Welcome to ShapeshifterDNA's Family of Light

With open arms, we welcome you back to a place you once called Home. Our soundscapes are the next evolution in Sound Healing, Meditation, Shamanic Journeying, Brainwave Entrainment Music and Transformational work - one that emanates from Source with pure intent to awaken the remembrance within you, of who you are and why you have incarnated here at this point in time. We call this music QSET - Quantum Sonic Empowerment Transmissions. You are a powerful being and one that is full of potent potentials that just await your sincere intent to release the codes within your DNA blueprint to be fully present and aware of your significant purpose in the current evolutionary cycle of this planet. It is a loving synchronistic gift that you happened upon these frequencies at this time. This special connection comes from a deep calling within your Soul for support to step up and Walk your Path of Light. Our gift to you is to help you find your unique gift by providing you with multidimensional landscapes of sound in which you can traverse the galactic fields of Light and information to locate the harmonic resonances that are in alignment with your path and purpose.

The frequencies in our soundscapes will provide you with a soundtrack to your unfolding life path and will also begin to provide you with a continuity of flow from event to event in your day to day world. The music itself is a vast sonic mystery school; one in which you choose to engage with at whatever depth or level you choose to. This flow ultimately leads you to bringing all the puzzle pieces of your life together into a seamless tapestry of grounded, tangible manifestations. As you engage with intent and heartfelt feeling, you will learn to feel and ultimately become the sounds, thus letting go more and more into the multidimensional realms of Light available within them. This process will assist you in many ways to actualize your dreams, desires and live your life in Abundance at all times.

We, Gary & JoAnn, are here to engage you in learning how to manifest all levels of Abundance in your life in many ways from providing information, guidance, support and services that will continue to uplift you in your own personal evolutionary processes. We have no agenda, nothing to join, no desire to manipulate or control — we are here to share the realms of Light that we explore with you and invite you to engage as you desire.

We are always available to answer any questions, talk things through with you about your experiences and offer guidance. This is evolutionary work, there are no normal so-called responses or reactions, nor a specific map to the process — everyone’s experiences are going to be different, depending on where you are on your path, your level of knowledge, and the incarnational momentum that you have already acquired. This is not a contest or a race to get somewhere first in any way, all expressions are beautiful and will be individual for each.

If you are going to use our music along with plant teachers, we ask that you use wisdom as this music can be so much more powerful when under the influence of a much more expanded reality construct. Do not use for recreational folly that may lead to opening up doorways into areas of your consciousness that you have not yet discoverd. Work with this music in meditation first and get to know the various passages that you may encounter. After considerable time without substance assistance, then you can engage for more in depth explorations. This music is not to be used if you are mentally or emotionally unstable as it can release layers of fear and anxiety that you may not prepared to engage with. Respect these teachings, you have been advised.

Blessings of Divine Sounds,

Gary & JoAnn Chambers