Before you Begin....

A few thoughts to share before beginning with these soundscapes.....

We wanted to share a few things with you so that you feel knowledgable about working with our music for optimal results. Of course follow your own guidance at all times, these are just our suggestions to get your going.

  • Everyone is at a different juncture on their evolutionary path, which will greatly affect how your experiences with these soundscapes will unfold. Some people will have an amazing shift and awakening in the first listening session, while for others it can take some time for these new sounds to marinate in your field of awareness enough to cause noticeable shifts. Some may even have an adverse reaction to these higher frequencies as they stream into your environment to raise the Light. Anything of a denser or darker nature will rise up in protest initially which may require some conscious intervention on your part to clear and resolve before moving on. This density can take the form of foods, people, places and activities that you are currently engaged with. Examine them carefully to determine which are holding aspects of negativity in your life and then make the necessary adjustments to shift to a more positive reflection.
  • We suggest that you eventually get all of the soundscapes in our catalog. Each one opens up new vistas and realms in which you can find yourself discovering new and amazing adventures in your consciousness. With each new soundscape, you should consider it a powerful initiation into its unique teachings for you. Plan to focus your deeper meditations on just that soundscape until you feel deep within that you have integrated the Multidimensional Frequency Packets (MFPs) within that transmission. You will understand this on an inner level of awareness as opposed to setting a timeline or a number of listens. We often say that you should listen to a new soundscape at least 7 times in a deep meditation state and feel connected and at peace during the entire listen. This could easily take 100 listens to obtain that result and again will be different for each person. Once you feel really comfortable with a soundscape, you can then move on to another one and repeat the same. You will still play all the previous ones when you feel that is what you want to work with. As you build your catalog of our soundscapes, we suggest you put them all on a player and shuffle them so that Spirit guides the journeys. You can continue listening to all the soundscapes for the rest of your life and you will be amazed even after several years that they will still gift you with some amazing teachings each time.
  • The one main listening technique you want to start with and focus on as you begin each soundscape is learning how to let go of the physical body density and connect to your higher bodies of Light, your etheric form. We call this Becoming and Dissolving into Sound/Music. This along with other teachings are available in our Activate Your DNA Training Program. You can also view it on YouTube to get started. We also have a program that is a great place for anyone to begin as we will bringing together all the past 27+ years of our research into this package called DNAvatar.
  • A very common thing that occurs is a natural flushing of toxins in the body as you increase your Light. Rather than bring on a healing crisis like a cold or flu type experience, we recommend you consider starting a cleansing program along with your initial immersion with our soundscapes. There are many great programs out there today that are comprehensive in scope. Try to find one that uses organic and wildcrafted herbs in their blends. Consult with a professional if you do not have previous experience with detoxing programs. If you do get some symptoms, you might back off intense listening sessions and just play in the background and let it run its course. Healing is the best soundscape to use when you are not physically feeling well. Over time you will learn how to deal with this in a holistic, self healing way. Detoxing becomes a regular process in your life from here on. We do them quarterly as a way to keep up with the toxins we take in from the environment. Clean up your diet and start to remove things that are more connected to a denser reality - preservatives, chemicals, processed, genetically engineered - you get the picture.
  • On the spiritual journey, there are many paths to follow. We encourage you to find the ones that hold the most truth for you and then be open to change as you evolve. This work is not a spiritual teaching per se, it is a way to help you access these higher realms more easily and to bring back the teachings you discover in your journeys. Our main teaching work is to share with you how to access this information via engaging with our soundscapes. It is a mystery school of sound that allows you, the listener, to discover the teachings within.
  • As for the sound systems that you should listen to these soundscapes with, we recommend that you get as high a quality system as you can. Because these are created with a very wide range of high and low frequencies, you will want a system that can give you the most fidelity range as possible. We realize not everyone is going to run out and buy a new stereo, but it is something you might want to work towards as you start to engage more deeply with sound, as you are going to find that the transformational effects you experience are related to the quality of the sound system you are working with. We recommend listening on both an external speaker system (woofer, mid and tweeter) and a good full range set of headphones. We want your etheric bodies to experience the music as well as your entire environment, so the external sound system is great for that. Headphones can be used with excellent results for brainwave entrainment sessions and it can really help in shutting off the mind more easily because of the immersion experience of headphones. Test out some of the headphones in the stereo store and be sure to bring our music files with you when you do.
  • You can convert the CDs to MP3s, but remember that you are compressing the files and losing some of the necessary frequencies for doing transformational work with them. Just be sure that you are also listening on a full range stereo system or headphones as well. If you purchase them in CD format you can conver to .wav or .aif files without losing frequency, then use FLAC or AppleLossless to reduce the file size for your players. You can also put the .aif or .wav directly in some players. If you ever have an opportunity to play the soundscapes on a sound table, DO IT. You will be amazed at the amount of movement you will experience and spacial quality of the sound all around you. Most home theatre systems now have excellent range and surround sound and will be a powerful way to listen - so send everyone out of the house and crank it up and transcend your reality.
  • Above all, be playful and enjoy your journeys with these soundscapes. There are no hard and fast rules or things you are supposed to experience. Everyone of us is a unique work of art and so everyone is going to engage with these frequencies in a different way. Let go, relax and engage in the magical world of multidimensional sound.

Remember, we are here as you need us to provide support or encouragement as you walk your evolving path of Light. Depending on where you started with our work, we can make suggestions that will help keep you moving forward on this journey. Feel free to stop in on Live Chat or Email JoAnn to request a consult.

Gary & JoAnn