Music for Sleeping

(sleep disorders - insomnia - restless sleep)

Do you have trouble sleeping at night?
Do you have difficulty staying asleep all night long?
Do you wake up feeling tired?
Would you like to start getting the benefits of a restful nights sleep?

Then start listening to this Healing soundscape when you go to sleep at night and start getting a good night's sleep soon. As you gradually slow down your breathing and start relaxing the body, the music will take you from being fully awake (alpha state) to semi-awake (beta state) to pre-dreaming (theta state) and on to deep sleep (delta state). As you awaken during the night, reconnect your awareness to the music and reestablish your intent, then drift back into sleep state. Within 30 days, your body will be conditioned to go into sleep state when the music is played.


We recommend the following soundscape to get started with.

Healing Soundscape by ShapeshifterDNA for beginners in meditation and sound healing