Ooooooooooo Soooooooo Beautifull !!!! I am enjoying it with All my Heart !! It is both relaxing and reviving. Heart energy in action !!
- IVR, Belguim

.. a shimmering pool of active stillness, vibrations rising gently from a deep, deep serenity birthed from the rapids.
- B, Hong Kong

It really does evoke certain feelings (not sure how to describe them) but at times very profound. I love this music. Exceptional!!
- Sandy

This music captures the essence of all that I enjoy when I am being in alignment with our Creator, Infinite Intelligence, God, and I like to call Him my Heavenly Father because I identify with Him that way. When I listen to this music, I find myself with Him, like a son with his father, holding his hand, looking into each other’s eyes, communicating love and just walking, enjoying all that comes my way, knowing by faith, that all that I am walking into, I have within me all that I need to fully handle everything that comes my way and this music—sanctuary--speaks just that, peace within and confidence—the boldness of a lion , because He is with me and goes before me to bring about those events that are necessary to ever evolve into the full essence of my being…
- Michael P.

GO HOME, HOME BABY, GO HOME — Here we have an album inspired to guide you to the reality of my favorites subject: THE PARADISE WITHIN. What we have here is an hour of extreme inner planes paradise done in the signature style of an artist who apparently has been doing this sort of thing for a number of lifetimes. i hear so much Lemuria in this that it brings a fond tear to my eye. it is amazing in this day and age that we have reached the point of reconnecting so far back! and yes there is Atlantean influence also. I think it is about how to bring the inner paradise to the outside world, but still testing at this point... while i am an avid collector of all of Shapeshifter's work, the recent "Shamballa," "Rejuva" albums, plus this new one, "Sanctuary," establish this artist as a primary source for Paradise vibrations and certainly as essential picks for any ambient room i would consider doing.
- Darv Krizton Sanctuary/VisionaryMusic, 2008, ShapeshifterDNA

I love the hour-long music where I can meditate. I especially find most profound both the DNA activation hours which I have been listening to where I see a wide array of aurora borealis lights and my entire body pulsates ... that music is really something VERY SPECIAL ! there was no playing this in the background ! the entire room was pulsating !!! It is AMAZING ! I love this music ! I never in my wildest dreams thought that this music would have so profound an impact upon me! - FK, Sedona, AZ

I started listening to the music mostly at night at first, as I slept and I noticed a shift in my sleep. I was able to sleep all night long which hadn’t happened in years. Then I started using the music as background during the day. Over the next year and in working with the music my life totally transformed from completely changing careers from one of high pressure and negative energy to one of high vibrational quality and service to others, I found a woman who is a complete complement to my skill set and together we are “Greater than the sum of the parts” I have attracted highly creative and motivated like minded people into my life. Today I listen to the music and I operate at a much higher vibrational level then when I started a year ago. -- PJB, Gulfport, FL

When I first happened upon your music, it was indeed like coming home. The familiarity of it all was uncanny. It unlocked so many things i'd been waiting for....Endlessly boosting my creativity, clarity of mind, 'continuity of flow' in day to day experience, and the acceleration of impossible, yet hilarious synchronicities. ... i could go on for hours on all the nuances. but truly has been profound. Lucid dreams, powerful astral experiences, travelling through the dna on a kaleidoscopic journey... the accompanying emotions overwhelming... who needs drugs when you can shapeshift! LOL. ~T

ShapeshifterDNA’s music is the best meditative music I've ever 'experienced'!! --C.T.

I found your website ... yeah ... by accident. At first I didn't even understood ... what... where... I just hit the button and heard the beginning of CD1 of DNA Level 1. I was stunned. It was a shock in a most good way :) It is not addicting, is it ? :) I had the feeling that for eons of time I was so ... thirsty for this kind of sound. Longing so much. When I was hearing your soundscapes I was crying probably first 2-3 times. (But I am afraid it wasn't any detox reaction... I've just realized how much thirsty I was.) Yet there was another feeling that I've heard that before... I know the tunes. First times I had the feeling of completely loosing my body, waves coming thru.... my bones were vibrating kinda needles on the level of crown chakra Then it become more like meditation... more steady I try to stay conscious... but mostly I catch myself when coming back... like been somewhere a couple of years (so I got a new power: I can sleep with opened eyes :) - J

I love the results of the DNA activation CD. I know this is a very valuable tool for my own transformation as we enter into more opportunities to evolve. I am taking advantage of every moment I have to listen to the music. And now that I read the DNA Book and know of other uses, I will use it in my dreamstate, music journeying, etc. etc........ Love it! I appreciate your beautiful work and connections to the Prime Creator as co-creators. -T.B.

I have been working with the Shapeshifter Soundscapes and the DNA Activation Music for over eight years, since 2001. In a sense they have been the music score to the movie of my journey in Spirit, but they are really much more than that. Applying the soundscapes as tools I have done Shamanic work, delved deep into the Shadowlands of my psyche, released past life trauma, discovered my long lost Mission to Earth, and traveled the Intergalactic pathways of Light. I have walked in Middle Earth with Aragorn and Arwen. I have held a sword with Archangel Michael, cutting down the grid of death that enslaves this planet. I have climbed the dimensional ladder through the twelve dimensions and beyond. I have rediscovered my Soul's Name, Kafaratha. DNA Level One Number Two became my dearest friend in recovering painful memories of a series of past lives until it was like a well worn blanket. Paintings came out of Numbers One and Three. In my deepest moments with this music, time slows way down and each note opens like a lotust - it's like each second is a portal or window somewhere. The "where" is up to me. The "how deep" is up to me. The "when" as always, is NOW. You hold in your hand a Sentient Work of ever changing shape. IT'S ALIVE! Reach out to Shapeshifter, and Shapeshifter will reach out to you! No limits. Go where you will and may your journey be Blessed and Joyous. - Karen K

I am enjoying my new purchase very much. I use it at night when my mind is racing to settle down and many times I just use it to relax. I have always traveled well and love your DNA Activation series just as much too. I recommend them to anyone who seeks to learn and understand a higher knowledge of what truths are out in the Universe. My husband uses them to help him learn to meditate and it seems to be the only music that allows his mind to relax and clear itself of rubbish. - D

I feel the music and I am the music... I am ready for the full activation experience and for the "what next?" move from my already raised consciousness -- I would like to re-activate my healing energies to be a useful source of multidimensional healing for anyone and everyone who crosses my path of awareness. I have an exceptional mission that requires conscious alignment from the powers that be in the lowest physical plains to become aware of their own immortality...ready to attract into alignment a mass awakening in my expanding sphere of influence. - JJ

Its not so much about the experience, but it is simply about the happening...what is happening in the body, other levels of our existence, on the planet, solar system, and other galaxies and even universes. This music speaks to all these levels of creation, soothing every rough edge and reminding us so lightly that levels of harmony abound in and outside us. In the movie of life, one dot sees some of the other dots on the "screen." And ultimately the live movie is played not for anyone but for every one and the One that we were, are, and are returning to every moment. May this music feed all. - JK

This music is soooo beautiful - K.

Shapeshifter, I just finished reading Voyagers 1 and while I learned a few things it seemed a never ending spiraling of ranks and overwhelming to the mind. How refreshing to come back to the DNA music/book and listen and read about not becoming entangled in timelines and projected outcomes. The DNA book told me more about my possible alien and universal connections in a few sentences than other teachings I have read in a whole book. Also the music imparts knowledge to me in a manner that is not at all conventional in that I can tell a large amount of revelation has been given me with out a lot of mental toil. I must say I am a devout follower of Jesus Christ but the things I learn from Shapeshifter do not contradict the teachings I have from Him but rather confirm not only His deity but His works and words. We actually live in a creation that what seems miraculous is what we should be living spontaneously. Thank you for the beautiful music and for taking the "spookiness" and "new agedness" out of my journey and helping me ground into the present so that I can comprehend the depth, the width, the height of all that is good and worthy of praise. The music also helps me to eat not only the fruit of knowledge but also to taste of the Tree of Life. I have also perceived that entrainment to the frequencies in the Soundscapes is protecting me from the mind control frequencies that are becoming more prevalent. It seems the mind control frequencies propogated by governments, mass media, principalities are confined to a range of frequencies and these are the frequencies with which much of the general population are growing accustomed. However, Shapeshifter music breaks free of these and even in my early stage of this journey I comprehend a full scale of -, + frequencies. My heartbeat is freedom and I thank you for helping keep freedom alive in my heart., - M

Just a note to let you know that I received DNA Activation Level One and it is amazing the amount of shifting that is happening in my life. I want to Thank-you for creating such a means for healing, the music is amazing and powerful. I have been experiencing past lives, astral traveling, happiness, sadness, darkness etc. etc. Each day brings a new experience and each day I feel like I'm lighter and happier! I'm looking forward to much success in my life!! Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you! - IL

I recently had the awesome pleasure of spending some time with the Dali Lama - I had my DNA Activation soundscapes in my Ipod and asked him to listen....he said "I has a powerful vibration"

I got the ReJuva cd today and it is awesome! The sound is so comfortable and crystal clear. I bathed my mind and body in all the colors and light that emanates from the sounds and music and I felt so alive from it. A fantastic cd!
--Gabriel, Sweden

I can attest to the improved 10 year old daughter was having problems with reading comprehension and her average grade was a "D",she was in special reading groups....Over the summer , we had her put headphones on every night and listen to just CD # 1 b4 she was ready to read. 2 weeks ago, she was tested in reading comprehension placement test, and her results were the highest in the class and her progress report from this passed friday said she has an "A" in reading comprehension:-) plus, we see an overall improvement in all her classes...It taught her to focus.

