes: Download Audio File, full fidelity .wav, FLAC & M4a plus MP3 (320 kpbs) Available immediately.



Just Breathe Video Group

Sonic Tripping – Video syncs abstract patterns with the Music  to stimulate 3rd Eye release of Happiness Hormones and deepens the DNA Activation protocols

Download HD Quality 1920×1080 video file in .mp4 & .mov formats. No titling, intros or outros or promotions added. Available Immediately.



Placement of Digital Art in a location where it can be viewed often enhances the assimilation of this process tenfold

Beautiful Digital Art printed directly on Glass with desk stand. Approx 5×7 (Larger custom sizes also available) Shipped directly from Printer within 7-10 Days.

Focus Intentions • Anchor Manifestations • 3rd Eye Awakening • Increase Happiness Hormones • DNA Recoding • Affirmation Enhancement

How to Use Trips

All the pieces of the Trips Packets work together to enhance your overall intentions. We are engaging your auditory, visual and tactile senses in this process. In addition we are accessing your sixth sense of psychic awareness, intuition and clairvoyance.

1 – The music follows all our preceding teachings and guidelines for working with the QSET multidimensional sounds. You can listen anytime in the background to fill your space with your intentions. However diving deeper in your meditations and shamanic journeying work with the music to specifically connect with the DNA to bring forth the changes you are working on is important. Initially, do this daily for several weeks using headphones, immersing yourself fully in the frequency patterns. Once you have imprinted your DNA with the Intention, you can then listen occassionally shifting resonance to the Glass Print for reaffirming your desires. 

2 – The video is a great piece to use when you are not quite ready to close your eyes and go into a meditation. It is best to let it precede your meditations by just relaxing, sipping some relaxing tea or engaging in shamanic plant teachers. Sit back, stare into the center of the screen and soften your gaze. Breathe along with the visuals and the sounds. Direct the music and the visuals into the 3rd Eye area. Larger screens are really nice, but you can also use your phones. Headphones can enhance the immersiveness of the experience.

3 – These beautiful Glass Prints should be placed in a location in your environment to remind you to maintain focus on your intentions. The small prints can be placed on a desk as a nice metal stand is provided. The larger ones are great for placing on any wall in your home that you see frequently. Each time your eye catches this print, it is a reminder to focus more deeply on your intentions.

About the Glass Prints

Image is printed directly on to the glass, no frames needed as edges are smoothed. These are so beautiful and make any space you place them on special. They are high quality product and come shipped in a professional packaged box to prevent breakage. The stands for the 2 smaller sizes make them ideal for desk or shelves.

Stand for Glass Prints

Just Breathe

Suggested Intentions: Deeper Breathing, Stress Reduction, Reducing Anxiety, Relaxation, Preparation for Meditation or Shamanic Journeying

Trips - Just Breathe

ORDER Trips – Just Breathe

Prices below include Music &  Video downloads and Glass Prints. Select the size of the Glass Print you would like in the dropdown below. The 5×7 and 8×10 ship with a stand, other sizes include wall hanger. Shipping is included for all US Orders. International orders will require additional shipping costs.

Video & Audio Length – 10:19 minutes

Some Phones/Tablets may have problems with PayPal payment below. Contact JoAnn or send payment direct to paypal.me/visionarydna

Select Glass Print Size

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Trips - Music, Video & Art Packets for Manifesting

Our Trips feature music, video and art combined in a packet to assist you in manifesting your dreams and desires. Each packet is unique to enhance the energy field.

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