TLC 5th World Emerging Info & Reviews

All soundscapes in the TLC (Transmissions of Light Codes) series emanate from our live concert performances during 2006-7. The music and vocal chanting are recorded live. Some vocal chanting has been added during the final mix. Each concert begins with a focused intention and all performers and participants hold focus on this throughout the event bringing together a unifying group experience in alignment with the higher dimensions of Light. These transmissions of light codes are received in the purest states of Love, Compassion, Abundance and Unity for all sentient beings on the Planet. Original Concert Date: 11.17.07 ~ Release Date: 12.12.09


I am immediately drawn into this piece by the exquisite soaring vocals. They are the magic carpet I can ride upon to journey deeper into the world Shapeshifter has created. I am repeatedly blown away by the complexity of the composition, knowing that other than some of the vocals this is live - live performance and composition! It is not only the complexity of the music and the technique, but the depth and variation of the "spiritual emotion" (for lack of a better term). There are places in the music so tender it brings tears to my eyes, and other places I can't help but get up and dance about. From my past experience with Shapeshifter's music I know I will have many years of enjoyment exploring the layers and subtle sound messages hidden in the music. Thank you all for opening the portal to the 5th World Emerging.
- Karen, NC

I have been listening to this CD almost everyday and I love it. I have even started toning along and it makes me feel wonderful. I listen while I'm using my Gazelle Glider and it makes my half hour fly by. Thanks for bringing such great sound to this time and dimension.
- Linda

I absolutely love 5th World Emerging this high energy soundscape by Shapeshifter really moves you quickly. I used it during a journey with plant teachers I was able to go all the way down to the DNA code and see information very deep within. If you want to accelerate your evolutionary journey, I highly recommend this extraordinary musical master piece. I just listen to this piece over and over, never tiring of it.
- Jim