Healing Music for Sound Healing & Music Therapy

Our music is ideal for any therapeutic settings where creating an atmosphere of peace, tranquility and safety is important to the success of your treatments. Many healers of all types are using this music in their practices to facilitate a deeper transformational process and awaken their clients natural healing abilities.

Ideal for all types of Healing Modalities

Massage • Bodywork • Vibrational Healing • Energy Healing
Reiki (shamballa reiki, usui reiki, seichem reiki)
Psychosynthesis • Psychotherapy • Regression • Hypnosis
Breathwork (holotropic breathwork, rebirthing, shamanic breathwork
Chiropractic • Physical Therapy • Music Therapy
and more.....


We recommend the following soundscapes to get started with.

Healing Soundscape by ShapeshifterDNA for beginners in meditation and sound healingSanctuary by ShapeshifterDNA for meditation and sound healingTouch of Angels Soundscape by ShapeshifterDNA for meditation, stress reduction and healingJourney of the Soul by ShapeshifterDNA for deep relaxation and soul retrieval sessionsDNA Activation LevelOne series by ShapeshfiterDNA for beginning steps into DNA ActivationDNA Activation LevelOne by ShapeshifterDNA for activating the multi-strand DNAReJuva Soundscape by ShapeshifterDNA for rejuvenation, cellular regeneration and creativity enhancementTransmissions of Light Codes Journey towards Ascension by ShapeshifterDNA for conscious ascensionShamballa - Journey Home by ShapeshifterDNA for connecting with ascended mastersDNA Activation LevelOne by ShapeshifterDNA for all aspects of 12 Strand DNA ActivationDNA Activation LevelOne by ShapeshifterDNA for all aspects of multi strand DNA recoding