Info about the Odyssey Sound & Light Temple

The Odyssey Sound & Light Temple™ is an Energy Enhancement Environment (EEE)created to be an open-ended environment designed to explore frontiers on the leading edge of consciousness research. It is a playground of high energy for those who walk a path of conscious evolution. This advanced meditation room was created to be a magical place, a space where you can get in touch with the unlimited energy of your Soul essence — to reconnect you to the sense of wonder and aliveness you experienced as a child. It can take you to worlds of magic and freedom where all things are possible. These multi-dimensional realities are within each one of us and just await our sincere intent to experience and learn from them.

The human body, on one level, can be considered to be a series network of interacting crystalline structures. The skeletal system can be thought of as a crystal structure with piezoelectric properties that generates electromagnetic field (EMF's). The bones with their extracellular matrix are the solid crystalline structure of the body, while systems such as muscle, nerve tissue, lymphatic fluids, blood and down to the cellular level are considered to be liquid crystalline structures that store information and generate EMF's. At the very core of these systems, is the DNA blueprint that makes you unique and different from everyone else. The Odyssey meditation room is specifically designed to unlock the keys to what is being called "junk" or dormant DNA, as well as activating the multi-strands present in our etheric bodies and beyond.

Whether you are an experienced meditator or just beginning, these multidimensional meditation rooms can enhance your living space to allow for greater self healing and deepening your connection to inner peace and harmony in your life.

In The Odyssey meditation room you will experience powerful vibrational waves of sound and light enhanced by crystal patterns, geometric structures, and other modalities that will activate through sympathetic resonance the life energy enhancing EMF's and higher potential encoded within the quantum essence, the DNA, of your crystalline biology.

What makes The Odyssey unique from other similar environments?

Our Multidimensional Music as a Magical Invocation

The music that you will experience in the various shamanic, other worldly, mystical and magical transformation adventures available in The Odyssey has been intuitively composed by ShapeshifterDNA. The INTENTION behind the sounds/tones/rhythms/melodies, which are different for each session, are co-created through a connection with a multidimensional source of unlimited creativity. This connection which has been building through many lifetimes of dedication produce some of the most innovative, multifaceted and transformational music available today. This music is the evolutionary core level key to the transformative energy of The Odyssey meditation rooms. As a result of many years working with the EEE, ShapeshifterDNA has coined the term Cyber-Shamanic for the style of music that has evolved from this synergy.

Music as a magical invocation
Aligning you with new multidimensional sources of information
The depth of feeling, willingness and openness of the individual completes the equation
Allowing the energy blueprint of these greater possibilities to emerge in manifestation

With your conscious participation and active involvement, an EEE can allow access to the unlimited potential of the Creative Source, helping you to bring back that transformative freedom, form and consciousness and to integrate it into your daily life. Working with the recorded music following a session in The Odyssey meditation room enhances and grounds the experience to assist you in your manifestation processes. The music continues to unfold and evolve in alignment with your awakening consciousness.

Private Sessions in the Odyssey

We currently have an Odyssey Sound & Light Temple open at a space in Gulfport/St. Petersburg, Florida called the Longhouse Wellness Center — you can have private sessions with the music only as well as sessions with a massage or reiki therapist. If you live locally you can contact JoAnn to set up an appointment. Each session is a 2 hour appointment and JoAnn will do an energy healing and balancing session, a chakra reading and an aura scan to see what is going on in the subtle fields. This is followed by a spiritual guidance session to help you understand the information and to shamanically move through any current issues or blockages you may be working on. Remote sessions are also available if you are unable to be here physically. For more information about JoAnn's private practice offerings visit her at

The Future of the Odyssey

In 2006/7, we built a group Odyssey Temple in a center in Asheville, NC which was able to support about 8 people or 20 close friends. The center closed in April 2007, but you can take a look at the slide show of the room to see what was created. It was an amazing experience and a great precursor to an even larger vision for the Odyssey.

The concept of the Odyssey can expand into much larger group spaces which will require additional funding to actualize some of the visions that will take this concept into its next evolutionary stage of manifestation. We envision a custom designed building based on sacred geometry and in alignment with the earth's energy grid — Vaatsu, Feng Shui, etc. Once inside, the environment will take on an other worldly, mystical quality, almost alien in its look and feel. The lighting will be expanded upon, incorporating some of the latest tools from some of the most connected consciousness researchers all over the planet. The sound system will be the highest level of state of the art surround sound technology, using fiber optics in the wiring to eliminate all traces of EMFs that would normally be present. The entire system will be operated by a central computer triggering lights, music and multimedia projections on LCD panels. Many plans are underway for this next phase -- if you feel you may have something to offer this project, contact us. We see this as part of our visions for the Temple of the Divine MUSE.

We are seeking collaboration on this type of project with other visionarys and whether we do it ourselves one day or others are able to bring the visions forth matters not. One day these spaces will be located all over the planet as higher centers of devotion to the greater alignments with Source Vibration.

Custom Designed Meditation Rooms & Energy Enhancement Environments (EEE)

Visionary Music, Inc. will design and implement a personal meditation room/EEE specifically for your needs. There are a variety of synergistic systems to choose from depending on space available, purpose and budget. You may start small and work towards expanding as your needs grow. We can help you to build your EEE in your existing environment or provide assistance in building the external structure as well. We envision the EEE making a valuable and profound contribution to the evolution of our planet in the following areas:

  • Personal Exploration, Consciousness Research (home environments)
  • Meditation Environments
  • Teaching & Learning Facilities
  • Health & Healing Centers
  • Massage & Psycho Therapists
  • Entertainment Environments
  • Creativity Spaces for artists, musicians, dancers, writers, etc.
  • Hotels, Spas & Retreat Centers
  • Business Offices

To set-up a preliminary consultation, Contact Us for more information.