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Discovering Your Purpose

Posted: 5/16/97
Edited: 4/15/00

Exploration #2 - Discover Your Purpose Questionnaire

Guided Journey, Meditation & MP3 Sound Files

Each one of you is greatly loved by All That Is -- whether you choose to awaken or remain asleep, to grow and unfold or to resist change, to live in joy or in fear. Whatever choices you make are appropriate, for you can be none other than what you choose to be. We will stimulate new ideas, new feelings, and awaken your awareness to new possibilities and new ways of looking at the world. What you choose to make of these offerings is up to you.

A significant milestone in your evolutionary process is when a feeling rises up from the depths of your being that tells you that you have a purpose for existing, a purpose beyond your current frame of reference and the choices that you have made thus far in your life.....

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spiritual evolutionary healing

spiritual evolutionary healing

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