The Soundscapes are awesome!! After a few day on CD 1, I noticed a difference in not only my light body, but also the environment. My car became faster, my home became more placid, and overall, I noticed the pets and plants in the immediate area of my sound system seemed "brighter." I have been listening to the scapes more than my regular music, and I look forward to more experiences in the future. Thanks so much!!!
--Nick - Miami, Fl.

Shapeshifter\'s musical channeling and the words of the reconnections is a beautiful and loving expression of all that is.
--Bob L.

I've been working with your DNA Level One Series for a year now.... even though I've made major progress in to 5D frequencies and now I use mainly use Healing CD based MP3 s and others during my sleep and even day time. I LOVE your products and work. My multi-dimensional aspect has increased profoundly and now I'm able to connect with many of the Ascend (well-known) masters, Mother Mary, Miriam your, Archangels(Michael, Jophiel, Raphael, Zadkiel) and my guardian angels and spirit guides. My DNA has been activated big time, obviously! My manifestation abilities and the 1,000s of synchronicities and Love i get form the Angels and heaven is my proof of this. It's AMAZING. I often feel I don't belong on this planet anymore(just like many others) and find it hard to handle the physical vibrations of mass-consciousnes, but I know BIG changes are looking this year, for the whole planet, so I'm staying grounded. :) THANK YOU soo much for incarnating on this planet with your amazing and channeling abilities!

My friend ordered a few downloads for me and I have to tell you how incredibly beautiful these were for me. Very powerful and direct medicine!!! I love this thank you!

I'm enjoying using the soundscapes very much and when listening to them it seems like they are within me and I am within them at the same time. It seems to expand my whole energy. I feel it may be having an effect on the healing properties in my body as well. I had a bad fall on my left ankle two weeks ago and have fallen on both ankles regularly since a child so the ligaments are stretched badly. Usually my ankle would balloon right out but this time all I got was bruising and was able to walk on it very quickly. I'm also doing a course in bio-energy at the moment so between the two I think it has made all the difference. Also flowers in my kitchen lasted almost two and a half weeks before wilting. : ) Thanks a million for making these CD's available and for checking in to see how things are going.

I just want to tell you guys that I am very grateful for the kind of music you bring into this planet. I have been listening to your music ever since I happen to stumble across your website in 2003 and have brought almost all of your albums and MP3. I love them all. I listen exclusively to your music when I go to sleep. I have had some wondrous growth experience by listening to the DNA level One series. although I am certain there is much more to learn, that the road is long but fascinating. I am and always will be your fan as long as I am certain that you have good intentions.
I cannot wait for the album of 11:11 transmission to be ready.

The soundscapes were are really great, I really enjoyed it. Every time I listen I here different sound. Once I listened to it during meditation using headphone, I got completely lost in touch with my current environment for ten to fifteen minutes. I was in a different world.

I am having a wonderful time with my journeys. I mostly listen to the first DNA Activation CD. I find myself drawn to it for some reason. I find the Healing CD wonderful for yoga, and to relax me before I go to sleep.

I had an interesting experience with the second CD. As I was listening (I like using the Bose Headphones, because it cancels out all other distractive noise), I had extremely vivid images come and go (in my mind) during certain sections of the music. As this has never happened to me before, it was quite a startling experience (not bad, mind you---just startling!). I have not moved to the 3rd CD yet. I am going slow and during my meditations, I let the music take me where it will. It is a thoroughly enjoyable experience. In general, I find that my journeys are moving me toward a connectedness to all that is (the best way I can describe this is that I feel a common pulse with the universe, integrated in some ways, but not completely, harmonic, not in the musical sense, but more in the realm of my energy). Now I know that is vague, but well, this is where I am. I am working on feeling the music, letting it course through my body. It requires a great deal of concentration, but it comes easier over time.

I believe the soundscapes you refer to have altered my perception and now i am experiencing a higher self and aware of spiritual beings which i wasn't aware of until i continually listened to the cds

As far as my experiences go, I feel like I am becoming more open and loving; I seem to be having an awful lot of intuitions/visions; the pieces of the puzzle of my life ... and all life are coming together quicker for me now.

The most interesting experience has been the reversal of sound - instead of the music going into my body I felt like it was coming out of my body going into the CD.

Some very amazing things have happened lately. The other day, I was chatting online with a friend in the states. She also practices energy healing. All of a sudden, she asked me if I was sending her Reiki. At that moment, I felt a surge of energy in my head and realized that we experienced a spontaneous psychic link. Ever since then, we've been linked in one way or another. Sometimes the energy is strong, sometimes it‚s subtle. There are no explicit feelings or thoughts, only a knowledge that the link exists.

I have been meditating to the music and listening to it as I go to sleep. It is very relaxing and yet stimulating. When I meditate with it, I notice a dramatic increase in Kundalini. It compliments my experience with white powder gold quite well and I hope to find even more stimulation with further use.

I have (beyond words) enjoyed the DNA.LevelOne.Activation 1-2-3&4 CDs. And so, here is yet another testimonial: I recommend the purchase of all four DNA Level One Activation CDs, a person will not be disappointed. Save time and money by getting the whole series at once and listening to the CD that calls you at that moment in time. Each CD is similar and unique at once. I play one of the series of 4 at all times on repeat in my bedroom, and I can't tell you how my sleep has been enriched and (I know: goofy as it sounds to some) the room just "feels" better. I am 43. My eight year old daughter and 92 year old grandfather both more than enjoy the CDs as well. Now...that is saying something, I think. Anytime a "sound" appeals to that vast of an age range! It also is amazing the level of "listening" one can engage: as background music: people and activities are not fighting the music and seem to get an underlying positive charge; and as meditation music: well, I find them a vessel to the state of mind I enjoy the most.

I ordered the DNA activation series level one. The first time I listen to it I felt a vibration in my lower spine, it was a new sensation for me.. and I have been through many things! I began to be aware of things I hadn't before, and with that came a better understanding of things. I had also recently had a very bad accident where I got severely hurt. When listening to your CD I began to get immediate pain relief, and my wound and now scares are getting better every day. I play the music as background music sometimes, and my children always calm down when it plays. It relaxes the baby and helps him sleep. My 2 boys ages 8 and 6 even meditate to this music... My husband who doesn't fully give in to this sort of thing is amazed because it calms him down and even physically reduces his high BP when its on...The most amazing thing just happen a couple days ago. I am still on the first CD and really wanted to get into to before I moved on to the next one, "waiting for that sign". Well 2 days ago I put the CD in for some meditation. I began to listen and noticed something right away. It wasn't the same music at all! This music was clearer, deeper, and pulled me in more. It wasn't just something I hadn't heard before, but almost a complete transformation of music, like it was a different CD all in itself. I could/can also feel something go off in side me, a tingle almost. I was so shocked that I got up and checked the CD almost 5 times to make sure it was the right one, and it was. I became so enthused and enlightened when I realized that I was listening to the same CD, but that I was apparently listening to it on another level. Also over the past couple of days I have noticed certain things happening to me mentally. I wont go into to much detail here, but its like I have cracked a door open and am able to peek inside a bit now.

I have to say that this is the most advanced music I have ever heard...and I have been a dedicated musician for over fifteen years! You guys are dead on. A group of us listened to all four CD's during a full tilt shamanic journey, and I seriously thought the house was about to lift off the ground. Thank you for providing this amazing material. The veils were lifted and the guidance rings true. I highly recommend laying down on the floor with surround speakers and a sub-whoofer at your feet. The louder the better. The resonances had me literally writhing on the floor as kundalini energy surged through my spine in perfect sequence with the music. This may have coincided with the year or so of network chiropractic I had been prepared with, but I've never had a Kundalini rush quite like this. I was literally just laying and waiting for the next wave of energy as the soundscape phased in and out of intensity. It was a true audio massage. I plan on purchasing the entire collection with a friend. Your work is timely and important, a true quantum leap in the healing scape.......I'm bringing this to Burning Man!

One thing that I wanted to mention that I have noticed is that my piano playing as increased considerably during the time that I have listened to this CD. So I just wanted to drop you guys a line and say thanks again.
-- B.N.

Just to update you on my progress with your DNA Soundscapes thus far, since I purchased it in early May 2006.1) I have since then met my Soulmate, got engaged at StoneHenge on the 11th of June. Since she and I started listened to your DNA music, some EXTREMELY "spooky" things have started happening in my life. My manifestations abilities seem to be on a never-before seen high. I seem to have a DEEEP and tangible connection with Earth angels, elementals, devas etc. Trees, flowers and other natural Creations of God seem to be everywhere - as if out of the blue, based on conversations /colours etc I think of or refer to during my conversations with my Soulmate, And ..2) MOST importantly, for your information, her and I started seeing 100s of repeating number sequences last week. Especially based on 11(33,44,88,77,55 etc ), on number plates wrist watches mobile phones, PC clocks, channeled information/emails/conversations/TV programs etc.. It's got to the stage where it's becoming "scary" as we’re seeing number platers, often dozens in a minute or two, which ALL have either SOME mathematical form of 11 embedded within them. I’ve just done some research on Angel Numbers, and finally have realized that . <drum roll> that this is some non-human/Angel's way of telling her (my fiance) and I, that our DNA is being activated with incoming high-frequency transmissions! Oh my God, I'm soooo gobsmacked, deeply touched and dumb-struck - that within just 2-3 months of coming across the concept of "ascension", I'm already having my eons-old DNA activated!

