Temple of the Divine MUSE

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Temple of the Divine MUSE is an advanced sound & light temple in the visionary stages

Music Unifies Spiritual Energy

What is MUSE?

This beginning vision begins with this initial seed to anchor and ground these concepts into a written form that will continue to expand and grow as many masters of Light share their wisdom and knowledge with us.

This is a project guided by Universal Galactic Masters (on and off world) to support the current evolutionary cycles that are assisting humanity to shapeshift from a 3rd dimensional/3D solid carbon based form into a 5th dimensional/5D body of Light.

The vision is to build a sacred pyramid or other geometric structure that supports the surrounding community as well as to serve as an outreach to all humanity on Planet Earth. This structure will be one of the premier sound ascension temples on the planet, featuring state of the art sound system design, visual projectors and streaming technology for easy streaming on the Internet media.

The environment will support teachings and explorations in advanced meditation & sound healing and all transformational protocols. It will also serve as an educational facility teaching aspects of meditation, power food diets, sound healing and creativity enhancement. There will be advanced teachings for self-healing, rejuvenation, anti-aging, conscious ascension or dying based on preferences, transmutation of physical body to light body, teleportation, transmigration and many other high level evolutionary Soul abilities.

We envision this manifestion to begin as a movable art installation that can travel throughout all the various transformational festivals, such as Burning Man and similar. Be sure to Follow Us on our Patreon website to learn more and engage at whatever level you may have interest.

Check out our Pinterest Board with some great ideas on Temple Designs, Festival Art Installations


The temple will be built in alignment with higher teachings received regarding building a state of the art sound temple using sacred geometry and advanced architectural designs. The location, land and surrounding area will be determined for appropriate alignments with the greater mission and purpose of the center. This may include dowsing, assessing ley lines and incorporating feng shui and vaastu principles.

The main facility will support 3-500+ people in a comfortable lying and sitting down position. The flooring will have transducers in place to further amplify the sound/frequency vibrations. There will also be special areas where healing tables/beds will be placed for advanced healing during the sound events.

The sound system will utilize the latest components available in the area of speakers and strategic placement of the sound for the greatest effect. The central area of the King’s Chamber (if in pyramid shape) will support a permanent music set up for the planet’s most gifted musicians to be able to play their music and come together and create transcendent musical journeys for groups. A stage on the floor level will also be available for speakers, performers and presentations. A full multimedia presentation setup will be incorporated into the design. Sound systems will be in place for recording audio & video as well. Their will be webcams placed throughout the center to show 24/7 the activities in the center live to the Global community.

In addition to the meditation and musical performances, there will be a vegetarian restaurant built on-site. This will feature high quality vegetarian, vegan and raw meals with as much organic produce as available.

The entire facility will also be a teaching center with classes ranging from meditation, yoga, creativity enhancement, sound healing and transformational work, vegetarianism, cooking healthy foods and many additional classes in support of the greater mission work of the center.

There may be additional space where healing services would be offered like massage, reiki, sound healing, spiritual guidance and support sessions to help the community in their evolutionary journeys.

An expanded idea would be to also add places where people can stay overnight as well as for extended retreats.


As a way to move the energy forward on this project, we envision a traveling tent/art installation that can be placed at all the various transformational festivals around the planet. Dance music as well as chill and yoga music will be played in this tent throughout the event as well as a DJ who can perform on the larger stages. All this will weave the message of this vision throughout all the media used. The tent will be an amazing multimedia show featuring the music, sound, books, products, etc that are all supportive of the higher vision. We are seeking collaborators for this venture, so let us know if it resonants with your higher visions. Follow Us on Patreon.com to stay updated.


There will be a variety of ways in which income will be received from attendance to live events, products sold at a gift shop at the center to Pay-Per-View type events. The restaurant will be a source as well as the healing center. Many potentials exist for maintaining revenue for operating expenses.


Gary & JoAnn Chambers - Visionary Music, Inc.
We are envisioning that at some stage of our work that it will be fully supported financially by those who understand its greater gift on the planet during this time of profound evolutionary transition. This support will come from an individual or a group that sees the mission from a perspective beyond that of commerce and the need to sell the music in a commercial way. We are seeking those that understand this music, having a greater purpose than that of just selling CDs one by one, should be distributed freely to the planet to all those who want to engage consciously with this evolutionary current of information.

All donations received specifically for this project are kept in a separate bank account to be used as aspect of this manifestation are needed. Our first goal will be to begin the non-profit paperwork.

Large Donations/Financial Angels/Philanthropists/Conscious Entrepreneurs – please contact JoAnn