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Abundance Generation

Abundance Generation | DNAvatar
  • Beginning explorations into Multidimensional Sound
  • Creative and energetic
  • Good for background while doing activities
  • Great for quick affirmations and intent setting

A collection of short soundscapes focusing on the generation of Abundance energy. By connecting with the areas of your life that are already filled with abundance you can learn to shift that energy into other places in your life where you may have less abundance. Abundance is our divine birthright and while over time you have believed what others told you which led to a belief in lack and limitation — it is no longer the truth you choose to embody — Step Out and Claim Your Power. It is time for you to move into your divinity and embrace the Abundance of the Universe on all Levels and then share that awareness with others around you. This planet has all the love, resources, money, tools, food, jobs, skills, talents, gifts to provide for every man, woman and child in alignment with being loving caretakers for Mother Earth and all the creatures that share this Planet with us. Embrace this knowledge WITHIN self and WITHOUT self and then send that vibration into the matrix of Light.

This album was created from the monthly soundfiles that were part of our 2 year Gold Program (2009-2010). See also the 2012 Gateways album.

 11 Tracks – Runtime: 53:00
Gaining Strength : 3:10
Empowering Through It : 5:19
Akasha : 5:07
Enchanted : 3:12
Emerging Light : 3:08
New Millenium Magic : 5:29
999 : 9:05
Gather : 5:08
DTFF Dissolving the Frequency Fences : 3:11
Beyond the Sands of Time : 4:10
Renewal : 7:06

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