It seems my mind has a advanced understanding, I am learning so much more than I ever thought possible and I have been at this for only 4 months now. Some of it is hard to make out but my mind is awakening so much more knowledge than I ever thought possible.

I feel much more open in the heart chakra and centered in my meditations. I see faces, symbols that seem to flash. I also feel in tune with animals- I saw an eye of a Whale. I can hear the music without head phones or a CD player.

I am finding that as I listen to this music , I feel more a part of it each time. You are so right in that you hear something different in it each time. I am still learning from Level One but loved each of the sample bites I heard online. Sometimes I get so involved in what I am hearing ( I mostly listen with headphones now) that I find I have tears running down my cheeks from the emotions this brings from deep inside me.

I've started becoming much more having the urge to unplug my computer when the sky became simply overcast only to have a lightning strike next to my house a mere minute later. I've begun sleeping better. I've also begun to completely change my diet for the better. I am now eating only raw foods and have been 100% raw for nearly a month. The changes are phenomenal.

First and foremost I wish to share with you that the whole time I was reading the PDF I requested, my being seemed to resonate with the message held within and I was filled with happiness, excitement and anticipation about hearing the complete CD collection! I will consciously listen to the sample you've supplied on your website to be completely sure this music will further my personal evolution. I feel the true intent you had while writing the is palpable and filled with love. Your words are very descriptive and appropriately chosen to educate the masses.

The first time I listened to the sample, it sounded familiar. The second time I decided to move (like dancing) while seated with my eyes closed and felt a lot of energy in my head and upper back. The thought that came to mind is like a fish in an ocean. Hard to explain. I could write lots more - and this is just from the sample!!

The CD has been a continual blessing every day we have had it. I personally have played it over 40 times, I estimate, and that does not include the times I have used it as background ambience. I have experienced a slowly increasing emergence of awareness. I more easily realize solutions and tactical efficiency improvements to whatever environment I am in as I listen to it and even when not.

I have been meditating to the music and listening to it as I go to sleep. It is very relaxing and yet stimulating. When I meditate with it, I notice a dramatic increase in Kundalini. It compliments my experience with white powder gold quite well and I hope to find even more stimulation with further use.

Indeed, it is no coincidence that I happened upon these CD's at a time of a personal transformation. I must say, they are THE MOST POWERFUL transformational tool I have ever come across. From my perspective the human condition is such that any transformational work is essentially the same in that we need to free ourselves of limiting beliefs, habits, and relationship role-playing so that we can raise our lower earthly beings up to the creative spiritual beings that we truly are. I think that these CD's just happen to go straight to the source of these in-build 'limiting programming' (our DNA), making them incredibly powerful. Thank you Shapeshifter - you're a godsend ;)

I am working with the first DNA activation CD and feel that it is very easy to visualize/amazing visuals the work as I focus on keeping my intention/attention in alignment with what I read inside each CD coversheet. I can really FEEL something happening consciously...hard to describe, other than I experience my body as expanding and changing on a deep/cellular level. The weird thing that is going on/the reason I HAD to write right now, is that I have the first DNA activation CD, and the 4 others that you sent in my CD player in my bedroom. My player will NOT work at all now when I turn it on and try to put it on CD to play #1. I have the entire player turned OFF and lately EVERY night after I go to bed, the player turns itself on and begins playing ENTIRELY from beginning CD to the last one completely with no skipping. This CD player also has a radio tuner and plays tapes. It is amazing to me that it only plays the CDs and then turns off the whole system by itself...weird huh? I'm luvin' it!

I've noticed a lot of positive changes like the ones mentioned in the companion guide. The only comment that comes to mind, is that your soundscapes are some of the most original music I've ever heard. I can sense their power also.
--L.L., SC USA

Well I have been listening to the CD while I do my yoga, very interesting I like that. I find myself going deep into breath and asanas. My husband is an artist , he's been listening to the CD when he paints. He says it has an effect but he doesn't know exactly what because he gets so focused on the painting process. I have listened to the CD once with the headphones on. I went right to sleep for some reason. I just went out like a light. This was very intriguing to me. It's like I was pulled into dreamtime faster than I could even think about it. I dreamt about flying through space, I wasn't any kind of form yet , then all of these energies swirled together and flew off towards Earth. Then before I knew it I was going down the birth canal in a human form. Then I don't remember the rest.
--M.M., ID

Yes...I have received my first DNA soundscape and looking forward to #2 this is all I could do to not call or email to send it on ....I have listened to DNA #1 and have found that every time I listen I experience something new....I have listened with my earphones, (mostly at night before I go to sleep) and on the computer with realmusic and the vibrations play with the color patterns. I also have surround sound and enjoy this as do my animals...even my betta! I am learning more and more with the reading of the companion book as this is a helpful tool and use this in visionary. The energy I am receiving is noticeable, I have more energy now and it is improving every day. I have been eating better and sleeping better, mind is more focused, clearer...tuning higher. Looking to further shifts and learning....
--L.T., MO, USA

I wanted to let you know that I have now listened to the first DNA Soundscape CD a few times. I can honestly say that I absolutely love it!! In fact I find it almost addictive. Once it finishes I want to hear it again!
--M.P., Great Britain

I love those music, they are beautiful and mind expanding. I can not tell you if there is any effect, but I did notice that there is a healing energy activated in my system. I have an old skin problem on the middle of my left finger, it has been there at least two years. I was planning to use laser technology to remove it, but just about 1 week ago, I noticed it is getting smaller and does not hurt much. In a week, it is completely healed like new.
--M.C., CA

I have thoroughly enjoyed the DNA CD's and go beyond the chap in Melbourne (Melbun if he's reading this) that I believe that everyone should also order the Odyssey and Shamballa CD's. The Odyssey is like the intro to open our mental doors and the Shamballa is played after the four DNA CDs, It takes us 'Home'. Our CD player plays Six, so it is a perfect way to listen to the DNA level one. I totally agree that clearing (which I've had) and other aspects will also help clear the way for the 'awakening'.
--G.A., CA

These magnificent DNA Soundscapes should have big red sticker on them, with the wording "WARNING: By Listening To These CD's You May Become Addicted To Eternal Bliss!". They have been a PROFOUND blessing in my life, and even though I have only been experiencing (it's far beyond listening) to the soundscapes for a month, I have already experienced DRAMATIC shifts in so many areas of my life. I simply can't thank you enough for these magnificent creations which offer 100 times more "bang for buck" when compared with any of the other powerful transformative tools that I've used in my 25 years on "the path". You could offer a 'LIFETIME money back guarantee' without EVER having to make a single refund. If you are reading this, save yourself the hassle and order all four CD's and the companion guide, as you will end up doing it anyway after your first session with CD 1.
G.C., Melbourne, Australia

I've been using your CDs for a few months. I have a cat who is extremely hyper and has not responded well to moving into a new home. When I got your CDs, I started playing them for her each day, and my pet has benefited greatly from your music. She is happy, healthy, and well-adjusted. Thanks!
-- Lola, Muskego, WI, USA

I have to let you know that I have really enjoyed the cd! I listen to it at night as I fall asleep. I use to listen to Reiki or Crystal healing CD's at night, but haven't since I received the DNA soundscape. I feel - I know - that I take a wonderful, familiar journey every night. I do feel that I am getting a more restful nights sleep. The other thing is the music felt/sounded familiar. I look forward to listening to the others, but feel that this one is still 'speaking' to me. I have enjoyed reading the book.

These CD's are great. After a couple of weeks of listening, my wife, Cheryl, and I have found our interaction with planetary healing energies to be noticeably enhanced. I found the binder that accompanied the CD's to be absolutely mind blowing!! While I was reading the material, higher dimensional entities were sending me images of how it all works. I felt like Einstein on steroids - ha!! Thanks for making this wonderful material available.
-- J.T.

I am really enjoying the Soundscapes which since I received them about 3 weeks ago I've playing each CD in chronological order as many times as possible for a week before moving on to the next one, just started CD 4 yesterday. They are truly wonderful and I can see what you mean about listening to them with INTENT rather than passively, unless you have them playing while doing other things round the house and/or sleeping. I can most definitely feel the shifts in my fields with a greater sense of lightness of being, energy flowing more freely, waves of warmth etc. Listening to them combined with my visualizations seems to be very powerful.

I have been listening to the DNA activation CDs daily, at least one CD while doing Reiki on myself and at least one if not four or more CDs while writing my book. I have found my thoughts much more clear and my connection to the Universal Love Energy exponentially stronger since investing in these CDs. Mere words cannot express the depth of my gratitude for the work that you are doing in this arena. These CDs are acting as a major enhancer of my complete evolution towards ascension, which I know to be the method of leaving this Earth that I am choosing for this lifetime as my Higher Self.

The CD are working very well. I am meditating since about 20 years. I am a yoga practitioner and while using the CDs there is more light and relaxation on my sadanas. Among my experiences, I was doing my surya (SUN) exercise and suddenly I was involved in a very intense violet light so that I was filled with a tremendous amount of energy when starting the CD. I am more aware of dreams than before; I am using the CDs on night also. My light awareness during meditation is more as well as my awareness of the body and other realities. Sometimes I am transported through certain tunnels to what seems to be other realities, but I am not yet capable of keeping my vision for to much time there. I am in my third level and I am using the sound scapes in the working area house and meditations.

