ReJuva: The Secret of Abundance

ReJuva The Secret of Abundance by ShapeshifterDNA bookThe book will expand upon the sonic teachings in the ReJuva soundscape, they are meant to be worked with together for the most powerful results. Reading and re-reading it will help you to apply higher principles to the work you are doing with the music. Abundance is our birthright and one that can be applied to your life once you understand some of the basic principles. In order to consistently engage with the energetic constructs that attract Abundance into your life, you will need to raise the vibration of your body temple and all the interactions you are engaged with.

The material in the book will cover many teachings and principles to explore when seeking rejuvenation of the body temple in order to hold the higher frequencies and manifestation of Abundance on all levels. The book is a magical talisman that unfolds more secrets of higher level transformation the more you engage with the process.

Book is no longer in Print