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Look in the Mirror

Posted: 7/22/97
Edited: 12/14/99

here are many situations presented to you in life that will offer you the opportunity to, symbolically, put the mirror up in front of your face and take a look at what is being reflected back. Not everyone is ready for this kind of experience, as it will demand from you the ability to really look at the truth that is being mirrored back. This isn't always easy to do, that is why your guidance presents you with people in your life that will evoke strong emotions from you. What most people tend to do when someone stimulates an uncomfortable feeling within them, is to avoid that person or aggressively confront them. In order to justify your feelings, it is common to begin putting them down and building yourself up as correct or the right one in the situation. The cosmic joke is that you will continue to encounter this type of energy pattern in another person until you look in the mirror and find out what it is about you that is attracting them into your reality.

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spiritual evolutionary healing

spiritual evolutionary healing

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