My bamboo plant has increased its growth - it had been very dormant for months. Just since I have played these DNA CDs while I sleep, it has doubled the number of its leaves and height.

I have been exposed to soundscapes for thousands of hours----John David created powerful hemisync tapes in the early 80s which helped to change me completely----Monroe also uses hemisync which was powerful in his way----and, I took 2 weeks of his courses to learn OOBE traveling---which turned out to be---just changing my focus which I was already doing---- I feel that your CDs are helping bring 4-5-6 Dimensions into 3D in a conscious way----I like that----because I feel that this is my task at this time---to consciously help bring 5-6 Dimensions into 3D----4th has already collapsed into 3D---- I am also using Centerpoint's series of holosync CD's which again are helping me expand into the more of ME.

Sometimes I put on the music and it seems to disappear into me. I have also felt my frequency rise most of the time I listen.

I have very much enjoyed the CD. I feel as if it has helped me to ascend my vibration to the point of awakening my kundalini energy. Since then My experiences with my Lightwork have been extraordinary. I look forward to finishing my process of clearing so that I may reach the full potential of my Divine Light.
--R.S., MO

I have listened to the CD's day and nite. Using them in bed, in the car, just meditating. Of all the material I have sought for my personal journey, these soundscapes are far and away my favorite. I find that I experience a profound sense of altered states, calm, detachment.
-- Lynne, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Moved to 2 after the 2 weeks. It wasn't as dramatic effect wise as when I started (about 1 week ago). In the 2nd week I noticed the change. My heart was opening more. Nature was extremely attractive to me. I just wanted to entrain with the trees etc...I can generally have these feelings pre-Activation. But they are becoming a "part" of my being. I find things I "thought" before are becoming intuitive now..if that makes sense.
-- Bill, Armonk, NY

After listening to the 4 CD's one time through I experienced an out-of-body journey. It was brief because it had been many years since I had traveled in this form and it scared me a little so I came back after just a few moments. Second, I have used the tapes during my massage therapy sessions with my husband who has suffered chronic pain in him forearms for the past few years. We have noticed he releases the stress he holds in his arms much faster when the music is playing and the effects of the sessions last longer. His breathing during the massages is deeper as well.
-- Laura, Los Gatos, CA

The things that stick out in my mind about how my body has been responding to these CD's is that the left and right sides of my brain have become more integrated. I'm not sure how else to explain it. I feel a ping pong effect at different places in the CD's, knowing that they are coming into harmony. I have also been listening to the CD's while in my copper pyramid. It has increased the level of vibration that I have been feeling. I can also see a blue light transposed over the top of the pyramid. Again, it is hard to explain but very easy to see in my minds eye. It was so very awesome and vivid. The blue light shimmered all the way down from the top and stopped at about 3/4 of the way down. Lots of other things have occurred, but at this time, I don't know how to put it into words.
-- Judy, Ipswich, NY

These soundscapes are tremendous. I have never heard nor consciously experienced anything quite like this before! Absolutely a fascinating insight and experience into untapped human potential. Bravo!
-- Chris, Philadelphia, PA

Thank you for your e-mail. I have been playing each CD for a week all night right next to my head on repeat. I find the cleansing most effective as I feel empowered to move and make life changes. Surely, I am shifting with ease and following a flow that had not been quite defined before starting these CD's. Thank you for this music.
-- Stephanie, San Jose, CA

For some time now, I had been setting my intentions for growth of awareness/knowledge/abilities in myself but was seemingly "stuck" because of my concerns about the effect on my children. This "stuck" feeling manifested itself as a torn hip muscle two years ago and had not healed properly so was always causing me pain. As I began to listen to the DNA music I found that at first there were certain sounds that were discordant to me. I found that the music though immediately gave me an incredible "lightness of being". I listened to the first CD approx. 10 x and moved to CD two. The second CD gave me the feeling of "journeying" each time I listened to it and in my outer life, I found myself wanting to "journey" in various ways. I took trips to see my friends in Sedona who reinforced my own sense of knowing. Then I went emotionally to places I had never gone to before by saying NO to a lover who was not well matched with my soul's alignment to greater truths. Also with my career, I have said NO to signing another year's contract with the Apache Gold Casino & Resort even though this will mean relocating into the Phoenix area to find other employment. So this CD was one of journeys for me to release the restrictions in my emotional body.
-- Mary, Globe, AZ

These CD's are great. After a couple of weeks of listening, my wife and I have found our interaction with planetary healing energies to be noticeably enhanced. I found the binder that accompanied the CD's to be absolutely mind blowing!! While I was reading the material, higher dimensional entities were sending me images of how it all works. I felt like Einstein on steroids - ha!! Thanks for making this wonderful material available.
-- Jeff, CA

What a great CD(s)! The very first time I listen to CD #1 I felt like I was half awake and half asleep, but could not move and had electric currents flowing through my body from the top of my head or crown chakra. I am have having some fun and crazy dreams at night, where I am seeing people I do not know and going places I have never seen before. I met a little girl in one of my dreams and she was floating in thin air, I was so busy looking at her floating I did not notice I was floating also!
-- Mark, San Diego, CA

I have just been listening to the samples on the website and I can't get enough of the feeling that comes from the sound emanating from the first CD. I listened to the sample ten times. Now when I listen I can feel something inside of me swirling. I go into a meditative state and usually do not want to come back to consciousness while listening to the music. I have ordered DNA 1 right away!
-- C.C., Rochester N.Y.

I am a new user joining the group today. I am a mystic form India and I hold sessions on awakening human consciousness. It is a journey from the beginning of the evolution to after life. I used the DNA level one and two CDs in my workshop and the results were profound. Earlier my energy use to deplete end of the work shop but this time not only we could manage the experiences with ease but were fast too. I sincerely suggest that these CDs should be looked beyond the realm of only DNA work and can be used to manifest much higher intents in the quest of awakening human consciousness on the planet.
-- Niket Karajagi

I received the CD on Saturday and listened to it several times since then. I played it in the car while I was running errands with my daughter, 11 years old. I did not announce anything about it, I just played it. (Preface: She is an old soul who has been here before and knows it. She was a home water birth baby and is very very advanced).....After hearing about 11 minutes of it she asked if it was a MATRIX! I was floored. Then she said she wants to play this music while doing her homework that it seems to slow things down (I am sure she was referring to the planetary energy) and makes things clearer. Imagine that! Out of the mouths of so-called babes. Later on that night we listened to the CD and I read several pages of the Companion Guide, she understood everything. The only question she asked was, What is a paradigm. She wants to work with the CD's and is anxious to hear the other 3. She pointed out stanzas in the music on the 2nd and 3rd time of listening that she said she did not hear the 1st time around. She also said she wanted to play it while drifting off to sleep. Thank you very much. This is already opening doors.
-- Anasa, TX, USA

I listened to Odyssey this evening - wow!! I am going to begin 'working' with the first DNA CD tomorrow - what a wonderful adventure this is going to be! I have had the most dreadful headache for two days (a lot of stress and worry at the moment!!) - nothing has shifted it - walks in the fresh air, sleep, meditation, paracetamol - nothing! After listening to Odyssey - it was gone!! Also - I have given 'readings' to people in the past and I must admit they have always been 'spot on' - BUT (!!) I have always doubted myself! I never doubt spirit - just me LOLL!! This evening my daughter (she's 21) asked me to give her a 'reading'. I didn't want to, it's bad enough giving them to people I don't know very well - never mind family - but the most amazing stuff came through for her - it wasn't 'fortune-telling' just a lot of guidance, and bits and pieces of 'stuff' I didn't know - but she did!! It was as though that information was added just for 'fun' - to prove to both her - and me - that the information was coming from spirit!! I have only listened to Odyssey once, and look at the result!!
-- Josephine, Great Britain

I got it ! I got it ! *dances around* I listened to the first CD on a standard CD player with bad frequency range and was transported by the experience, it resonates with the very core of myself and it felt like I already knew all of these tones and melodies, I will be trying the CD with studio headphones and after ingesting the body of Christ. I found that signing with them and whistling greatly amplified the anchoring of my first experience. Thank you thousand time shapeshifter ! I did not expect so much from your composition, it is Magic and Love !
--Samuel, Canada

My CD's arrived yesterday..thank you. I have started reading the lecture. I have listened to the 1st level DNA activation and- its effect is quite profound. I have also played it for one of my massage clients during her bodywork session...I found that I was much more perceptive and intuitive during this session..also had more client also seemed brighter. I am looking forward to working more with the recordings..the music is lovely.
--Linda M.

