Odyssey Listening Suggestions

The original Odyssey (1989) soundscape was the first composition designed for use in our sound & light environment of the same name — Odyssey Sound & Light Temple. In 2016 we upgraded this soundscape to a more evolve form of Chakra Balancing, which includes the basic 7 chakras but then also incorporates the more advanced chakra system of 1 - 14 or beyond. We say beyond because there are many teachings avaialble sharing higher knowledge about our more evolved chakra system. They all have value and all can be used along with this soundscape.

Our chakra music is designed to balance the chakras and expand and stretch the entire auric field, while also grounding one's energy. It takes several sessions to get the bodies (physical & etheric) to understand the sound patterns and vibrations within this piece, so it is best to work with it several times letting yourself go deeper and deeper into the undulating sounds. The rhythms and drum beats will weave in and out with the purpose of stimulating the lower chakras to keep you aware and awake of what is happening. The key to working with this soundscape is not to fall asleep and go out as you do in meditation sometimes, but to work with your chakras and energy field to harmonize and balance. It is a combination of active and passive participation.

You will find that if you work with it at least 7 times in a "deep focused meditative state," you will begin to adjust to the patterns that are evolving from the practice. You will learn how to move through the alpha brainwave state into a conscious theta state; a place where the greatest healing can take place. Eventually you can even move into Delta states and hold some higher awareness for the most profound transformational work. After you feel that you are attuned to the process, via emotional feeling tones, you will be able to use it as needed to balance your field.

It is very important to focus on deep abdominal breathing for as long as you can, until you feel you have reached a meditative state. Work on holding your breath for longer periods of time on the top and bottom of each breath. It is also a good idea to lie down with this soundscape to fully relax. Remaining awake should be easier with this soundscape, as part of the reason for the shifting sounds is to keep you alert and aware. You will find that the music goes in and out of various sonic landscapes, sometimes taking you deep with ambient sounds and then quickly shifting to drums, rhythms and deep bass tones. You will also notice a spiraling up type of sound pattern that will assist in raising your overall vibration — follow the spiral with your consciousness — work your energy fields consciously. The beginning of the soundscape establishes a resonance with the world around us — busy, chaotic, things coming and going all of the time in different directions. This is done so that you will begin the journey from a similar vibrational frame of reference — harmonic resonance. As you focus on balancing your chakra system by breathing earth energy up to each chakra and then bringing the higher vibrations down to each chakra from the crown center, you will start to sense that you are beginning to feel the calmness within your personal energy field. This is all happening even when the music and sounds are taking you through various patterns.

The music is designed to stretch the etheric bodies and to modulate the entire auric field. You can focus in on one body at a time or all at once — physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. If you learn how to listen to the music while you are holding your consciousness in your etheric form, rather than your physical body, you will really feel the benefits of this soundscape. You can feel this most powerfully when you are holding the breath and all is still. Letting go of the physical is going to be the biggest challenge and if you set this as your intention, eventually you will feel a distinct sensation when you make this disconnection. Watch our Become the Music video to understand this concept further. You will feel very free and very light and the sounds will continue to happen all around you and through you, but you will no longer be affected so much by the shifting patterns. You will feel the deep bass vibrations throughout the soundscape. By the end of the soundscape, you should be completely relaxed and feel very expanded, almost an out of body type of sensation. Once you are able to achieve this result with this soundscape, you will be able to use it to balance your chakra system very easily and quickly. This soundscape will help you remain calm amidst times of chaotic energy around you in 3D world. Whenever you feel things are spiraling out of control around you or things just seem off, try a session with the Odyssey to realign yourself with your higher path and purpose.

Depending on where you are on your journey of working with the chakras, you can intiailly begin with the intention to balance the main 7 chakras. As you feel guided, you will start to feel yourself rising to the next higher chakra. Your inner guidance will let you know when you are ready for this. Do some research and check out the links we provided on the product page to begin education yourself. This will help you prepare for awakening your Advanced Chakra System.

Additional Tools we offer for support:

Guided Program
There is a guided program you can use to learn how to quickly balance your chakra system called the 1 Minute Chakra Balancing Program. This is a great technique to use when starting to engage more consciously with your chakra system.

Tachyonized Chakra Energy Cells
The Chakra Balancing Kit comes with seven Tachyonized Energy Cells, color-coordinated with the seven chakras, a small pouch to hold the Energy Cells and a stand-up instruction card that holds the crown chakra Energy Cell correctly facing the top of your head while you are lying down. The kit addresses the seven main chakras that are the major energy conduits.

Chakra Readings
Chakras are one of the major body systems that should be reviewed from time to time to see how you are doing. JoAnn Shivanti can provide you with a portrait and an interpretation to help you understand where your chakra system is at.