Story behind the Music of Journey of the Soul

The original transmission of this soundscape came through in October 2008. Many of you will remember the intense energy flowing through the planetary grid at that time which culminated in The Financial Crash of 2008. We were actually in the process of bringing through the DNA.L2 series at this time. The first 2 were already completed and this was to be the third in that series. But it was a pretty significant shift in energy and at the time we didn't realize the reasons, but of course and as always in retrospect it makes sense. This soundscape is much more serene and calming in many ways than the rest of the DNA.L2 series eventually came to be. The necessity to smooth out the energy at the time was very important in our journey as well as for the grounding crew that was working with us energetically to ground these higher frequency templates. The first 2 transmissions of the DNA.L2 series was a big shift in sound, energy and the assimilation process for all of us engaged in grounding the DNA.L2 frequencies. After the first 2, we needed a break of sorts before moving on to the next one. So we decided to hold this release back for a while and just wait until it was time to be called forth from guidance. As we continued working with it more and more, we were taken back through many lifetimes, ultimately back to our formless state of pure Light — Soul Essence. The recapitulation process was fully supported the more we worked with it and so the name, Journey of the Soul, was received for this soundscape.

After moving through all the various nuances and intensities of the year 2012, we feel this is an excellent piece to just be still and silent with for many, many sessions; letting the waves of energy just flow through you, gradually bringing you back to your deepest states of inner peace. From that place, once again, you will find your joy and passions in your personal path and find the energy needed for your greater mission work. For those of you who have been working with the intense shapeshifting energy of the DNA.L2 series, you will now be able to add this piece to your listening sessions and experience an intense feeling of ahhhhhhhhh within. If you are not with the DNA.L2 now, that is OK as this soundscape can assist you in moving towards being ready to start that series. For us this piece is the next level of the Healing soundscape, providing much of the same energetic sustenance found in that classic release.

You will find that the bonus files that accompany this release adds a nice additional layer of energy to your journeys. We created Composer's Cuts for each release in the DNA.L2 series and even that came out different for this soundscape. For this one Gary brought through in a real time transmission something like a guided journey through the music based on his experiences while creating it. It is really quite a magical ride with him and a rare treat.

The Journey of the Soul Poem was something that came to JoAnn as she started working on preparing this release and it moves through the initiation of a new soul to where we are now in our evolutionary journeys as a species ready to step up into a new manifestation — the 5th World of Light. There is a YouTube video featuring this poem.