Just want to share with you the effects of the DNA music on my husband. He is a perfect test subject, because he has not been focusing his energies on spiritual matters. As a matter of fact, he has been completely engrossed in 3D. What I find most interesting, is that he has not used conscious intent to initiate his DNA activation, but I have noticed changes in him. He has been trying, for the past 5-6 years to shed some weight. He has seriously tried, but with no results. He is not a heavy man, but these extra pounds really needed loosing. We have been playing CD#1 in our bedroom for a month non-stop, day and night. He has lost his ten pounds, without really trying and his eating habits have also changed. He wishes to eat lighter foods, and in lesser quantities. I can only attribute this weight loss to the DNA music, because I know how difficult it has been for him. His weight loss is a perfect indication of a shift/clearing of a deeply held pattern or belief system that was manifesting as extra weight. The other day, during a rehearsal, angels and light beings came to visit. When I mentioned this to my husband, he nonchalantly said, that he too had seen them. Well, I nearly fell off my chair, twice! This is not like him at all. When I mentioned to him that his mother who had passed on several years ago had dropped in for a while, he said that he was aware of his mothers presence (as if this was a normal everyday type experience for him). Again, I can only attribute his consciousness expansion and connection to other realities, to the DNA music. His experience of his moments in 3D seem lighter and more joyful. He also is becoming more creative in his thinking. What more can I say. The DNA music has facilitated quantum changes to occur in someone who has not been focusing on anchoring spirit, becoming a multidimensional light being, and returning to being One with Source. At the rate that he is going, I will be following his footsteps!
--Claire P., FL

I just ordered the DNA Activation series (all four CD's) about a week ago. I am a Reiki Master and hypnotherapist. I have been doing research for the past 10 yrs on light/sound. I have a lot of VERY powerful tapes, but your DNA Activation series are FAR more SUPERIOR to any music that I've heard to date. I have been searching for something (i.e. music) that activates/stimulates the DNA. I've been sharing it with family and friends. My brother listens to the music 24/7. He plays them in his office. He plays them in the car. He plays them at home. All day. Every day. I will be ordering more tapes for family, friends and recommending them to my clients.
--Rosiland E., MI

I have only listened to the first cd of the DNA Activation series, following your suggestion to allow multiple exposures to integrate the information before moving to the next lesson. My current opinion, still learning from it, is that it begins with base chakra adjustments, moves up by stages to the throat chakra, then begins again at the base chakra, moving up again somewhat quicker. These chakric adjustments do not seem to me to be the primary action of the vibrational information, however. In my observations, i noted numerous affects on the auric fields themselves (which is perhaps what makes your work stand out from many of the other chi teaching works I own.) These affects are: (1) redistributing energy to a better balance of earth-yin and heaven-yang energies (in my case, excess-yin/deficient-yang, moving the yin down and bringing in more yang to the outer fields,) (2) adjusting the distances of the field circumferences from each other to better suit the size and shape of my particular envelope, and (3) initial work on clearing negative forms in the fields themselves.
Although I did experience cellular responses to these multiple exposures to this vibrational information, I am not able at this time to definitively state what they are. My initial speculations are that I seem to have become a little longer. This may be due to a stretching and greater elasticity of the encasings of the spinal cord and the muscles attached to the spine. This has resulted in an opening up of the congestion at the base of my skull and some major shifts in cranial shape. Since this is a chronic problem, I will have to observe these changes over the course of the entire activation. My intention at this point is to work with one new disc a week, studying it and preparing a proper transmission of its information for my radio show.
After four exposures, I began to have some intense synchronicities revolving around a major emotional issue that I have. This included chance public meetings and a very concise epic-length dream with episodes that following day resonating with the dream. In fact, that morning a friend began to tell me of a dream he'd had years ago that provided a counterpoint to my experience of the previous night. These situations portend an upcoming resolution or shift in this emotional difficulty.
My Reiki work is seamlessly dovetailing with this and the spirits I've been working with have had very positive responses to the presence of these vibrations in their work with me. I will communicate more on this at a later time....right now I can tell you that their approval is entire. Not only the Reiki spirits and the Amok I've been in contact with, but also my friends in the Abrahamic sphere, particularly Raphael, who has found it to be complimentary to the work we have been doing together.

What I love about the Shapeshifter music is the epic sense of it. I tell people it sounds like a movie score of this HUGE epic. The cosmic story of life on planet Earth. Hidden in each one of us is the keys to unlocking the story.

The experience I had with my first listening to CD#1, was extraordinarily visual. Immediately upon beginning to listen, I saw an activated, crimson red Dancing Helix, not in the distance, but within my brain center. My entire body went through a deep, primal, visceral activation. A brilliant-white, spinning "hoola-hoop" lighting appeared around my torso. I shifted nicely, and was surrounded by multitudes of spinning white spheres with spinning vortices. Nice beginning, wouldn't you say? A couple of days later, while listening to CD#1, I went outside to see the sun set. I thanked Sol, with my arms raised to the sky. As I turned around to go back in, the days' light changed to a brilliantly/muted white/blue light. Then very gently, the distance between objects began to change. Expanding and contracting. Time stopped. I was suspended in a beautiful reality of Peace, Space, Light, and No Time. When I turn to go back into my house, it felt as if I was stepping down and reentering my reality. Another lovely experience, wouldn't you say? With CD#2, my body goes into fluid movements. I also sense a combination of grounding and expanding of the body. Also get into nice semi-trance states. Looking forward to continuing my listening pleasure and see where I travel to. As a singer/musician, I can fully appreciate the texture and expression of your music. And how gently you resolve your perfectly positioned dissonances back into harmonic structure. I easily become one with the music and accompany it with my song.
--C.P., FL USA

I am very excited about some of the positive changes I have noticed now after having the experience of the DNA activation set of CD's. I am feeling in general more positive, more empowered and more centered. Focus seems easier. My dreams are revealing of core issue resolutions. My physical body seems more at ease. I usually need some Advil during the week to help ease aches and pains but that is less lately. CD 1 and 2 produced a physical clearing in the form of a cold but it didn't last nearly as long as the usual mutational symptoms. My body seems more sensitive now to "junk" food in that it will simply cause me to notice it doesn't like the junk by creating a feeling of nausea or dizziness. I have "programmed" several crystals and pieces of jewelry with the vibrations of the CD's for more continuous exposure and using the music in the background while doing the my channeling work, it is quite stimulating with very good results. I can see many ways to utilize your magic and incorporate it into many avenues in my life.
--T.H., NC USA

As you predicted, about half-way into the music, I heard the soundscapes arcing to my left and part of it went to the right. I heard sounds I had not heard before; they were the higher pitched tones - they were very much alive and very vibrant. I got a visual image of them, which is the color of lightening. Then, two words came into my head: "dancing Light." Friday night, I listened again before I went to bed, and this time I was so filled with awe regarding the music, I reached up into the 7th auric field, as you suggested. Within seconds, this time the soundscapes were "flying" around everywhere. They were zooming very fast, and again, I heard tones and soundscapes I had not previously heard. The tones were other worldly - very cosmic.
--Joey, NM USA

I have been involved with energy work since age 8. Always believed that I had been dropped into a dysfunctional family from alien space. I always knew there was something bigger & better to bringing balance to ones person life. I am now 39 years of age and finally stumble across DNA activation page after many years of searching. I fell in love with all the sample music. I knew that even though I had just requested the level 1 CD - I would be ordering the other set. The vibration felt at all level of my chakra's was phenomenal. I played the music when ever I was in the house. The more I play it the more I heard. I work with Chakra balancing and help people balance themself and there life. In the past 2 years I became a Reiki Master not knowing this step was needed to increase vibration and resonance in my body to accept all other information. I did not have parental guidance or guides to help me to continue in this field when I was younger, but I certainly plan to be a guide to children of today so that they do not have to repress their power and have to reawaken it 20 years later. Children are the new wave of leaders and need guides to see them through the next evolution. Thank you for making the information and sample available to the internet. All my energy bodies and soul thank you
--Helene, Belleville, Ontario, Canada - Reiki Master

I received DNA Activation CD #1 yesterday. I have experienced it twice. The first time I did not consciously make it all the way through, I believe I made it about half way before drifting off. The second time though last night at about 10pm, I experienced the whole piece......whew! It is a masterpiece! I AM a lover of meditation and I have listened to many, many, many presentations to help the meditational process and I have never heard a bad one, in fact I have enjoyed every one of them for one reason or another....BUT....I have NEVER had one do what DNA#1 did for me last night! I AM still resonating with it! I wake early every morning(about 4:30)and do a walking meditation to start my day.....I was still feeling the effects of the program! Amazing! Magical!Incredible! I AM honored to have been able to experience this information, and will continue to enjoy it. You can be assured I "heard" the message. I AM also looking forward to the other 3 CD's.
--M.W., Michigan - musician, singer

I have been using CD no. 3 daily, with headphones and the following has happened in the last few months. I would like to preface the following with indicating that I am 48 yrs old and so the following I consider very unusual: my skin is smoother, stubborn wart disappeared, teeth straightened, grew 1.5". Yesterday when I lay down with the headphones and CD no. 3, I experienced massive psychic surgery. It was as though I were in a chamber and most of the work was concentrated in my head and inside my mouth but I could also feel it in my throat and down to the lower part of my body. I am really enjoying working with the CD's and get the distinct feeling that new passageways between the left and right brain are being created while I work with them.
--C.R., Texas

I have been listening to the first DNA CD several times and it is a wonderful experience. I can feel the effects of the sound and vibrations in my physical body as well as in my aura. This CD's are a real blessing to me. I feel much better connected with my guidance and higher self. I have "found" answers to important questions that I had for quite some time. My confidence in Spirit and the universe has grown and I feel much better connected with my spiritual family. Yesterday the 2nd CD arrived and when I listened to it it's music really touched my heart! There is so much beauty in it that it made me cry from happiness. Finding this website and the CD's are a wonderful. It proves that I am not alone and that I am getting all the help I am asking for at the right time. Even the plants in my house are getting brighter since I am playing this CD's! Thank you Spirit and thank you Shapeshifter!
--I.R., Belgium, Europe

