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Past Events…..

The following events are scheduled from time to time throughout the Tampa Bay Florida area, check back here or email us to see when the next one might be coming up. Also if you are traveling to the area and would like to attend any of these events, let us know ahead of time and maybe we can put one on the schedule.

Group Sound Healing Events

We offer several different types of group sound healing events. Often celebrations take place on equinox and solistice dates, as well as new moon or full moon dates.

Shamanic Drum Circle

Using our drums, shakers, rattles, voices and our breath to guide us deeper within, we will seek guidance and wisdom on our individual and planetary journeys. Our opening circle begins with connecting to the silence within and moving from that space into the sounds that emerge from stillness into ecstatic rhythms, exploring both chaotic and harmonious transitions through the night. All forms of expression are welcomed to this community drumming circle - drumming, dancing, toning, chanting, holders of sacred space. This circle is done in a darkened space to allow for deeper inner explorations with less external visual stimulation - stimulating a group shamanic journeying experience. It is also OK to come and just experience the healing energy of this circle. Extra drums and percussion instruments are available - be creative, bring anything from your house that makes noise.

Transformational Sound Healing Explorations

Using the multidimensional music by Shapeshifter, we will explore many different aspects of our transformational process. Sound is the ideal carrier wave to assist us in this journey -- it is the bridge between matter and divine. Using shamanic journey techniques we will learn how to transform our density, limitations and resistances into one of personal empowerment, confidence and inner peace. Those who choose to be fully conscious during these times are emerging into divine beings of Light capable of self healing, awakening one's psychic and intuitive gifts and enhancing their connection to higher forms of guidance and wisdom. As we deepen our connections to our inner worlds, we can fully actualize our higher purpose and align with our greater mission work on the planet during this evolutionary cycle. Come and Explore.
The format for this event begins with a unifying of the group, then a guided shamanic journey which evolves from these shared expressions. Then we immerse ourselves in one of the soundscapes for over an hour and then move into a silent space to integrate the transmissions. We close the circle with sharing and satsang.
Whistling Vessels:

CyberShamanic Dance Wave

Join us for Transformational Journey from Stillness to Movement to Ecstatic Trance Dance. We begin this journey from a place of stillness, engaging with our deepest intentions for manifesting our Life's journey. From this place we begin to gently move, establishing resonance with our world of Energy; within us and all around us. As we gradually enter the vibrational realms by deeply engaging with the sound patterns and modulations in the music, we activate the body temple to move in subtle ways, becoming one with ALL .... activating and initiating healing on all levels of our being. As we allow the music to guide us into a shamanic trance state, we dance from this deep place within for transformation and enlightenment on our Soul's Journey. Dancing to discarding our old limited movements and patterns, we will emerge in our new forms ready to walk into alignment with the next steps on our evolving life path. As we shift into our trance dance states, we break through any blocks and barriers that try to keep us in the old ways of being, thinking and behaving. Then gradually we settle back down into stillness and the flowing movements of sound take us back into stillness and into deep meditation.
If you have engaged with any of these forms of Conscious Movement/Dance, then you will love our CyberShamanic Dance Waves -- 5 Rhythms, Trance Dance, Sweat your Prayers, Dance Church, Dances of Spirit, Ecstatic Dance, Contract Improv, etc.