Journey of the Soul Poem


The impulse to be more
Emerging from vast primordial potentials
Contracting & Expanding
Now I am
I exist
I AM Manifest

I feel my essence stepping out into awareness
The journey of my soul begins
The wonder of life all around me encompasses my emerging senses
Seeing into the world of matter
I begin to touch realms filled with patterned resistance
Caution and concern fill my being
I am caught up in a web of illusions
The density lures me in
Deeper I fall
And fear arises as my survival is challenged
My precious multidimensional existence is condensed
The walls close in
The frequency spectrums of vast awareness
Now confined

I engage gradually in a play, a game called Life
Weaving through multitudes of chatter and chaos
I allow and envelop this world as if it mattered
My beingness scatters about so that data streams can be processed
I abate implosion at every turn
Redirection of attention
I forget, I lose track of who I am
My inner compass lost in a sea of effluvial fluids

The discovery of layers within layers
and nuances that I call reality
Fragments of awareness dancing on the tips of the tendrils in my mind
Never deciding to coalesce
No ultimate harmony is found within this density

Over and over, life after life the pendulum swings
From dark to light
From pain, suffering, despair -- always avoiding Annihilation
To joy, happiness and ecstatic bliss I wander
Back into form, again
And again

I descend so deep into darkness that Bliss finally rises up
Lessons, teachings and theosophical ponderings fill my quest
Karmic patterns dancing and weaving the directions of my path
Creating my myth
I grow
I realize
I become more
I know that I am

As the bottom approaches and the darkness consumes all thoughts
A Light appears, so very faint, so very small
Beckoning me to enter as there is no place else to go
The point of no return
I have arrived

Clarity begins to Reveal itself
As I drop into the abyss
Spiraling down
I let go
I let go
I let go
My illusions dissolve
No more to do
Just be

And then I hear the calling
The faint sounds off in the distance
I am floating
My life
My choice
To join the One
To co create
To participate in loving devotion
To direct the flow into desires
Union with the divine

The gratitude of the vessel
The Body Temple
A gift of great magnitude
To be treasured and revered
Appreciation seeps from my lips
And into the space around me
Journeying through the Strata of dark and light
I am motionless
I am vibration
I am dancing in a realm of frequencies
Created to entertain
To engage me in a matrix of designs

Cellular memories revealed
DNA codes flashing on and off
Undulating waves and patterns swirling to and fro
Engaging my mind in fantasy and magick
Allowing my imagination to connect the dots
Stimulating actions to participate
One again I face the dawn of new potentials
I move in flows
My energy body twirls, spins, flies and soars
Modulating my Life Force
My luminous energy body's experience of joy

Connecting with others
Seeking to manifest desires
Abundance for us all
We have transformed
We have arrived
The 5th world of light manifested
The architects are now in position
I take my place among them
To serve
The journey of my soul continues
Always evolving
Always changing


A Higher Manifestation Begins

~JoAnn Chambers ©2013