I have only received my CD's of the DNA series today. I have actively listened to the first one and can honestly say I have never (in 20 some years of listening to every "growth" tape imaginable) felt so totally immersed and transported by anything. I am looking forward to true spiritual growth.
--Rose, US

I also remembered different parts from CD one as if I had heard them before, but definitely not from this lifetime...The music is wonderfully healing, and I noticed a cleansing going on afterwards that, next day, made me feel much more centered and balanced and also more multi-dimensional at the same time. I recommend listening to it outside. Even the animals and birds made it obvious that they noticed the changes in me while listening to the music!
--an-PA, US

I love the first CD! It hits right home. I can hear it a little from other rooms, and always try to get back to the playing room as soon as possible -- seems to me the DNA sound frequencies are "memorized" by the furniture and crystals in the room and then replayed as needed.
--G.M., Spring Hill, FL USA

This morning, I put on the DNA CD. I taped some moldavite to my 3rd eye area and lit a white candle in the background and put some crystals around it. I had one of the most incredible altered state experiences that I have ever had. Beings from the cosmos came to work on me and I saw what I assume represented my DNA (red spirals that looked like the old fashion springs on retractable pens). The beings told me that they came to work on my field and then proceeded. At the completion of the experience, I was in such a deep altered state that it seemed very difficult to bring myself back to normal consciousness.
--C.R., Texas USA

I feel a very strong connection to this music .. some of it almost like I have heard it before .. familiar tones indeed it houses ... Powerful stuff... I doubt no longer :)
--D. R., Tucson, AZ USA

I have been listening to the DNA CD and I keep enjoying it. It is difficult to describe my experiences, I cannot even find the words for it in Dutch...So many impressions occur to me, that I feel I must just let them be and wait until all pieces fall in their places. Everytime I listen, this CD seems to be different. I can feel that both my energetic field and my body are responding to the sounds. I feel it most of all in my head, backbones and feet. My dreams are becoming much clearer and are helping me to 'clear up' past experiences. (The last 14 days I have met several people, as well in my dreams as in daily life, who I had not seen in years!) One time I could feel an energy flowing from my neck to the backside of the heart chakra and than flowing into my arms and hands. It lasted the whole duration of the CD. This energy was strong and sprankling at the same time and did not seem to have any temperature. Afterwards I felt my arms and hands becoming very warm........lovely! I noticed that when I vaporate essential oil (bergamot=petitgrain or lavendula) into the room while listening to the CD, I have more visual experiences. When I don't, I have more physical experiences. I think that the plants in my living room are also enjoying this heaven-sent music; They all are spreading their leaves wide open!
--I.R., Belgium, Europe

I received DNA #1 and listened to it last night while meditating in complete solitude and I have to tell you what a wonderful experience I had. I actually felt the vibrations throughout and had a very unusual meditation trip. I connected with a new guide, it really opened me up to say the least and that was the first time listening to it. Had some physical reactions during my sleep, night sweats, and I feel today like I am cleansing. I look forward to the change.
--C.K., Milton, WA USA

I like the fact that I listen to it almost everyday and am not bored with the music. I look forward to my meditation time with the CD and miss it in the meditations where I don't use it. There are so many different things to listen to. I definitely have my favorite parts and I can feel the differences. Although, I can't quite put the feelings into words, they haven't jelled yet. The change in my energy is significant. It doesn't just feel stronger; it's different. I'm not really sure why I am surprised. It feels stronger and has a higher frequency than before I started listening to this CD. But there's another difference -- it's almost like I started over. Kind of like I started on one path and now I've switched to another? I've moved over somehow.
--K.R., Arlington, TX USA

The DNA activation CD's are a complete blessing in my life. I was looking for something that I could actively do to encourage my own evolution. Thanks to a dream, I found Shapeshifter. It was a literal answer to my prayers. The first time I listened to the first CD in the series, I was in complete awe of what I was hearing. It was beyond anything I had ever heard before. I could actually feel the sound coursing through my body. It leaves me with a sense of amazement towards the universe and the human being. I plan to obtain 2, 3 and 4, not to mention The Odyssey, in due time. I encourage everyone out there to invest a little money and alot of time into these CD's. Your very being as well as your purpose on this planet are understandably worth it.
--M.M.Turpin, Mobile, AL USA

I have to admit at first I was skeptical that listening to these DNA CDs would actually make noticeable changes in my reality, but I approached them with an open mind. I have been studying the effects of sound on the body (both physical and etheric) and in theory I understand the greater potential of this work. I have been a meditator for over 20 years, so I am no beginner when it comes to traveling into the unknown. When I first received the CDs, I spent a whole weekend at home listening to #1 while meditating, working around the house and during sleep. I noticed immediately that my body seemed to drink in the unusual sounds and patterns that are in this music. I also noticed that I never felt that I heard the same thing again -- the music kept shifting and changing depending on what I was focusing on. I experienced all kinds of physical and non-physical sensations that I could only describe as little orgasms all over my being. I also noticed that my clairvoyant vision was intensified all during the weekend. My dream states were very vivid and I had several awakenings during the night where I was lucid in my dreams. I received a whole new download of information about my work on the planet that was incredibly powerful. The most interesting experience was when I went off to work on Monday - I swear the world had completely changed. I felt much more in the flow of things and my 6th sense perceptions were heightened so much that I could hardly believe the flow of information that was coming into my energy field. I had been working on a big project that I really wanted to come through and it magically fell into my lap that morning. Thank you so much for bringing this work through and sharing it with the world, I am truly a believer now in the power of sound and look forward to moving on to 2, 3 and 4.
--J.G., New York, NY

I have been listening to the CDs all night while I sleep. I noticed that I periodically wake up through the night and tune in to certain places in the music. It seems to coincide with my dreams and then as I drift back off to sleep, it stimulates visions. Last night I had a disturbing dream and awoke and then I listened to the music while I was processing the information. I was quickly taken to a pastlife memory, I was very clear that is what it was. I had been setting my intention to uncover what are the deeper imprints underneath my abundance issues. It is a feeling tone that I am working on transforming. I was clearly shown this in my meditative state and at that time, I asked my guidance to remove/transform the block that was preventing me from attaining my abundance. I felt a definite shift in my energy field and lots of information poured in. Of course I fell asleep and can't really remember the details, but when I woke up, I did not have that same dense feeling that I have been having. I really feel something powerful happened and I am looking forward to having it unfold.

Anonymous Comments we received:

This is the cutting edge of new self-therapy. There is nothing finite about these sounds-capes, as your cells seem to open to new sounds, that seem oddly not to have been there last time you listened. Listen deeply. I highly recommend listening . Joann and Gary are very talented.

Lots of heart-energies involved

The DNA Lucidity soundtrack has improved my sleep and my dream recall.

When listening to DNA 1.5 Lucidity while sleeping, my dreams have been more vivid and I'm able to recall them better upon waking. When I listening while I'm awake , I feel more attuned and perceptive to dimensions beyond 3-D reality. I've had an increase in clairvoyant and insentient abilities as a result.

As with all other sounds-capes, my Soul digs it.

More grounded, feeling like my body is disappearing,

I feel that I'm developing a connection with animals and nature

Strong energy, knocks me out

I notice that my mind "stops talking" -- I like the feeling of engagement I have with the soundscape. I do plan to continue working with it. My dreams are really vivid and my sleep has improved!

A great feeling and the music/soundscapes is very nice

Roller-coaster ride

Stimulated, wonderment, anticipation, coming home, thrilled, floating, traveling , shifting, opening, aligning, peaceful, fullness, comfort

Attractive and inviting into participation; a shade of non-emotional longing with the vocals; smooth transition between parts

Elucidating, fluidal, and simply wonderful

Very deep, definitely a change from the L1 series, some of the energy reminded me of the 2012 gateway files combined with the frequencies of shamballa and a slight bit of rejuva energy all in one working. It is definitely lucid in every sense of the word.

Psychoactive Intense Energy raising-activating

Greater awareness, relax, no feelings of body (empty inside), concentration on 3rd eye, after all track peace and joy inside.

I would just say that I love listening to it and all the all soundscapes. This one has been the most intense.

Peaceful surrender

More able to sense energies of plants, animals, insects, and even being more noticeably tuned to the vibrations of crystals and other minerals.

Greater ability to 'channel energy' in doing healing work with clients

A journey within a journey.

The pre-mix version was 'difficult' for me to work with. I often turned down the volume or turned it off. HOWEVER, after downloading the FINAL VERSION a couple of days ago, after listening to that version, I noticed an immediate increase in Lucidity in my imagery in meditations. Also dreams were more 'vivid' (but I still forgot the dreams after I got up in the morning.)

There is lucid dreaming in practice by many people as a means of becoming more aware of mind. DNA lucidity differs however in the fact that it is full lucid body and mind and spirit tuned together. This is something I am still integrating as a meditation but so far results have been very interesting, if you're familiar with the level one series give this a try, you may surprise yourself with what you experience. ;)

There are sounds in here that feeling them alone can bring one to a deep state of balance and harmony. (Forget the bliss side of things for now, what's important here is the tangible manifestations which then translates to one's life in most amazing ways.) I have incorporated the soundscapes of shapeshifter on so many levels for almost seven years now. Starting out with the original Level one DNA Activation series, I was in a state and environment of general sickness. Now I'm not; and I can say from my own life experience just how deeply they have affected and effected change in me and the people around me & my whole life in fact is more in tune, more in flow. I'm resonating with a much deeper sense of humanity, compassion and gratitude for all events of my life (good and bad). My interactions with others now comes from a true place of sensitivity, active listening, caring, centeredness and connectedness where before I just didn't take other's needs so deeply into consideration, nor was I any way near as calm as I am now at the most stressful of times (apprentice chef). Even though all my life I've naturally been a sensitive, wise and loving person, I just wasn't "there". Actively working with this unique form of healing/meditation/ life path has significantly improved my experience of life, let alone the intangible side of things. I've witnessed many miracles and synchronicities which are of course to be expected on any real spiritual path. I'm reminded of the Vedic wisdom of India which states "do not take the appearance of psychic gifts to be the sign/result of actual transformation." The Siddhis as they are called in the Yogic teaching are to be experienced and then let go of. It's far too easy for the ego to get pumped up on paranormal juice and forget what really matters. The here and now real world is the training ground for your soul. If you can be fully human, surrendering your Godhood, without attachment to forms as they come and go you will come to understand the ultimate reality is to be experienced in the moment. Any path that teaches you to go within to find your inner power and then asks you to bring that back into the here and now for the good of all is, in my opinion, worth taking the time for. To better oneself truly, is to better the lives of others, truly. "then you are ready to come down from the highest heaven to give your sick brother a glass of water." Instead of closely guarding the treasure jealously or misusing that treasure for personal or selfish gain. Certainly, the work of shapeshifter is not for the general public per se, as to each their own. Not everyone who listens to or comes across it is going to understand the deeper dynamics going on, but at least on a personal level you can agree when you're in resonance with something you just know. If you can let the music work the magic, words become incomparable to describe. -- T.S., Australia

Well I finally had the music speak to me and tell me to get started with this. I've had the 6 L2 samples since the start and have been listening to them regularly, probaby a couple dozen times in total over the last few months. So lately I've been spending more time with them and there's been a transformation and they have affected me on a different level than they used to or how any of your other music does. Experiencing the first one now, there is nothing that could have prepared me for the profound power of this, not the samples or the L1.5 or L1 certainly or even the totality of all of your other recordings. This is indeed another level and it's another level of spiritual consciousness beyond anything else I have experienced. I will do my best to spend a month with each one and your advice has been great so far, although it will be a challenge not jumping into the next one long before that. What I have learned is that you are right about the $75 being meaningless, a mere token to gain entry into this world and the time came where the feelings of this being too expensive finally dissolved and I knew it was time :) I appreciate the personal attention you have given me and many thanks go out to you and Gary for your outstanding contributions. I hope you don't stop here and also realize how important this work is and continue to bless us. - AJC, Canada

I had to make sure to stop and take a second to tell both you and Gary how fortunate I am to have the soundscapes; Shapeshifter is truly timeless and never gets old. Last night while listening to Transmission, I realized the extremely large amount of compressed data I never heard before; As I listened I realized that whatever is needed, simply absorb yourself into the soundscapes and they know what we need far more than we do. Last night as I listened to TM, I clearly heard your voice amplified as you explained how we should receive our energy from our inner-self instead of taking from the collective 3d group....It was truly amazing as I implemented this practice using the color "Gold" to draw increased energy into my bio-energetic field - I immediately felt rejuvenated.... Thank you, Thank you, Thank you - LW, Ohio

I have been indeed enjoying all the Level 2 soundscapes a lot. I got the Transmission #4 recently and found some parts of it ecstatic! There were parts of number 3 that weren't smooth for me initially but I worked on myself and eventually got through them effortlessly. These are a great gift to humanity. They really do make a difference in giving that extra boost to a spiritual seeker to take him/her to higher levels of conciousness. Of course, one needs to have done a lot of basic ground work in pre-positioning the DNA strands through contemplation/meditation and experiences before one can truly reap the benefits of these soundscapes. -- SBA, UK

WOW! The energy was is incredible - I was up until 3 AM meditating and drawing.

I saw my fairy/elf/angel wings growing and forming.

I journeyed out and up into the Shapeshifter group as far as I could go. I don’t have any words for it. They told me there are thousands of beings involved in this work.

I was shown this “clean out” exercise. There were a series of “revolving doors” around my central core - stacked one on top of the other - each with about 4 doors in it. One was at my lower abdomen, next the solar plexus and chest and then the neck and head. I went around and around these “doors” like a kid would do, and as I did all this sludge came out! It was both gross and cool to get rid of it.

My experience was with geometrical shapes that were in color. One would come in and spin for a while and then fade out. Then another would appear. Most were quite different from the other.

I am getting unusually vivid dreams. Such dreams are remembered for long, long time.

I felt this was really powerful and could feel the presence of all of us in the circle - I could also sense a much higher circle of light beings overseeing this endeavor which felt very loving and supportive - at one point, I totally turned into a liquid state and lost all sense of my physical body, but I was still very present and aware of ALL…from there I felt myself oozing out in many different directions and sort of aware of the expansiveness of this state….at one point, I was quickly drawn (in my oozy state) to a door…this is a door I have been visiting several times now in the last month…..I initially sensed the door as solid and with many carvings of symbols and sigils all over it….it was a ominous feeling….I knew that getting into the door was my goal….as I sensed that, I returned to my awareness of being liquid and moved to the door and started to resonate with it at the cellular level and with that I went through it…right then I lost awareness and went very deep, very black and still - when I came back, I was totally buzzing everywhere in my being. This door is significant and I will return back to it again and again, it is part of the doorway/portal that we are all moving through into the 5th World manifestations.

It was like an army of Light beings stepped into the room as soon as I turned it on - I could feel the presence of many warriors of Light stepping up - the vibrations were very intense along with feelings of being very large - after it finished I couldn’t move - I wanted to speak but I couldn’t - felt like my body was in a frozen state - yet blissful….felt like I was on an altered substance….when we went outside, we both could see a significant shift in our SEEing - prominent auras around everything….colors more vibrant.

Some definite shifts in my head - not quite a headache feeling, but adjustments being made all over my skull.

My cells were hungry for this, and tears welled in my eyes. One part reminded me a little of one track in ReJuva, where it feels like a cosmic sifter is sifting star dust onto me - like a powder sugar sifter. In ReJuva it is going into my etheric body. Here it is going into my cells. This is all very cellular.

I have felt a lot of crown chakra activity the past few weeks. At the same time it felt as if the ground beneath my feet was moving and I had to try not to fall down. GOOD excersise to keep oneself centered! At the same time, my guidance tought me a practical lesson in how to deal with anger in a new way and for the best of all involved. This was very intense, purifying. and strenghtening. I learned that the fire of anger can burn out old thoughtforms that are harmfull to oneself and others and at the same time it gives the energy for new, constructive thoughtforms. It feels great now!

It feels like a sound-shower clearing out all residue that can be released. Very vitalising indeed.

I have had a daily increase of my clairaudient ability - the first few times I listened, I heard this level of white noise up on the higher dimensions…it was like I heard the music, but then I could hear this other noise…it was a bit annoying, but I ignored it….then 2 nights ago, I was finally able to get my bedroom player to play it through the night (took some adjusting to the sounds at first, would stutter and get stuck/very symbolic I think)….the next day I put on some headphones as I was doing some recording work…as soon as I put them on and they covered my ears (full cups on them that cover the entire ear and block out outside noise totally) I heard voices, it was not plugged into anything yet…I took them off and listened and there was silence, I put them back on again and there were voices talking/whispering far in the background, so I just stayed with it as long as I could and then it went quiet….when I got in bed that night and put on the soundscape, WOWEEEEEE, a whole new levels of sounds were now audible to me…the white noise was gone and it opened up to this whole other soundscape….I had goosebumps all over….then after about 15 minutes, it turned into a very lucid and clear clairvoyant experience of many magical realms, which really took me out there.

For about 36 hours the first 3 minutes or so of this music was a real challenge for me. I know enough to know that it is in me and it will reveal itself and pass. So I hung in there with it and a black cube about the size of an orange came out of my thymus chakra area. It was a piece of self hate. Since then I have been loving the sounds.

I quite love the music and can’t get enough of it. In my case, it seems the music acts on all the higher chakras, the activity starting and the heart chakra and then moving to the brow and then the throat.

Tonight I played the guided journey and found myself in a temple I had visited during prior healing journeys. While being there, I was infused with gold light. The next temple seems to be made of water crystals and the light was blue and soothing. I then got the impression that I was surrounded by 12 beings…

The music continues to unfold for me. Sunday night it was like I was swimming through those giant kelp forests, The leaves would shift and I would pass through them and then more and more.

Also, over the years, I had once or twice heard a certain frequency in Level 1 where I heard music that was outside the range of human hearing. I heard it a lot of times on Sunday. It was like it was sitting parallel to the sounds I could hear with my ears. It felt really cool.

The interesting things start happening 2-3 weeks ago after I started working with these new frequencies of L2. I start making more money, I increased staff in my company three times more than it was before and looking to increase more. I am working on new projects. The most “strange” thing happened that I began “channeling” these frequencies to other people. My hands became alive. I constantly feel vibrations around me and in my hands. My hands are changing every day since then, they become more and more alive. Yesterday, friend popped in and I shared with him what is going on with me and he asked if I can demonstrate that. He lied down and I began moving hands around him feeling huge electric vibrations in my hands, and was doing that for 5 min or so. After I stopped and asked if he felt anything, he said that he fell into sleep within seconds and went out of body 3 times as soon as I start working on him, and added quietly that “somebody” was cleaning his negative emotions and pulling out bad thoughts from him. I checked with him today, he gave up smoking or at least he did not buy a pack of cigarettes and did not have any smoke since he left my house yesterday.

My experiences with the first cd DNAL2 sioundscape thus far is most of all, I feel my body become totally transparent while listening. The first time I listened to the full cd, I felt as if my physical body no longer exsisted. I had to squeeze my hands before I could feel them. It was as if I had an OBE experience, without going anywhere. While listening & meditating I see lots of visions of earthly nature and also visions of space, without knowing where or what they are. I also feel better connected with my higher self and while listeniing to the soundscape I can relax and listen to what my higher self has to tell me. Feels great !!

I had the most awesome experience last night - we were meditating with the #1 cd and it was very powerful and produced some really strong bodily sensations by the end of the soundscape. I was really feeling the buzz when it was done. So the next CD in our player was ReJuva and because I wasn’t really able to move, we decided to just stay in the Odyssey a bit longer and work with it. I heard that CD in such a new way, but more than that I FELT it in such a different way. My body was so intensely sensitive to all the sounds and it was the most pleasant and wonderful feeling all over. It was electrifying. In addition, 3 separate times, I had major bodily shifts and jolts, like big adjustments were made in my neural system and deep cellular adjustment.

I am writing this on the "eve" of the release of DNA L2 #5 to the group that is helping to anchor the Level Two energies on the planet. I feel very blessed to be a part of this process. I have some thoughts about the evolution of the Shapeshifter sound, and of Gary as a composer/producer.
I have worked with these soundscapes since 2001 and each release has a special place in my being. Each soundscape tells the story and paints a picture of a certain stage or epoch in my evolutionary journey during these most precious times. I say most precious because even though many are suffering beyond measure at this time, we are afforded opportunities to evolve our responses like never before.
I congratulate Gary Chambers in the successful efforts he has made in this evolutionary journey. He has worked unbelievably hard and diligently to bring forth these transformative works with the utmost integrity and clarity. I went through a personal journey shortly before the Level 2 work began, where I couldn't trust anything on the Inner Planes - guides, or anything else, but Shapeshifter was always Pure and True.
With the Level 2 work, I am finding the compositions to be interesting, beautiful, challenging and so far beyond description. One thing that I can see as I delve into these soundscapes is that Gary has really become a Master of Time and Space. When I compare Level 2 to Level 1, there is just so much more depth and space. There is more said by the spaces between the notes, sometimes, than there is by the notes themselves. Always with the Shapeshifter sound there are many portals, hidden passageways and journeys to explore.
With level two, there are a couple of sensations that I find intriguing and enjoyable. First, there is this sensation of a succession of windows passing in front of me all going at different speeds and directions. Each one is a portal, and when one passes in front of another, a whole new portal is created. The second is what I call the Wall Of Sound. Gary calls it the "mushy" parts. I think the first time I encountered this was in the beginning of the Shamballa CD. He has developed it much more in the Level 2. When I first listen to a piece that is new to me and it has a passage containing the "Wall Of Sound," it is like a solid wall where there is so much sound going on, I can't pick out any thread above another. As I work with these parts, they open up and I am able to get inside of them and I can ride certain melodies and rhythms. The image that comes to me is kind of surprising to me. I am reminded of Jackson Pollock's paintings with the seemingly chaotic strings of color flung at random on the canvass. I read somewhere that he actually put a lot of planning into his compositions. So imagine this painting suddenly opening up where you can walk into it and the layers coalesce into beautiful shapes, forms and colors. That is what these Walls Of Sound are like for me. Interestingly, I like abstract art, but I have never liked Pollock's work.
There is another change in Level 2, and that is the increase in rhythmic sections. For me this ties the Shapeshifter energies and images into the currents and streams of energy pulsing through the planet at this time. Plus they just feel so darn good!
What a privilege it is for me to be involved in witnessing the Turning of the Ages while having the Shapeshifter soundscapes narrating so profoundly the energetic currents pulsing through the people, the Earth, and all the Kingdoms here on this planet at this time. We are all a part of this grand dance. -- KK, NC

I finally broke through the part of 6 that was causing me problems; I used major deep breathing and finally got through ...seriously there is a riff that is very energetic then the "void of space" sound that literally took me ... OMG... I'm still floating and the PEACE is wonderful! ... very ethereal...awesomely peaceful. Very expanding in awareness of the LOVE in the Universe and LIGHT filling all things....the repetitive sound in the left channel represents the ongoing chatter and chaos of the everyday world, the peaceful melody in the right channel is that state of Bliss from being in tune with the Universe and eventually it eases the chaos and brings in the expansion of harmony and flowing into all things as all things! immersion into the Universe! - RC

We had a bumpy couple of days at the beginning, some negativity coming up to clear then plain sailing. We have both experienced an expansion in consciousness and calmness, greater sense of fun. We are also getting some memories of agreeing to complete some spiritual tasks this life. On a darker note, we've uncovered evidence of "implanted" false memories which we've been able to correct with regression therapy. All very interesting.
The music of #5 felt a little dense and difficult to penetrate for the first three days. By the fourth day I started to get a bit more in sync with it and fragments of "seemingly familiar" memories started flooding in. Very lucid. Also began to get a hint of the flavor of this level. Next day, with further listening, a greater sense of my own presence in the environment started to build and a desire for increased creative freedom. Also, starting to notice a deeper appreciation of the fullness of any one moment. (very cool !)
So many of the more profound experiences enjoyed with the music unfortunately go beyond verbal description at this time but on the fringes I suspect a stronger connection with the underlying energies, quantum level, being built. A growing belief in the ability to manifest desired futures continues. In the words of Jon Anderson of YES, "All awakening, no doubt"
Have had success with the music by meditating with it and thinking along the lines of "I am downloading pure consciousness", seems to enhance the impact.
One of the most interesting experiences we've been getting during the last month is an almost constant synchronistic "familiarity" about everything; we've gradually learned to trust it as a compass for intuitive thinking. Also, so much of what is occurring with us at the moment seems to trigger memories of foreseeing all this in our childhoods, we have recalled childhood memories of "hearing" present time adult thought processes.
Just a quick report on experiences with #6 so far. After using this level, playing earlier levels seems more powerful. The physical environment appears clearer and brighter. Walking in the supermarket was strange, other people impinge less, perhaps less negativity being received from them. Self reflection is deeper and at time a greater sense of "channeling" information. - R&JL

Absolutely ego-devastating!
This cd can make me a bit dizzy if I listen to much, but it is sort of highly addictive. I receive insights about whatever is on my mind and
receive a lot of energy, frequency and vibration from it. To me cd is similar to DNA 1.5. Surprisingly non-intensive for being DNAL3.

Wonderful! Every step we're taking is bliss!
Gary and JoAnn have been friends for a very long time both on this plane and others, and each time they produce the "next level" I'm elated. My Spirit sings when I listen to the evolutionary sounds and feel my true being awaken to the Truth of who we are! For those who are truly searching for who they are and realizing their Oneness with the Universe, this is the next step! Prepare for your expansion into the Higher Realms as this is the NEXT LEVEL of your unfolding into the Cosmic Life we all share! If you have successfully opened to Level I and II you are ready for this next step! Rev. Ronald G.

OMG this is heaven! Simply Amazing. Wow! - JJ

This album is SUPERB! i just know that my action become super powerful when dwelling on spiritual stuff and spontaneous!

Activating ESP
I am listening to this powerful CD using your Becoming The Music method fully engaging with sonic sounds. I feel not to use headphones for this one, The others such as the DNA L2 soundscapes, I alternate a sessions of listening with, and without headphones. I start by feeling the vibrational sounds connecting with my outer energy fields, then coming in through the etheric blueprint, and into the Physical levels, of muscles, bones, organs, blood and lymph flow, etc. down into the cells and DNA feeling the music vibrating in every place lifting up the frequencies on every level, right down to the core DNA. A very powerful energetic makeover. I literally feel my body tingling for hours afterwards, beautiful warm fluidity flows all through my body in fact for the next 24 hours, when I do it again, and it only enhances these sensations further. And sensing flashes of violet and white lights in my peripheral vision, which feel extremely pleasant as if some type of ESP is being activated.

Always perfect
Been with Visionary Music for more than a year. As always, it brings me back from time immemorial. I am sure I am hearing it now but I could not place where I have heard this music from the past. More power to you for making it available for us. Thanks and blessings be.

Always great
I have been listening and using visionary music for years for myself and in my work., they never disappoint.

The soundscape invokes thoughts of Atlantis, Lemuria, Sirius, Lyra, and beyond the 12th Star gate. To me it brings a vision of liquid motion, both water and atmospheric . Very calming.

I tend to fall asleep about halfway through so I wake up, go back and replay. I sleep very good and sound if I play it when falling into sleep, "somethings happening " in dreamstate but cant recall. Very energized and feeling good from this soundscape . Not at all as intense like the L2s I have worked with a bit. I will go back to L2 after working with this one! Thank you for the Music! -RB

Odyssey Empowerment definitely sends me off to another plane where I see everything clearly and free from the old emotions. As a writer, I find it extremely helpful to keep me focused. - DG